Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Is the Mystery Wedding Guest?

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Everyone in Salem prepared for the double wedding of Chad and Abigail, and Sonny and Paul, but it was the mystery guest that stole the show!

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Stephanie and Mikey from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate the best outfits, cutest and more nauseating couples, and the identity of that mystery guest on Days of Our Lives. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Who do you think is the wedding mystery guest?

Stephanie: I think the mystery wedding guest is Ben. People have speculated that it’s Will or Jack, but I really don’t think either of them would have been locked up in a mental institution. 

This guest also seems to be violent, and Will and Jack were not violent characters.

Jack: From the height and build, and the fact that a patient just escaped from Bayview, I'm sure it's Ben.

Mikey: It’s totally Ben, though I appreciate that they’re going with a mislead and hinting that it could be Will. Between him appearing to Lucas and all the mentions of him lately, it’s a good way to build suspense and fake us out.

Christine: Ben makes the most sense, although I’ve certainly enjoyed all of the references to Jack. I miss him. 

A Double Wedding - Days of Our Lives

Who wore the best and worst outfit at the wedding?

Stephanie: I think Gabi wore the best outfit. Her dress was pretty without taking attention away from Abigail. She was also the only one who could flawlessly pull off that gold/beige color without looking washed out like Lani and Nicole did in their dresses. 

The award for worst dressed goes to Bonnie. I don’t know why Justin encouraged her to wear that green dress because I thought it was completely inappropriate for a church wedding.

Jack: I loved JJ's red suit and tie. He looked so good. Maggie, Kate and Jennifer were all classy and I liked Gabi's glittery top. 

The worst outfit has to be Bonnie. That green dress that Justin liked was even more inappropriate than the outfit she originally had on!

Mikey: I’m giving best-dressed to JJ in that burgundy suit. I have serious suit envy over it (and it fits him so well). 

Worst-dressed probably goes to Bonnie, who looks like an ice dancer wearing a costume that she never attended a fitting for, or Gabi, who for some reason felt it was appropriate to attend a wedding dressed as Britney Spears from her “Toxic” music video.

Christine: Can I name the bride? I loved Abigail’s wedding dress. It was simple but elegant and the lace on the top was unique. It looked perfect on her. 

The worst award easily goes to Bonnie, who was a train wreck in that green dress. She was simultaneously stuffed into it and falling out of it. The fact that Justin said it was his favorite made me question his taste level in everything! 

An Elegant Bachelor Party - Days of Our Lives

Which pre-wedding party would you have chosen to attend and why?

Stephanie: I would have chosen Andre’s party. I am a low-key kind of person, and I like parties that just involve spending time with your family and friends. I also like activities like having a good dinner with people who are close to me and playing good clean games for entertainment. Andre was also the only one who gave out party favors!

Jack: I really liked Andre's classy bachelor party and felt bad for him that everyone ditched him! I'd definitely have loved to go there. But maybe I would have gone to the Pub to support Paul in his desire not to spend the evening getting sloshed and spend some time with JJ.

Mikey: Paul’s. It was by far the least lame, and the guys seemed to enjoy one another’s company! Although Andre’s party for Chad and Sonny was amusing to me — if I were those guys, I would’ve grabbed a bottle of liquor off the bar across the room, settled in for the weirdness, and gotten some fun photos out of it.

Christine: I would have attended Andre’s. He put so much thought and effort into it and, other than the fact that I don’t like duck, I think it could have been a fun, low-key night if they had given it a chance. 

Paul’s party was second choice, although the silly stripper was eye roll worthy, and Abigail’s party was just plain boring. 

Dressed For a Wedding - Days of Our Lives

Choose the cutest couple in Salem.

Stephanie: Even though they’re not quite a couple yet, I think Gabi and Eli are the cutest couple. I like the fact that they like to play video games together. Eli is also very good with Arianna.

Jack: There's slim pickings in this department. Doug and Julie still have it after all these years, as do Steve and Kayla. I loved Doug and Julie's impromptu dance at the club before they came to the wedding.

Mikey: This week, I’d give it to either John & Marlena or Doug & Julie. The show did an excellent job referencing both couples’ long, important history in ways that felt organic. They’ve still got it!

Christine: There really isn’t one that rises to the top. I want to like Chad and Abigail, mostly because I like Chad and it’s great to see them happy for a change, but I still find Abigail kind of boring. 

I think I’ll go with Victor and Maggie. They are very sweet together and always have been. 

Nicole and Brady Look Happy - Days of Our Lives

Choose the most nauseating couple in Salem.

Stephanie: In my opinion, the most nauseating couple is Abigail and Chad. All they do when they don’t have some sort of big drama in their lives is kiss and giggle. It’s like they can’t go five minutes without doing that. 

I also find it nauseating that they also tend to do it around Gabi who they know very well is still hurting from losing Chad.

