Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Killed André?

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After irking Vivian, double crossing Kate, lying to Chad and Abigail, and firing Gabi from her own company, André Dimera turned up dead on the office floor.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Tony and Villa281 from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate who killed André, if Lani will tell the truth, if Stefan is clueless, and Lucas’ return to Salem on Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Who do you think killed André?

Jack: I'm not convinced André is really dead. I think he might have faked his death for his own reasons (perhaps to get revenge on Vivian or Gabi). If he was actually killed, it was probably by none of the people we saw on screen in the last two minutes that we are supposed to suspect.

Tony: I don’t think André is actually dead. I’m fairly sure he faked his own death again. However, if he is truly dead, then either Stefan had a henchman do it, or Vivian did it herself.

Villa281: I don't know but I don't think it will be Vivian as that is a little to obvious. I kind of think it will be Anna, but I think that might be a little to obvious.

Christine: If he’s really dead, I think Anna may have killed him. She got that mysterious letter and she’s been carrying around a lot of anger for many years. It wouldn’t take much for André to have made her snap.

Kate Tells Andre She Loves Him - Days of Our Lives

Do you think Lani will voluntarily tell JJ the truth about the baby? If not, how and when do you think the truth will come out?

Jack: Absolutely not. If she did she would risk losing him and Lani is all about forcing JJ to stay with her.

Now that Valerie knows about the one night stand, I'm sure the lies will begin to unravel but most likely there will be a complication with the baby or the pregnancy that leads to the truth, as usual on this show.

Tony: Not at all! The truth will likely come out when the baby is born, or by someone who shouldn’t have found out finding out and spilling the beans.

Villa281: I don't think she will tell him, I think it will come out later in some big dramatic way.

Christine: If Lani were going to tell the truth it would have happened already. I wish she would realize how many people will be hurt by this nonsense, including the child.

I’m hoping Valerie and Eli force the truth to come out soon, because I’d hate for this story to drag on for months…or even years!

Supporting a Liar - Days of Our Lives

Stefan has hit on both Abigail and Gabi, neither of whom seem to have any interest in him. Is Stefan arrogant or clueless?

Jack: Stefan is a sleaze, pure and simple. He thinks because he's in charge he can have his way with any woman he wants. He's very similar to Lani, as they are both all about their own sexual desires and don't see other people as having the right to say no to those desires.

Tony: Arrogant. He believes that he is God’s gift to all women, which he is sorely mistaken about.

Villa281: Probably more arrogant. I actually really liked his chemistry with Chloe.

Christine: Mostly arrogant, but at times he does come off a little clueless, as though he doesn’t quite understand how wrong he is.

Stefan Harasses Abigail - Days of Our Lives

Lucas asked Chloe out, but she’s leaving for Vienna. Is there anyone in Salem with whom you’d like to see Lucas romantically paired?

Jack: I wish Sami was there full time. Lucas and Sami are one of my all time favorite couples and I really don't like either of them with anyone else.

Tony: There really aren’t many women in Lucas’ age group who aren’t related to him in Salem, so not really. If anything, I wish Sami would come back and get back with Lucas.

Villa281: Honestly no, but I really hope they find someone good for him. Lucas is due for a really good love story with someone worthy of him.

Christine: I’d love to see Lucas in a great love story, but there’s just no one in Salem right now who is a good match. I really hope they fix that sometime soon.

Competing with an Urn - Days of Our Lives

Should Roman and Anna be a more permanent couple?

Jack: Not at this time. This whole urn thing is ridiculous. How can Roman be with someone who is still loyal to her late husband? He's clearly second choice and Anna is delusional, so there's no way this can work.

Tony: Potentially. If the story’s going the way I think it is, then yes, I’d be interested to see where this is.

Villa281: No I am not really liking Roman and Anna. I cant really explain why, but it just isn't working for me.

Christine: I don’t think they are meant to be a long term couple, but it’s certainly nice to see Roman having some fun for a change.

Eric Fights for Jennifer - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: Where to start? I am continuing to be very disappointed in the incompetent therapy Eric is giving JJ. I had hoped to have some proper followup to JJ's issues and have wanted him to get help for years. Instead, Eric broke every ethical guideline there was and didn't do a single thing to help JJ. It's clear this story isn't about JJ getting help; it's about Eric wanting to date JJ's mother.

Lani and her stupidity and lies are also ruining the show for me right now. And personally, I'd rather have seen a realistic story about Gabi suing for sexual harassment or wrongful termination than this murder that came out of nowhere.

Tony: Although I don’t believe it’s what it seems, I’m disappointed that André is apparently dead. Sure, it’s great drama, but I’m just sad that my favorite character is (allegedly) dead.

Villa281: I wish there would have been more of Patch and Kayla, I mess them leading story.

Christine: Lani and her lies. She has JJ dreaming of a family that isn’t his, is keeping Eli from ever knowing his own child, and what about that child? If the lie continues for years, when it does come out that poor kid will be heartbroken to find out that the person he or she thinks of as Daddy really isn’t.

Putting Stefan In His Place - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Jack: I loved seeing Lucas doing well in rehab!

And while this whole Anna and her urn thing is ridiculous, I found this Days of Our Lives quote hilarious:

Marlena: Anna, did you and Tony have a special place you were very fond of?
Anna: Why do you want to know that?
Marlena: Well, I thought that might be a good place for you to scatter his ashes.
Anna: Marlena. Tony and I took vows. Til death do us part.
Roman: He died. You parted.

Tony: I’m really happy that Lucas is back in town and sober! Also, any and all of André’s scenes.

Villa281: My favorite scene was Kate and Lucas, mainly Lucas. He is really looking good, and I hope there are good things in store for him in 2018.

Christine: Lucas looked so good! It was great to have him back, clean and sober.

I also loved how Abigail and Gabi didn’t fall for Stefan trying to turn them against one another and then verbally tearing him a part when he hit on Gabi. The guy is an arrogant idiot and it was fun to see two smart women put him in his place.

And I loved Roman poking fun at Eric when Jennifer came into the pub with her date. Eric really needs to lighten up and it was fun watching Roman trying to get him to do just that.

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