Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 4 Review: Ain't That A Kick In the Head

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Every conceivable emotion a person could feel was experienced watching that hour.

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 4 had everything, from humor, suspense, awkwardness, tears, happiness and so much more. It was strong because it was balanced with a healthy dose of all of those above.

It could not have been a stronger hour.

The Patch - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 4

Amelia can be touch and go. She's a character that you either love or loathe. She's annoying or entertaining. She's all over the place, but she was likable Amelia again.

Amelia handled things exactly how I expected her to, concise, focused, and with loads of dark humor. She had a plan, and fortunately, she had the right people around her to help her enact it.

Aren't you glad they didn't drag this storyline out? Amelia was already headed under the knife five minutes into the hour and was out of surgery ten minutes in. It was surprising that it was handled so quickly, but it worked.

Amelia: Meredith, if I die --
Mer: You are not gonna die.
Amelia: OK, but if I do, you call my mom, I'm sorry, but she likes you. And you [looks at Maggie] take my room. It is way better. I kinda scammed you on that.
Maggie: Stop it.
Alex: She's right, it's way better.
Amelia: Owen, if I'm gorked, do not overthink it, do not visit me, just park me somewhere and go on with your life.
Owen: Amelia, please, cut it out.
Amelia: And if I need unplugging, April has been named my power of attorney.

Not only was it amusing how she laid out who was responsible for what before, after, and in the event that she died, but it was emotional.

Amelia doesn't typically come across as a person who expresses gratitude, but when faced with the possibility of death, she took the time to tell everyone how she felt.

The callback to her superwoman stance was sweet too, especially since DeLuca and Tom joined her. It also reminded me of Stephanie. 

Alex playing "third sister" while Amelia was under, bickering with the others was entertaining, as always. All the comments that nod at previous seasons are delightful each and every time. A show that has thirteen seasons under its belt shouldn't hesitate to acknowledge it's past.

Malex Attack - Grey's Anatomy

The humor is what made the hour so fantastic, even in moments that could have been dark, they lightened them with humor. The gang all wishing they could excuse their crappy choices and behavior with a tumor was a great way to acknowledge some of our reservations. 

No one wants to see Amelia's actions and words swept away because of a tumor. Amelia, herself, was able to point that out later on.

Amelia's bout of Foreign Accent Syndrome was amusing, but then they sucker-punched us with the retrograde amnesia that had her forgetting for a brief moment that Derek had died. It's the ebb and flow of humorous moments and serious ones that made the whole episode fall into line.

Mer: Do you know what happened? Do you know where you are?
Amelia: I had a surgery. I had a brain tumor.
Mer: Call Koracik!
Amelia: No. Koracik is such a blowhard. You should call Derek...what?

The time where she wasn't responding verbally, and we could only hear her thoughts were so eerily similar to when Meredith's jaw was wired shut, and when Derek couldn't tell the doctors what was wrong with him before he died.

It was downright awful watching Amelia suffer through post-op with no drugs because she's an addict and didn't want to take anything or fall off the wagon. Not even Richard could talk her out of it. 

Man with A Plan - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 4

Tom couldn't either. Tom did not stop being awesome. Can he come back again? On the surface, he comes across as arrogant and obnoxious, but he's damn good at his job and a fantastic mentor for Amelia.

One of the best moments of the hour (and there were many), was when he got Amelia to calm down by having her walk through the problem. He genuinely cares about her, and yeah, he sees her as an extension of himself, as most mentors tend to, but he had her back through and through. 

Tom: Do you know where you are?
Amelia: I'm at work.
Tom: Do you know who the president is?
Amelia: I wish I didn't.
Tom: Very good.

He also may have a had a thing with Catherine, and I need to hear more about their relationship because it was comedic gold. Just like that joke he made about Jackson being his. Yes, Tom needs to make a comeback.

Two great things came from Amelia's experience in this installment. The first being her relationship with Owen. There is still uncertainty there, but it feels like they are not going to excuse or ignore anything.

In Sickness and in Health - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 4

Amelia knows that Owen planned on leaving her. She also knows that she's been awful to him, and she doesn't want him to feel obligated to take care of her. She was willing to let him go, and not because she was being an ass or because she didn't want to be bothered with him. 

Amelia is self-aware enough to know that she doesn't know who she is right now. There is a decade of her life where she's not sure if she was really herself or not. 

That's a lot to process. It's not just Owen; it's everything about her for the past ten years.

Owen wanted to take care of her anyway, as he should have, and Amelia was willing to let him, and she should have. It's a start for the both of them. 

It's something. Who knows what will come of the two of them? But at least it won't be so ugly.

Owen Promise

Then there is DeLuca. The bond that formed between Amelia and Andrew is something I didn't realize I needed.

Stephanie was Amelia's right-hand, and she can't be replaced, but a friendship between Amelia and Andrew could be a nice alternative. Andrew was adamant about doing things exactly how Amelia asked him to. 

He was right there the whole time, being her shoulder to cry on, and walking her through her own process of improving patient outcome.