Jack: So many to choose from. JJ and Lani are the worst matched and I forgot they were even dating, especially since they weren't sitting together at the wedding. 

Hope and Rafe are a constant thorn in my side. 

Paul and Sonny have no chemistry or story. 

Eli and Gabi are a repeat of Gabi's last two relationships and she moves with lightning speed from one to the other. 

But Nicole and Brady literally make me sick, with Brady being so horribly abusive to her and then pretending to be this super loving partner.

Mikey: I can’t believe I’m picking someone other than Hope and Rafe, but here we are. Brady and Nicole are ridiculous. 

You would think that after all the disasters in her life, Nicole would know better than to sit there yapping about “I’m in love, I’m at a beautiful wedding, and nothing could possibly go wrong now!” Girl, last time you said that, a drunk driver killed your fiancé! 

Then you have classless Brady up there at his own brother’s wedding, delivering a bizarre speech about obsessing over your beloved and doing whatever it takes to eliminate any perceived obstacles. For a couple that actually does have a strong basis in friendship, I just find their bond so false and bizarre this go-round.

Christine: It’s sad that answering this question is so much easier than the cute couple question. Hope and Rafe. Hands down. 

Hope and Rafe always feel so forced and icky…and I hate it even more because Hope has been one of my favorite characters since I was a kid. She had amazing chemistry with Bo, and wonderful chemistry with Aiden…but with Rafe. Ugh. 

The Big Talk - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week on Days of Our Lives?

Stephanie: I was disappointed in the fact that everything about the double wedding seemed to be rushed. There was potential for some good storylines there, but the writers rushed through everything to get to the big day. 

For instance, they could have done more with Abigail having to get the annulment from Dario, or they could have created a storyline where Sonny and Paul had trouble getting married in the church because of their nontraditional relationship.

Jack: I am so sick of weddings being interrupted by troublemakers. There's not enough romance on the show, period. And I want to see JJ sing and play his guitar. He should have done so for his sister while she was getting ready.

Mikey: Given the horror-show of the past few years, this was a pretty solid, enjoyable week! There were, of course, some missed familial opportunities (John and Jennifer’s lame excuses for missing the bachelor/ette parties were insane), but there was so much that they got right and that I genuinely enjoyed.

Christine: Everyone leaving Andre’s party was just rude. Rafe thinking they’d hired a female stripper for Paul’s bachelor party was ridiculous. 

But the biggest disappointment was that Days completely glossed over the fact that gay marriage isn't allowed in a Catholic church, and unless something has changed over the years, St. Luke's is still a Catholic church.

Remember when soaps tackled real world issues. This could have been one of those times, but Days chose to pretend the issue didn't exist. 

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from the week?

Stephanie: I really enjoyed Victor’s lines this week. The things he said when he was explaining Adrienne/Bonnie’s recent behavior toward him were priceless. I also enjoyed any scene involving Victor and Bonnie because his disdain for her is so obvious that it’s funny. 

Victor: I am sorry if I offended, but I am not interested in your melons or your buns.
Maggie: Good heavens, Victor. Really?
Victor: Well, it's true. What the hell do you want me to say?

Jack: Despite my complaining above, I have two this week! I loved Doug and Julie's tender, romantic moment at the Club...

Julie: So we realized if we didn't pool our resources this sleazy guy Myron was gonna get it and so we did pool our resources and so we got it. So this place belongs to you and me and Chloe. [pause] Darling, you haven't said a word since I sprung this on you. Was I too impulsive? Should I have discussed it with you first?
Doug: This is my place?
Julie: Yes.
Doug: Then I would like a dance with my girl, if you don't mind.

Also, Andre's speech at the wedding brought tears to my eyes...

I am very proud of my brother today and equally proud of the woman he's chosen to be his wife. When I'm around Abigail and Chad, I can't help but be uplifted by the light that emanates from them. It's made my heart not so dark. It's made me a better man. I am sure that everyone in this room will agree that history will not be remembering the Dimeras for how they loved, but when they write the story of Chad and Abigail, it'll be a story of beauty, poignancy, a story of true love, a story of passion that is timeless. And so, I want to say to them, to wish them a very well deserved happily ever after.


Mikey: I’m such a sucker for this stuff, but the pre-wedding scene of Jennifer with her two kids and grandson, talking about Jack, had me in tears. That was beautifully done.

I really wish they had involved Steve and “Adrienne” in that in some way, even just a quick moment, but it was lovely and such a nice nod to a character who for some reason is treated so much better dead than he was alive!

Christine: There was actually a lot to love this week, especially bringing so many characters together for the wedding. But Victor voicing how off Adrienne/Bonnie was acting was my favorite. Some of his Days of Our Lives quotes made me laugh out loud. 

I never remember Adrienne being so obnoxious. I mean, I never liked the woman very much but I never thought of her as a royal pain in the ass.


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