Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is Andre Working With Vivian?!?

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Will broke up with Sonny, Rafe came clean to Ciara, Andre declared his feelings for Kate...but is he really in cahoots with Vivian?!?

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Tinab and Parkerdude90 from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate if Will made the right decision, whether Rafe will confess all to Hope, and how they rate Vivan and Stefan O's visit to Salem!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Did Will make the right decision about divorcing Sonny? What did you think of Sonny’s reaction?

Parkerdude90: I think Will did the right thing. He is trying to be a better person than the person he doesn’t remember being . I don’t think the amnesia husband being lead around by Sonny is the right look for Will.

I feel bad for Sonny. I think he tried everything he could to get will to change his mind.  

Jack: I think that since WIll is not sold on being in a committed relationship with Sonny, he did the right thing. I thought Sonny's reaction was pathetic though.

It's not like Sonny and Will have been together for years and now Will wants a divorce, and just a few months ago Sonny was going to marry Paul. Now he's begging Will to be his husband. Ugh. Move on already Sonny.

Tinab: Yes ..... obviously he isn’t in a place to be married. Sonny is trying to force it.

Christine: Sonny and Will were separated, and now Will doesn't remember anything about their relationship. In reality, there is no marriage.

I can understand Sonny being upset, but I hated the way he tried to guilt Will into changing his mind by using Ari. That was emotional blackmail and it was wrong. I was glad Will didn't fall for it. 

Will Ends Things With Sonny - Days of Our Lives

Is Eric ready to embark on a romance with Jennifer?

Parkerdude90: I don’t think so, I think he likes the company but as friends, not as lovers . The whole Nicole coming back to him then dumping him in the span of, I think two days, messed him up  

Jack: I think he is. I'm not sure Jennifer is ready for one with him, though, since she didn't want to actually pursue one and was quick to listen to Anna's opinion.

Tinab: Eric needs romance more than anyone in Salem. I wish he could have said he was really over Nicole.

Christine: I'm not convinced he's ready, and if I were Jennifer I'd be a little gun shy too. Eric broke up with her once before because of his feelings for Nicole, and then Nicole left him. No one wants to feel as though they're someone's second choice.

Eric and Jennifer Celebrate NYE - Days of Our Lives

Will Rafe finally tell Hope that he slept with Sami?

Parkerdude90: I think Rafe will find a way to weasel out of telling Hope . I think he might say we were hanging out, she was hurting I was hurting, we needed each other, but stop short of telling her the truth.

Jack: I doubt it. Other than when JJ told Gabi about the sex with Lani he didn't remember having, I don't think anyone has ever been honest about this sort of thing until it's about to blow up in their face six months to a year later.

Tinab: At this point Rafe has to tell Hope.  I am not a fan of Hope and Rafe's, but the scenes between Rafe and Ciara were surprisingly some of the best of the week.

Christine: He'd better tell her! The only way he can make this any worse is by putting Ciara in the middle of this and making her decide whether to keep his secret from her mother. If I had any respect left for Rafe, and I really don't, it would completely disappear if he did that. 

Explaining a Tryst  - Days of Our Lives

Do you believe that Andre is really working with Vivian and Stefan?

Parkerdude90: I don’t want him to be, but I get the feeling Andre is in an unwilling alliance with them. I could see them getting to him when he was at his lowest and turning him.

Jack: Andre is all about what's best for Andre. He might be working with them for now, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's double or triple crossing going on in the future.

Tinab: I actually want Andre to be working with Vivian. Andre is being portrayed as soft and it’s not right, though I also think his feelings for Kate are real.

Christine: Ugh! I was really hoping to see Andre and Kate work together to take down Vivian. I was crushed, although not totally surprised, when Vivian said they were working together. 

Sharing Feelings - Days of Our Lives

Rate Stefan O.’s arrival in Salem and Vivian’s return.

Parkerdude90: I’d give Stefan o a solid 8. Dude came in, looked like some random unassuming short guy and left the week Mr. Big Shot CEO.

I’d give his “mom” Vivian slightly lower marks. I love her over the top soapy back and forth with Andre and Kate . I love a good walk in with a cape and hood entrance . The fact that she had to explain how and why she and her “son“ got to this point was the only thing that took them down a peg

Jack: Meh. I give it a 6 because I love Vivian and her one liners are almost as good as Victor's, and so far Tyler Christopher is doing a good job. But I think the whole Stefan O name is silly, and I'm not a fan of these Dimera family war stories.

Tinab: It’s only a 6 or so right now. I like Stephan, he's a good soap actor and easy on the eyes, so I'm excited to see where story goes. 

Christine: I agree that it's a 6. I'm not Vivian's biggest fan but the Dimera clan needed some shaking up. Although I generally like the actor (Tyler Christopher), the jury is still out on Stefan O.

An Extra Dimera - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Parkerdude90: The thing that disappointed me was the three things I don’t like on the show that keep going on: evil Brady sleeping with Eve , Ciara and Claire bickering, and Theo and Abe not getting along and his mobility being limited .

Jack: JJ seems to have disappeared again. I hope he had a good New Year and didn't spend it being depressed.

Also Abe ordering Theo around and then trying to quickly ship him off to South Africa shows he really learned nothing from the giant apology he recently had to deliver.

And Rafe defending his sexual choices to Ciara was all sorts of icky.

Tinab: I don’t want a redo of the the Sonny/Will/Paul story. It's a bit disappointing.

Christine: Rafe trying to justify his tryst with Sami to his almost step-daughter was definitely icky. 

Abe agreeing to ship his autistic, injured son to South Africa for experimental treatment without asking more questions was baffling.

And what the heck happened to JJ? One day he's trying to kill himself and the next he's disappeared from our screens. His absence felt strange. 

A Bedside Confrontation - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Parkerdude90: Vivian's arrival with the big hood, and when the nurse at the hospital was like whatever, were two of my favorite things .

Ciara and her hangover hair too.

Jack: Vivian vs. Kate has been a lot of fun so far.

I also really liked Hope and Jennifer spending time together, and I loved their exchange in this Days of Our Lives quote...

Jennifer: Hope, it's not like we were saints when we were Ciara's age.
Hope: I know. But she doesn't need to know that.

Tinab: Obviously Chloe’s comment on the Sami Brady DNA test was hilarious.

Christine: Will breaking up with Sonny was a smart decision and Andre revealing his feelings to Kate made me laugh.

I also liked Ciara's hangover look. 

Andre: The question is, how do you feel?
Kate: Being your wife has not been the prison that I anticipated it to be.
Andre: You should be writing greeting cards.

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