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How did it all end for crew on the ship?

That was the big question on The Orville Season 1 Episode 12 as Ed and Kelly debated whether it was worth giving their relationship another shot. 

Meanwhile, the crew crash-landed on a planet from another universe while trying to find out the origins of an uncharted star. 

Did everyone make it off the planet alive, or was there danger lurking at every turn?

Use the video above to watch The Orville online right here via TV Fanatic. 

Get caught up on all the latest laughs right now. 

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The Orville Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Mercer: Cultural contamination of a society that undeveloped is a serious charge. I just don't want to have to come visit you in prison,
Grayson: Really? You wouldn't want to visit a women's prison?

Mercer: Man, if it looks like this going in, I'm afraid of what it looks like coming out.
Clyden: Upsata does not come out. It grows into a parasite within the body. This sensation is intensely pleasurable.