13 TV Characters You Do NOT Want Knocking At Your Door

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There are some scary TV characters, but not all of them are evil villains.

Some are regular people just like you and me, but they have some serious issues or deal with issues that should send you running. If they come knocking at your door, you know there's a problem.

Here are 13 TV Characters you don't want knocking at your door day or night!

1. Sam and Dean - Supernatural

Under any other circumstances having two hotties like Sam and Dean show up at your door would be a dream come true, but we all know what they do for a living. If they're at your door it's probably because there's a monster or ghost that's invaded your neighborhood and is coming for you. Do yourself a favor. Pack up your things and go, but do not answer the door!

2. Norma Bates - Bates Motel

The minute you see Norma Bates pulling into your driveway, you need to run. You don't need her tears, and you certainly don't want her drama. Once she pulls you in, there will be no escape. You'll be subjected to all her issues and you'll never be able to shake it off no matter how many bottles of wine you consume.

3. Raymond Reddington - The Blacklist

Red is one of the FBI's most wanted and although he is working with them to bring other bad guys down, there could only be one reason he's come to visit you. You must have something he wants or needs, and if you don't give it to him, you can just kiss everything goodbye. In fact, you might not have a chance anyway even if you do cooperate. Red doesn't play games and if Dembe is joining him, well, just forget life as you know it.

4. Kai - American Horror Story

Kai is not the type of person you want visiting you. He's a bit unhinged (okay a lot) and even a short visit won't turn out good. He'll make things messy with his cheese puff-painted face and will make you tear out your hair with his crazy talk, or maybe not! It's best to pretend you're not home and leave the lights off for a while until he goes away for good.

5. Hannibal Lector - Hannibal

There are a number of reasons Hannibal might be making a visit. Perhaps he wants to invite you to dinner or maybe he wants to make you for dinner. Whatever the reason, opening the door for this charmer would be a huge mistake. Once he starts talking, there's no way for you to get out from under his control. You're done for, so don't do it. Just ignore the knock!

6. Father Marcus - The Exorcist

Father Marcus is not your friendly neighborhood priest. He's a man with a mission and at the moment his mission is you. There's not much you can do to avoid him. If there's evil he will find it, and he will defeat it. You may have no choice but to open the door, but let's pray you'll never have to.

7. Aunt Lydia - The Handmaid's Tale

Breaking the rules is not acceptable and if you did, Aunt Lydia will come for you. There's no talking your way out of it, so if you look through that peephole and see Aunt Lydia standing there then you know you did something wrong. Your best bet is to just face the fact that no matter what you say to try to defend yourself, there's no way out of this situation.

8. Smurf - Animal Kingdom

Smurf is a career criminal and not a very nice person. Hide your valuables because she is probably going to try to steal them if she decides to be polite enough to knock on your door. Don't count on it though, just call the police now. While you have the chance.

9. Brady - Mr. Mercedes

Brady is the kind of guy you want to avoid at all costs. He's a dangerous guy and there is not one redeeming quality about him. He killed a group of people without a thought, he blew someone up, killed his brother and the list goes on. If he's knocking on your door, you must've intrigued him in some sick way, and no matter what you may think, there is no good outcome for you if you answer.

10. Terence - The Arrangement

Terence may be the founder and director of The Institute of Higher Learning, but it's nothing more than a cult, and he's the cult leader. He's always looking for new recruits to brainwash, and you could be next on his list if he happens to ring your doorbell.

11. Frank Gallagher - Shameless

Frank is a big-time loser that you don't anywhere around you. If he's knocking on your door, he's looking for booze or money. Turn away or you'll quickly get pulled into his sick and pathetic life.

12. Lucius Lyon - Empire

Lucius Lyon is the last person you'd want to see on your doorstep. He's one slimy guy, and a visit from him could have dangerous results. unless you're a knock-out singer, but even then it could spell trouble. Would you really want to be part of the Lyon family drama? Best bet? Just pretend you're not home.

13. Tulip - Preacher

She may look innocent enough, but Tulip's got loads and loads of baggage. Wherever she goes, trouble follows and the two guys she hangs around with aren't much better. Don't let her talk you into opening the door unless you want a piece of her crazy. It's best to just let her keep knocking.

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