Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 8 Review: Out of Nowhere

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I have nothing, you guys. 

But since there can't be a blank review, I'll give it all I have. Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 8 was just underwhelming. It's the midseason finale and there was nothing gripping about it. Even the cliffhanger of Paul returning was boring.

Keeping the Peace - Grey's Anatomy

We knew this going in though, right? Expectations for this installment were pretty low because the "cyber attack on a hospital" angle has been worn out already. As a result, the hour wasn't disappointing because the bar was very low; it was just boring.

There were some OK moments, though. What was nice about the hour? The new interns getting some more focus. 

Finally, the show shifted away from Sam a bit and showed more of Levi, Taryn, and Dahlia. Of those three, Dahlia needed the most attention because she has barely been shown since she arrived. 

Why is everybody dying?!


The interns were incompetent little disaster children who didn't know what the hell they were doing, and they were failing epically in some way or another. You know, typical intern stuff. 

It's crucial that they expound on these characters because the innocence of newbies is part of the appeal of the show, and we can't get that anymore with our original gang who are well-established doctors now. 

Also, in the event that we end up with Grey's Anatomy Season 18 or something, we deserve more options for a Chief Resident because Jo freaking Wilson has been named Chief Resident by some twisted default, and that news literally made my eye twitch. 

Jo trying to imitate Bailey? Get real.


Levi was the intern to shine the most this hour, and he's a mess, but he's likable. Something is endearing about him as a character once you get past the fact that his glasses are prone to slipping, he can't shut up, and he's squeamish about blood. 

Levi has heart though. It may be because the George O'Malley nostalgia is intense, but so far, he's my favorite intern.

His faith in Meredith was the cutest, and he's dedicated to the job. Before she decided to use someone else's blood, I knew Levi would be the only one in the room with the patient's blood type. Levi has the potential to be great, and I'm rooting for him.


Richard made the hour bearable, too. His "old-school" methods of helping patients and educating all the younguns in the midst of a technology crash were the most entertaining aspects of the installment and the funniest too. 

No one, not even some of the hospital's finest doctors and surgeons, knew how to cope with taking care of patients without technology. It was ridiculous. Owen and April spent time overseas and in the field, but they were just as bad as some of the others.

Have people gotten so dependent on modern technology that they don't even know the basics? That's a terrifying thought. I'm a firm believer that you should know more than one way of doing some of everything, and that especially includes a non-tech way.

Miranda: Why can't I can't get into medical records?"
Tim: Have you tried turning it off and turning it on--
Arizona: Don't finish that sentence.

Oh yeah, and Ben was shirtless at the top of the hour. That was a nice part of the hour too. 

But back to everything else. Did the FBI's stance regarding payment make sense? Absolutely. 

Should Bailey have gone on that long when Jackson could have just paid the $20 million? No.

They had the money, and the hospital was a mess. People were on the brink of death because everything was thrown out of whack. 

The FBI was taking too damn long to track the person responsible. How long were they supposed to go on like that?

No! We are not staying here. I'm not having my baby by flashlight!


It also didn't make sense that they didn't immediately start transferring people to other hospitals as much as they possibly could. There was a lot of unnecessary risk taking on other people's behalf, and it was nonsensical. 

Little Frankie is about to damn die, another freaking kid might be killed off on this show, and it could have been prevented a few dozen ways. Why?! If Frankie dies, I promise you his mom will no longer be making googly eyes at Alex.

Bailey finally made the call to Jackson, and he can't hear it because of course, he's in another godforsaken aircraft coated in gosh damn blood. 

Why does anyone opt to fly on this show anymore? Nothing good happens when any of them are in the air. 

Maggie and Jackson Work Together

But the bloodbath put an end to all that Jaggie business. Listen, you guys know that I'm one of the few people who doesn't actually mind the two of them, but they spent the entire hour small-talking and dancing around each other like two teenagers during homeroom. 

I don't even mind the two of them, and it got on my nerves. Where are we going with this? What are we doing?

Is it going somewhere? If so, go there. If it's not, then don't. This was probably the worst installment yet with their little thing because I just didn't care. 

They could have cut all their scenes, and it wouldn't have made a difference or affected anything. When has Jackson ever been this coy and childlike? Spit it out already! 

What do you mean thank God we're from different families?


When has Maggie been this aloof and reticent? Be blunt, ask that handsome devil what the hell he's doing already.

I hate that I spent an entire season bitching about DeLuca not being developed further and getting his own story arc, and now, he has this whatever the hell it is, and I'm bitching about that too, but it is what it is. This Sam and DeLuca thing is silly.

I want desperately to like Sam, but she's not doing it for me. I want to be invested in this storyline because DeLuca is one of my favorite characters, but I'm not. 

So they just literally hate screw around the hospital because they're addicted to each other? OK. Maybe there is more depth to this puppy, and we haven't gotten there yet, but it's irritating me to my soul.

Sharing Lovers

And the other DeLuca looks like she may be swinging back towards Arizona. Carina and Arizona were preferable to Carina and Owen, but what's with this back and forth? The elevator scene with April was amusing though, so at least there's that.

Also, Carina finally got some hospital privileges, so she isn't just walking around the hospital looking pretty and making out with people. 

Her best moments have been with her brother, but she desperately needed to be shown actually doing something doctorly, so I'm beyond thrilled that she got to deliver a baby.

She's a certified OBYGYN; it's about time they showcased that. More of Carina working at the hospital, please. She's enjoyable; she just needed more to do besides...people.

Jo Reacts to Paul's Return

On a scale of 1 to the sky is Blue, how shocked were you to see Paul show up? Not nearly as shocked as Jo was, doubtfully, but why was she shocked? 

She filed for divorce. If he is the colossal, abusive dick that she says he is, he was totally coming to confront her.

Paul finally made it to Grey Sloan. It only took two seasons. As in its two seasons too late, so even that sucked as a cliffhanger. 

Over to you Grey's Fanatics, was I too hard on this winter finale? Did you expect Paul's return? Which 'ship irritated you the most? Hit the comments below!

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Out of Nowhere Review

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Owen: Morning.
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Jo: Did I sound like Bailey? I was trying to sound like Bailey.
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