Watch Teen Wolf Online: Season 6 Episode 18

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Did the group find out every single face the new villain was using?

That was their plan on Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 18 when they realized that in order to win the fight they would need to know more about who it was. 

With lives on the line, Malia turned to Lydia to get some of the answers from Halwyn, the hellhound, but nothing could prepare them for what was in store for them. 

Did the girls make a huge mistake?

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Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 18 Quotes

Liam: Stop the anuke-ite.
Scott: Stop the war.

Theo: Aren'y we supposed to keep both halves apart? We know about one half, let's just go for that one. It's Aaron.
Mason: I'm not agreeing with Theo, but I think it would be easier to track down Aaron over a voice on the phone.
Liam: That's agreeing with Theo.
Mason: Yeah, but I thought I'd try to soften the blow a bit.
Theo: Is everyone completely shocked that I might be right?
Liam: No, we just don't like it.