When he brought the tumor in and talked her through why she felt like something was missing, the room got a bit dusty over here. That's the amazing doctor that Andrew was when he was first introduced before he fell by the wayside.

Andrew Gets Through to Amelia

Keep giving Giacomo Giannotti meaty stuff like this, please.

OK, so the room got dusty again when Nathan brought Farouk to Megan. Damn, that Riggs sure has grown on a girl. 

It was beyond irritating that Meredith kept blowing off his phone calls because, given her past, anything could have happened. He could have been calling from a cruise ship in the bottom of the ocean or something. This is Grey's after all. 

It turns out, he followed Meredith's advice and made a grand gesture. It was the ultimate gesture. He brought Farouk home to Megan. So many feels, you guys. Farouk is so precious.

Mer Is Concerned - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 4

Love triangles are generally awful. This time, however, it's so wild. Everyone in it loves each other. 

Megan and Nathan have a timeless kind of love. Nathan and Meredith had something special, and they get each other. Meredith and Megan have so much love and respect for one another.

Both women keep pushing Nathan in the other woman's direction because they both care about him, but they also both care about and like one another. It's the nicest, sweetest, least dramatic love triangle ever.

Can they just be a throuple or something? This is getting ridiculous. 

Millionaire Jackson

Since we're on the topic of controversial 'ships, why not talk about Jackson and Maggie?

Bless Maggie's awkward little heart; she can't escape uncomfortable situations for anything in the world. That dinner was a cringe-fest. 

I probably would have powered through it too, just to drink all the wine and chill out in that fabulous house.

So, evil ass Harper Avery left Jackson with a quarter of a billion dollars, and he didn't know what to do with that news other than sulk. 

Rich people problems, am I right? Maggie gave him an excuse that didn't make him sound like an ungrateful little sh!t. Good times.

His Sister

Jackson was making all those googly eyes at Maggie, and was it just me, or did he mimick her fixing his collar by fixing Alex's coat lapels as if he was trying to convince himself it's what platonic friends do? Just me? OK.

Nothing topped his and Maggie's faces, however, when Catherine made that comment about Maggie being his sister. Priceless. 

The other half of Japril was dealing with not wanting to go home alone. April can be so endearing when she isn't a pain in the ass.

She was funny and sweet, but when she talked about how rough it is going home without Harriet, I felt for her.

Arizona and April are besties

It did lead to an adorable scene where she and Arizona chilled out on a hospital bed together. It was cute because they are adorable friends, and it's nice to see their friendship again. 

It was also nice to see Arizona give up hot sex with a hot girl to hang out with a friend in need. It looks like she'll be rewarded since Sofia wants to come back home.

Welcome back, Arizona. Also, thanks Grey's Anatomy for literally making fun of yourself for being so crappy last season. Love that you guys can laugh at yourselves.

Arizona, April, and Jo not being annoying is what dreams are made of. Jo has actually been tolerable, and that continued this week. 

Ben: Why would you take your name off that article?
Jo: Because if I didn't, my psychopathic husband might see my picture, learn my new name, and come kill me.
Ben: wait, seriously? You're married?
Jo: And in hiding.

I can't imagine the fear of an abusive ex hunting you down. Jo shouldn't have to live like this. Something has to give. 

We know Matthew Morrison is coming back, so it'll be soon, hopefully. She needs the closure and to be free.

Jo's relationship with Ben is still working. It's nice that she confided in him about her ex. 

Then he vaguely alluded to his decision to join the fire department because that's where this is headed right? We know he's in the spin-off.

Bailey is going to lose her shitake mushrooms, but there is something inspiring about Ben still pursuing whatever makes him happy by changing careers. He did it before when he went from being an anesthesiologist to a doctor, and now he may do it again. That takes guts.

Intern chronicle

Bailey may have her hands full with the new interns. That montage of interviews was hilarious. 

It's hard to say which was the funniest. Personally, as a soft-spoken person who often whispers, the girl speaking so low that Bailey and Webber had to lean forward to hear her was hysterical.

Levi putting a band on his glasses was a hoot. The dog jumping out of the one girl's bag and running across the table to bark and lick Richard was too cute for words. 

Dear God, the guy with the pep-talk. The intern chronicles are the best. They should keep it up.

Did you love the episode? Is Amelia likable now? How precious was that reunion between Megan and Farouk? Hit the comments below and let us know what you think.

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Ain't That A Kick In the Head Review

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Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 4 Quotes

Amelia: Meredith, if I die --
Mer: You are not gonna die.
Amelia: OK, but if I do, you call my mom, I'm sorry, but she likes you. And you [looks at Maggie] take my room. It is way better. I kinda scammed you on that.
Maggie: Stop it.
Alex: She's right, it's way better.
Amelia: Owen, if I'm gorked, do not overthink it, do not visit me, just park me somewhere and go on with your life.
Owen: Amelia, please, cut it out.
Amelia: And if I need unplugging, April has been named my power of attorney.

Meredith: Are you sure you don't want me to call your mom?
Amelia: No. She didn't come for my wedding, she doesn't get to come for my tumor.