Days of Our Lives Round Table: New Year's Wishes

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Theo woke up, Abe forgave JJ, and Kate was let off the hook this week on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Kpatch from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Eli and Lani keeping their mouths shut, Theo snubbing Ciara, the best and worst New Year’s Eve outfits, and what we hope to see in Salem in 2018!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Were you surprised that neither Eli nor Lani told their significant others about their night together? Do you think either of them will?

Kpatch: Really no. Soaps are based on secrets, so this will have to fester for a little while. I don’t think either of them will tell, but someone will overhear them talking. It’s the Days way.

Jack: Not surprised at all, since this is standard operating procedure in Salem. I'm sure it'll come out in some ugly way that will hopefully end JJ and Lani permanently.

I really wish someone would tell the truth. It would be a refreshing change! But I'm not holding my breath.

Christine: For a moment I thought Lani might feel guilty enough to tell the truth, but obviously I was kidding myself. I’m not a fan of either of these couples so I can’t wait for the truth to come out and end them both.

Theo Wakes Up - Days of Our Lives

Abe let Kate off the hook. Did she get off too easily?

Kpatch: Yes, she did get off too easily. It’s not her fault Theo got shot, but she should be punished for roping Theo into illegal activities. I was also annoyed that Hope let Theo off just because she likes him. More Salem PD favoritism.

Jack: I liked seeing Kate getting some comeuppance (though Abe practically blackmailing her was odd and out of character). But I would have preferred her face charges for covering up her involvement.

The police force is useless in Salem and never prosecutes anyone who is actually guilty of a serious crime. I personally disagree that Theo shouldn't be held accountable because getting shot was punishment enough. He broke into a warehouse and ran from the police. 

Theo and Kate should both face legal consequences. But then the cops would be doing their job so...

Christine: I’m torn on this one. Kate didn’t force Theo to try and break in to that warehouse, but she did push him to do it. He could have said no. Honestly, I’m just happy this whole debacle is over and everyone can move on.

Eric and Jennifer Celebrate NYE - Days of Our Lives

Who wore the best and worst outfits at the New Year’s Eve party?

Kpatch: I hated Kate’s outfit. It was odd for a fancy gown. Gabi is always stunning.

Jack: All the outfits were pretty awful. Hard to choose a worst, most of the women had holes where their chests were which I dislike. Even and Hope and those backless dresses... oy.

I am probably in the minority but I liked Kate's dress. At least it covered up things that should be covered!

Christine: I hated Kate’s dress as it just looked strange, and Abigail has the weirdest fashion sense.

I liked Hope’s backless green dress and I thought Jennifer’s dress looking lovely on her.

Chad and Abby's New Year's Eve Gala - Days of Our Lives

Are you happy that Theo chose Claire over Ciara?

Kpatch: Yes. Ciara doesn’t deserve Theo or anyone. She’s too hateful.

Jack: Yes, because Ciara is insufferable and obnoxious and the last thing Theo needs is the drama she's causing.

Christine: I’m not a big fan of Claire or Ciara, but Ciara has been an obnoxious brat since she’s returned, so I’m happy Theo didn’t dump Claire to be with her.

Ciara Pours Her Heart Out To Theo - Days of Our Lives

What’s your wish for Days of Our Lives in 2018?

Kpatch: I wish more than anything that Lani would leave the show, Ciara would get a heart, Rafe and Hope would break up, and JJ and Gabi would reunite as well as Jennifer and Eric.

Jack: My wish is to actually see on screen the story of JJ getting help and getting healthy. Also, everyone please break up with people who are lying, manipulating, or otherwise no good for them and choose real love instead.

Christine: At the top of my list is that Rafe and Hope break up for good!

I also hope that we see JJ getting some onscreen help to deal with his issues and then, eventually, he and Gabi get back together, but it needs to be a slow build between them.

I’m so tired of couples just jumping into bed and trying to call it romance or a love story. That’s boring.

Hope and Rafe Get Back Together - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Kpatch: Lots, actually. Ciara took up too much screen time. I see her as the next Sami and that’s not a good thing.

I was disappointed that Tripp went along with Ciara’s scheme.

I didn’t like Eric’s let’s-be-friends bracelet. And I think it’s ridiculous that Will is pursuing Paul under the circumstances. His life is complicated enough.

Jack: JJ getting faux therapy from his mom's quasi-boyfriend instead of seeing a real professional, and on top of that it's off-screen! And no one was even thinking about him during the New Year's Gala.

Runner up: the scenes with Vivian would have been exciting and suspenseful if there hadn't been spoilers out there for at least six months that she was coming around New Year's...

Christine: Vivian’s return wasn’t as exciting as it should have been.

Ciara keeping her mouth shut about Rafe and Sami is ridiculous. The girl has no self control, why isn’t he screaming about this while she’s drunk?

And Lani and Eli going back to JJ and Gabi as though nothing happened made me ill.

Vivian Alamain Returns - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Kpatch: I like the rebuilding of Jennifer and Eric’s relationship, at least that’s what I hope I’m seeing.

Jack: I cried when Theo opened his eyes and I was glad that Abe forgave JJ. I also thought Jen and Eric's Scrabble playing was all sorts of cute.

Christine: Abe finally forgiving JJ and Theo waking up on Christmas.

Also, Eric and Jennifer rebuilding their relationship; it makes me hope that Nicole stays away for good.

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