Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Will Rat Out Rafe?

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Yet another person knows that Rafe slept with Sami, Hattie used the revolving door at Statesville Prison to invite herself to Andre’s funeral, and John kept poisoning his best friend this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Mikey from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate who will finally out Rafe, if Hattie killed Andre, who’s pulling John’s strings and more…

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

How will the truth about Rafe and Sami finally be revealed? By Will, Carrie, Ciara, or Rafe himself?

Mikey: I think we’re going to see Hope put that brilliant investigative mind (LOL) to use and piece the truth together herself. Frankly, I don’t think anyone else should tell her.

Rafe and Hope were broken up for that short period, and while it probably wasn’t the best judgment on his part, he does love her and it isn’t like he’s creeping around on her. It doesn’t change anything for Hope to know, except she’ll probably be hurt.

Jack: My money is on Ciara, though Will might also spill the beans since he noticed that ring. It definitely won't be Rafe. He seems determined to keep it secret forever even though he should know better since he's been down this road before and it has never worked out for him.

Christine: Will might start asking questions about the ring and spark Hope’s personality, but I hope Ciara spills the beans.

Ciara knowing about that tryst is when Rafe should have come clean. Hope will be angry Rafe slept with Sami, but I hope she’s furious that he had her daughter lie to keep his secret.

Investigating André's Death - Days of Our Lives

Do you think Hattie killed Andre, and if not her, then who did it?

Mikey: I think Hattie is too simple a solution, and while they seem to offer prisoner day-passes at Statesville, it doesn’t seem like she’s been out for days and days. So I don’t think she actually did it.

My guess is that it’s going to turn out to have been Abigail in some kind of fugue state or some other break that she’s blocked out. They suddenly keep bringing up her history of mental illness again...

Jack: I doubt it's Hattie. I suspect Kate, because her grief over Andre's death seemed manufactured to me and she felt a need to mention the river incident recently (which she also engineered).

Christine: No, Hattie’s not really a murderer, but I have to ask, what’s up with the revolving door at Statesville? I’m not really sure who did it, but I’m leaning towards Vivian. She’d have no problem offing Andre in a fit of rage if he thought he was going to turn on her.

Vivian and Stefan - Days of Our Lives

Any idea about who is pulling John’s strings to make Steve sick?

Mikey: For the life of me, I cannot figure out who it benefits to have Steve going blind and feeling dizzy. My guess is that it ties into the ISA somehow, but I can’t make heads or tails of it. I do like the mystery of the setup, how it’s roped in Will and Paul, and how John is clearly conflicted.

I’m trying to have faith that it will all make sense and won’t just turn out to be some B.S. about Shane wearing another disguise, and I swear to God, if this ties back to the Vitalis, I am going to lose it... but for now, it’s a clever setup and has me intrigued.

Jack: I'm not sure. I really really hope it doesn't have to do with John's father. (I refuse to put that idiotic character's name in print).

Christine: Anything but John’s father! That was one of the worst storylines in the show’s history! It sounds as though he might be working with the ISA but I can’t for the life of me figure out why they’d want Steve to think he’s ill.

On the upside, I’m enjoying the interactions between Paul and Will, and Steve and Kayla, so I’m willing to go along for the ride, at least for now.

In It Together - Days of Our Lives

Do you find Hope and Rafe’s constant kissing at work inappropriate?

Mikey: Normally, I would, but neither of them has an actual home to take it to, so it’s tough to blame them. If the door is closed, go for it.

Jack: YES! Especially since that's all they do. I thought it was ridiculous that they used work time, while in the middle of a major investigation, to discuss their wedding invitations.

Christine: I know we don’t see them at home or on dates off, but enough with all of the smooching at work. My husband and I worked in the same office for years, and this type of thing really isn’t acceptable.

Brady and Eve - Days of Our Lives

Will Brady and Eve really fall in love with one another?

Mikey: They will probably decide they are “in love” and talk about it a lot, and make stupid decisions as a result, but I’m not sure either of these people is clear on what “love” is.

I like the actors together, but Brady needs to get his life together, and Eve needs to have better ambitions than living in a mansion full of people who loathe her, so it would take a lot for me to buy this as anything resembling actual, healthy love.

Jack: That's how it usually goes, but I really hope not. Can Eve please have a relationship with someone she doesn't hate? Is that too much to ask? Besides, Brady is the most idiotic, useless character I've seen in a long time.

Christine: I would love to see Eve in a real romantic relationship with someone, but Brady is not that person. This is a train wreck in the making and everyone knows it.

A Major Lie - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Mikey: The entire mess Lani has gotten herself, and a slew of other people, involved in was disappointing to me in the sense that it’s going to cause people I actually care about (namely JJ) a lot of pain.

I’d like to say that I expect better of Lani, but she’s been on the show for two years and I still have no idea who she is, so I can’t expect much. I do want Kayla to come up with some kind of clever way to help her nephew, though.

Jack: I hate that this Lani lying story is continuing and on top of that, they've made JJ into an idiot instead of writing him true to character. The real JJ would not give up so easily once he found out something wasn't right and had zero interest in sports.

Christine: Yeah, Lani continuing to lie about her baby’s father, while somehow playing the martyr in her own mind is nauseating. I fear how long we’ll have to endure watching JJ fawn all over Lani because he thinks he’s having his child.

It’s not like they were ever an engaging couple to begin with, and now we’re stuck with JJ cooing over her all because of a baby that isn’t his.

Lani Lets JJ Think The Baby Is His - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Mikey: Basically anything and everything involving Vivian, culminating in that delightful sequence of her asking, “What is it with me and caskets?!” and shrieking, “I was assaulted by a corpse!” Thursday had me ready to puke with everyone sobbing over Andre’s death, and then Friday turned into such a delightful farce. Loved it.

Jack: I'm SO happy that Valerie finally found out the truth! I hope this story is short lived now!

Christine: As much as I’ve never loved Carrie, I loved her calling Hope and Rafe out on their hypocrisy in this Days of Our Lives quote...

Rafe: He perjured himself so he left us no choice.
Carrie: Oh, of course you had a choice, just like you had a choice when she shot Stefano and you both lied like rugs.

And hearing Tripp tell off both Claire and Ciara for acting like bratty preschoolers was awesome.

Carrie and Roman - Days of Our Lives

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