Supergirl Round Table: Should Lena Learn the Truth?

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Lillian Luthor made a surprise return on Supergirl Season 3 Episode 12 and tried to take out Morgan Edge to protect her daughter. It didn't work, and he's off to jail instead, but is that the end of it? 

Below, TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Kathleen Wiedel, Jay Ruymann, and Andy Behbakht discuss the Lena/Edge conflict, Sam's powers, and possible vibes between Alex and Sam.

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Is it time for Lena to find out the truth? Does it feel like an insult to her intelligence that everyone around her is keeping secrets and she doesn't suspect anything?

Christine: I kept thinking that this was the episode where she’d finally admit that she knows Kara is Supergirl… but it never happened. It does feel as though the ruse has gone on for too long. I know everyone can’t know Kara is Supergirl, but Lena is close enough and smart enough that she should have an inkling of the truth by now.

Kathleen: I agree with Christine. This particular reveal has been dragging on for quite a while now. Lena's not completely oblivious, after all.

Jay: Lena should have been let in on the secret as soon as Kara decided Lena was her best friend. The longer the secret is kept, and Lena is kept in the dark, the longer everyone is lying to her and Kara has no right to call Lena her best friend and comment on how terrible Lena’s relationship with her mother is when Kara lies to her every single day.

As you can see, Lena needs to know because it’s making me quite angry with Kara.

Andy: Is it bad that I am torn on this? On the one hand, I agree that it is somewhat dumb that she doesn't know. But given how many of these superhero shows have given up on keeping-the-secret-identity-from-loved-ones element these days, I am a little OK with Lena not knowing.

Although I think it would be hilarious if Kara does out herself to Lena one day and Lena goes "Gurl, I have known forever!" because that would make it so much more epic.

Were you surprised by Lillian's return? How do you think the Lena/Edge war will eventually end?

Christine: I wasn’t expecting Lillian’s return, but it made sense. Don’t mess with a Mama Bear, especially one as ruthless as Lillian Luther. If Edge is smart, he’ll end this before he gets hurt.

Kathleen: Lillian was definitely an unexpected addition to this episode, but it worked for the story. Alas, Christine, I don't think Edge is smart enough to quit while he's not dead. He's treading pretty close to the "too dumb to live" category at this point. Adrian Pasdar's wasted on him.

Jay: I’m hoping the writers understand how the fans feel about Edge and he disappears like Maxwell Lord after this season. Lillian’s return was welcome, but the “will she turn evil or will she stay good” story for Lena is already so exhausting.

Andy: I loved that they managed to keep Brenda Strong's return a surprise! I can never have too much of Lillian Luthor. I think the clash between Lena and Edge will end with him just going to jail; I don't see her killing him at this point.

Destroying Lena - Supergirl

Why do you think there was no Reign appearance? Do you have any theories on why Sam's powers seem only to manifest some of the time?

Christine: Originally, I was surprised that Reign would turn back into Sam, but Sam is a fighter, and she wants to survive for her daughter, even if it is subconsciously. I’m not sure if Reign needs time to regenerate her power over Sam, or if something else triggers her appearance. Hopefully, that will become clear as we move forward.

Kathleen: This is definitely an ambiguous situation. We might get some clarity after we meet the second world-killer. Is the Reign/Sam situation unique?

I'm under the impression that Sam's maternal love gives her a powerful connection to her humanity, one that the Reign personality can't overcome outside of "immediate action necessary" situations.

Jay: As they said, we’ll know more when Purity is a bigger character. I think Reign has less control over Sam than the other Worldkillers will.

Sam probably should have ceased to exist after the transformation, but, as the writers have made very clear, Ruby is Sam’s tie to her humanity and that’s what has kept Sam alive and kicking for so long, and that’s why she can get control back.

Andy: Are we allowed to use hashtags in these round tables? Because if so, I will say the reason why Reign didn't make an appearance in this episode is because of #budget.

I don't have any theories at this point about how Sam's powers work because I barely understand what Reign is -- on the one hand she was made by Kryptonians, yet needle can get through her skin?

Lena Hurt - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 12

Are you getting any vibes between Alex and Sam? Do you think there could potentially be something there?

Christine: I hadn’t even thought of that before you mentioned it. I think Sam has a little too much on her plate right now to be thinking of romance with anyone.

Kathleen: Like Christine, the possibility of a romance between Alex and Sam hadn't occurred to me. And I agree that Sam is probably too busy with her own problems to consider such a relationship. Plus, Alex is still recovering from her painful break-up with Maggie -- not exactly good soil in which to cultivate a healthy relationship.

Jay: I’ve seen many comments about Sam and Alex being romantically involved, but I’m okay with them just being friends. Alex needs friends right now, not a girlfriend.

Andy: Oh they have been giving us obvious vibes between these two since they first met in Supergirl Season 3 Episode 1! I think it would be a little predictable if those two get together in a romantic relationship that will just end horribly because of, you know, the Sam-being-Reign.

Suspect Down - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 13

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Christine: I loved that Lena was able to accept that she could be strategic and even aggressive without being evil. I’m looking forward to seeing her outsmart Edge and being a part of taking down Reign, while hopefully still saving Sam.

Also, I just adored watching Kara, Alex, Lena, and Sam bond together to help Sam. You don’t see many groups of women on TV who aren’t trying to tear one another down. This portrayal of a grown woman working together and supporting one another was both refreshing and uplifting.

Kathleen: It's great that Lena is still able to get one over on her evil, scheming mother. Lillian is a terrible person who attempts to disguise her misdeeds with a veneer of maternal love, and Lena's having none of it.

Lillian: Do you know of any other mother who would kill for her daughter?
Lena: No, I don't. That's probably a good thing for society.

Jay: The Alex and Sam interactions were some of my favorite of the season. I like that their friendship is blossoming so neither is the third wheel to Kara and Lena, but I just see Sam and Alex scenes as a set up for Alex to get custody of Ruby if something happens to Sam.

Andy: Every scene with Lena and Lillian was just clashing with another.

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Supergirl Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Sam: So, I looked up my symptoms. Memory loss, headaches; it could be really bad. Like, brain tumor bad. ALS.
Alex: You know what else causes memory loss? Caffeine withdrawal. Yikes.

Morgan: My lawyers could bury you alive for defamation of character.
Lena: I don't know; don't you have to have a character to defame?
Morgan: And the pot calls the kettle black.