Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should They Exhume Will's Body?

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Ben broke out of Bayview and crashed the double wedding, but it surprisingly wasn’t to stop Chad and Abigail’s wedding!

So is Will really alive? Should Hope have suspended JJ? And is Rafe a protective big brother or a horse’s ass?

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Andy and Kathy from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to answer those questions and more in this week’s round table.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Do you think Will is still alive, and if so, how?

Andy: I want to believe! Will's death devastated me, so I'm willing to buy anything that will bring him back (especially being played by Chandler Massey again).

My conspiracy theory is that EJ was revived (we saw him injected with something in the morgue) and either replaced Will with a lookalike to protect him from the serial killer in Salem or somehow revived him after Ben's strangling. And Will has been off with Sami and his siblings ever since. 

Kathy: Yes, I think Will is still alive especially since we learned Clyde was involved. He may have found a look a like to substitute for Will or the coffin is empty.

Jack: I have no idea how Will could be alive unless we have yet another doppleganger situation on our hands. With Clyde being involved, maybe there was some sort of switcheroo at the last minute? But I'm sure he is alive so I guess we'll find out.

Christine: Like Andy, I want to believe Will is alive, of course no regular explanation makes sense, but I like the idea that EJ saved him because I want to believe that EJ is alive too! But then that might mean that Sami knew and let Lucas suffer all of this time, and I’d hate that. 

I don’t know how they make it happen, but I hope they do because killing off Will was one of the worst storyline decisions of the last decade on Days. 

To Get Married Or Not To Get Married - Days of Our Lives

Was Paul right to suggest exhuming Will’s body to perform a DNA test?

Andy: Paul is in such a tough situation right now. I can understand him wanting to be able to prove to Sonny beyond a shadow of doubt that Will is in fact dead. That's the only way they would ever be able to move on together. I just have a feeling it's going to backfire on him. I'm torn because I really like Will, Sonny, and Paul.

Kathy: I think Paul's solution is the only way to get to the truth. 

Jack: I don't think it was Paul's place to suggest it. I feel like the focus is too much on how Will possibly being alive might interfere with Paul's plans to marry Sonny when Will's importance is so much bigger than that.

Christine: Paul is in such a horrilbe spot. As far as they know, Will is dead and Ben is a lunatic, but he wants to help Sonny find some peace so that they can move on with their lives. I think it was a completely rational suggestion…which will undoubtedly blow up in his face. 

Dressed For a Wedding - Days of Our Lives

Is Rafe being a protective big brother or a horse’s ass when it comes to Gabi and Eli?

Andy: Horse's ass on this one. Gabi is a grown woman, and Eli hasn't done anything to make Rafe think he's a bad guy. You would think Rafe would respect him more for being an FBI agent and cop. Just let Gabi move on from Chad and find some happiness.

Kathy: Rafe's actions are somewhere in between. It is natural for him to feel protective because Gabi doesn't have the greatest track record with men. She is a grown woman and Rafe should back off and let her make her own decisions.

Jack: Don't get me started. Rafe was being totally ridiculous, not to mention that Gabi was not forced to see Chad and Abby get married, nor is that equivalent to having found Will's body or what everyone is going through with the news that Will may still be alive.

I think Eli could do way better than Gabi, but Rafe's nonsense almost made me root for this couple.

Christine: Rafe is a horse’s ass. He swings from passive aggressive to ridiculous caveman which he tries to cover by claiming to be “protective.” I keep waiting for Hope or Gabi to really tell him off but it just never happens. 

Chloe Is Back - Days of Our Lives

Should Chloe have told Nicole the truth about Eric and Brady?

Andy: Chloe can't keep her mouth shut around anyone these days. I'm glad Nicole knows though, just because Brady is going off the deep end with his jealousy. Nicole needs to know what she's dealing with.

Kathy: Probably not, but I am glad she did so things can move along to a conclusion. 

Jack: I'm on the fence about this. On the one hand, Chloe was being a good friend. On the other, she doesn't seem to do anything nowadays but wander around town telling people's secrets.

Christine: Chloe’s become the town gossip, but I’m happy she told Nicole the truth. They are friends, and Nicole deserves to know what’s happening with Brady and Eric so perhaps she can make some decisions based on facts instead of manipulations. 

