Watch Teen Wolf Online: Season 6 Episode 14

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Was Beacon Hills doomed?

That thought crossed Scott, Lydia and Malia's minds on Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 14 when the new villain sent the violence in town into overdrive.

Meanwhile, Liam worried about how things were playing out in the school and questioned whether he would be better patrolling with the others. 

Then, an unlikely ally joined in on the fight to save two werewolves who were being targeted. 

Use the video above to watch Teen Wolf online to get caught up on the latest drama as the characters try to save their town from destruction.

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Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

Scott: Think of it like when Superman gets caught with his glasses off. You know, he doesn't give up. He puts them back on and says, "I'm still Clark Kent."
Liam: You want me to wear glasses?

Liam: I think it's the flu.
Scott: It's not flu season.
Liam: Then I probably have pneumonia.
Scott: Liam, you're a werewolf. You can't get pneumonia, but what you can get is in trouble for being late to school.