Ben Stops the Wedding - Days of Our Lives

Are you happy that Chad and Abigail finally got married or should they have postponed it once again?

Andy: Happy it's done because I don't need to sit through a 4th wedding for them. I hope the writers are able to throw some new obstacles at them now that don't involve one of them being in love with someone else. 

Kathy: I think relieved is a better word to describe my feelings. I am glad that they are married and we can move on from this ponderous story.

Jack: I'm happy. We need some romance on the show. I was irked that Father Louis showed up just in time to remarry them now that the whole gays in the Catholic church thing was no longer an issue though. There had to be a better way to handle that issue than this.

Christine: Thrilled! I don’t think I can handle yet another aborted wedding, and Abigail’s dress was perfect. Now I really hope the writers can find a way to make this couple interesting without breaking them apart yet again. 

Hope Questions Ben - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week on Days of Our Lives?

Andy: Hope suspending JJ was uncalled for. He shouldn't have been involved in the interrogation to begin with given their history, but he didn't hurt Ben. As if Hope has never pulled a gun on someone...

Kathy: I am disappointed that no one has figured out that Bonnie is not Adrienne. She has certainly given everyone enough clues.

Jack: Let's start with this whole debacle of Hope being made commissioner. She is not squeaky clean and suggesting otherwise ruined Abe's character -- and he's been the most moral man in Salem for three decades! 

Hope suspending JJ for pointing his gun at Ben, then rewarding Rafe for choking Ben by allowing him to consult on what JJ's punishment should be was more hypocrisy and attempting to make Rafe and Hope above the law. 

Abe should have been commissioner himself and both Rafe and JJ should have faced consequences for their actions. Though I'm glad JJ handled his punishment maturely, I wish he'd gone off on Hope for being the latest person to hold him to a higher standard than the rest of Salem, too. 

Runner up was Brady's continued love affair with alcohol and the utter predictability of Nicole showing up at Eric's during a rainstorm that only affects his farmhouse.

Christine: Father Louie magically showing up as soon as the gay wedding was called off. Days was insulting its viewers by pretending the Catholic church as no issues with same-sex marriage. Some intelligent conversation on the topic could have elevated this story. 

Hope suspending JJ. Yes, what he did was wrong, but given that Ben killed his girlfriend and abused his sister, he never should have been allowed anywhere near him in the first place. 

Lucas Hears About the Wedding - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from the week?

Andy: Sonny's flashbacks during Abigail's wedding vows were so beautifully done. I'm loving the fallout of Ben's return and how the possibility of Will being alive is affecting so many of the characters in different ways. And I appreciated JJ's tight suit pants.

Kathy: The best part of the week for me was Robert Scott Wilson's portrayal of Ben. He did a great job of showing us Ben walking the line between insanity and wanting to right at least one of his sins.

Jack: I really liked what Lucas had to say when Paul and Sonny asked him to exhume Will's body in this Days of Our Lives quote. This was some good emotional stuff and gave us a real reason for Lucas' drinking spree too!

Lucas: There's no way in hell I'm giving you permission to dig up my son's body.
Sonny: Lucas, I thought for sure you were gonna say yes. Didn't you say you were hoping what Ben said could be true?
Lucas: What's wrong with you? I can't do this, all right? How can you do this? What are you, trying to get my hopes up or something?
Sonny: Lucas, I understand.
Lucas: You don't understand! He's gone, okay? He's dead. I saw his cold, lifeless body lying on that slab in the morgue. I saw the red marks on his neck where that son of a bitch choked the life out of him. Nothing I do, no matter how much I drink, nothing works. Nothing gets rid of that image. Vodka, tequila, whiskey. Nothing works. It works on everything else, but not that. No matter how much I drink, it won't go away!
Sonny: Okay. I'm so sorry, Lucas. I'm sorry.
Lucas: I was a miserable disappointment to my son. I failed him when he was here. I failed him in his lifetime. I am not gonna fail him in death too. The only thing I can do is let him rest in peace. I hope to God everyone else can do the same damn thing.

Christine: I enjoyed Abigail punching Ben and her and Chad joking about it afterwards. It was great to finally see Abigail not cower in fear around Ben. 

There was also something about Andre telling Jennifer how the two greatest dynasties in Salem (DiMeras and Hortons) will now be joined together that I really loved.

Abigail Punches Ben - Days of Our Lives

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