Days of Our Lives Round Table: Claire Stops the Wedding!

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Claire blurted out the truth at Hope and Rafe’s wedding, Valerie continued to press Lani to tell the truth, and Vivian came face to face with Abigail’s alternate personality this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Andy from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate whether or not Claire did the right thing, what Hope will do now, and who wore the best outfit at Salem’s latest wedding disaster.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Did Claire do the right thing by telling Hope that Rafe cheated on her?

Andy: I don't think so. It's really none of her business, and she definitely went about it the wrong way. How embarrassing for Hope to find out that way in front of all her loved ones.

And not to pull the whole "we were on a break" line, but blurting out that Rafe cheated on Hope is a bit misleading.

Jack: I'm voting for right thing, wrong reason. Claire was right that Hope deserved to know the truth and I think it's ridiculous that half of Salem knows and has been conspiring to keep her from that truth for whatever reason.

But she mainly let Ciara goad her into it and the pettiness between these two has got to stop!

Christine: Hope needed to know before she married Rafe (unfortunately they eloped!), but I blame Marlena for this mess. Claire went to her for help and Doc really let her down.

Telling Hope the truth was the right thing to do, but the fact that she blurted it out for everyone to hear was wrong. It made a bad situation even more humiliating for Hope. 

Claire Stops the Wedding - Days of Our Lives

What do you think Hope will do once she knows the whole truth?

Andy: I think once she knows the whole story and has a chance to cool off, they'll be able to move past it. Ciara will surely help encourage her to stick with Rafe. I can't see her pushing for a divorce over this.

Jack: I think she's going to be super mad and humiliate Rafe by shouting at him about it in front of all their friends and families. Why else have her learn right when she was about to make an announcement to the guests?

Beyond that, I'm not sure. Maybe she'll calm down and maybe she won't but I think (and hope and pray!) that this is the end of her relationship with Rafe and that she's furious that not only did Ciara cover for him but that Rafe allowed her to and did not tell the truth on the 15,000 opportunities he had to do so. 

Christine: Perhaps if Rafe had come clean from the beginning, or even after Ciara found out, he had a chance at being forgiven, but having half of Salem know about him sleeping with Sami is just too much.

Think about it, Hope’s daughter, granddaughter, niece, and coworker all know about this. That’s humiliating. Plus Hope and Rafe are SO boring. I’ll be ill if she forgives him and this couple continues.

Julie's Ready For the Wedding - Days of Our Lives

Who wore the best wedding outfit?

Andy: I actually loved Hope's outfit. It really suited her (no pun intended), she looked hot!

Jack: I liked Valerie's dress, and Julie always looks stunning no matter what she wears. I'm also always happy to see JJ in a suit and tie, though worst outfit definitely goes to his date as I was so distracted by how awful Lani's dress was that I missed part of her and Valerie's confrontation!

Christine: Everyone looked pretty good for once, but the color of Julie’s dress looked stunning on her. I also thought that Eli looked particularly handsome in his suit.

Another Baby Confrontation - Days of Our Lives

Lani told Valerie that the paternity of her child is none of Valerie’s business. Is that true? Should Valerie out Lani’s secret?

Andy: This actually is Valerie's business, because it's her grandchild. Not only is Eli going to miss out on being in his child's life, but Valerie will too. And she knows firsthand how much pain that will cause when it inevitably comes out. I don't feel great about Valerie spilling the beans, but I hope she can convince Lani to tell the truth.

Jack: Valerie's son is the actual father of the baby, so of course Valerie has a stake in it! Normally I'm against parents interfering with their adult kids' decisions but Valerie does have the right to be a grandmother to this baby, plus as a doctor, I'd think do no harm extends to not doing harm to both Eli and JJ by leaving this secret alone.

I hope she outs Lani's secret. It would really be the icing on the cake if this came out in the middle of the chaos surrounding Rafe's secret being exposed so we could free JJ of Lani while we're freeing Hope of Rafe.

Christine: Lani is also stealing Valerie’s grandchild from her, so yes, it is her business. It would be one thing if JJ knew he was going to raise another man’s baby and Eli wanted to give up his rights, but telling JJ this child is his is nothing but cruel. I can’t wait for all of this to come crashing down on Lani.

Some Genuine Emotion - Days of Our Lives

Will Brady go through with conning Eve into marrying him?

Andy: I think Brady's feelings for Eve will continue to grow as he strings her along. I can see him getting to the point of marriage and then his conscience (if it still exists) getting the better of him and coming clean to her last minute.

I'd almost be more interested in Eve finding out on her own and conning him right back.

Jack: It looks to me like Brady is conning himself, or maybe Victor, and is falling for Eve. I think it's awfully early for them to be married and Eve seems to have been rewritten into being more like Jennifer and less like a conniving desperate woman, so hopefully she won't be in a rush to go along with this plan.

Christine: I hope not. He and Victor are being particularly cruel here, but then again, Brady showed his cruel side with Nicole too. Whatever happens, I’m rooting for Eve to end up on top.

A Bizarre Encounter - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Andy: Lani continues to disappoint. She's had so many opportunities to come clean, and the longer she drags it out the worse it's going to be. JJ is already questioning why she's not showing yet, he's not stupid.

I'm also not super feeling the alter storyline. I think it could be really interesting, but Marci Miller's acting isn't convincing enough for me.

Jack: That JJ is still written as over the top happy, with no sign of his suicidal depression in sight, because of the existence of this baby, and all of Salem, except Valerie, seems to agree that he and Lani are the love story of the century.

More inaccuracy and nonsense surrounding Abby's DID -- plus Vivian should have been able to handle her on her own without Stefan's help. The woman has buried people alive, for goodness sake! How can she possibly be scared of Abby in a wig holding a fireplace poker?

Also, Hope and Rafe's plan to secretly marry and then announce at the wedding they were already married was ridiculous and kind of mean. Julie was putting so much effort into officiating and they were going to announce that the whole ceremony was unnecessary because they couldn't wait one day.

Christine: Grandma Marlena basically telling Claire to figure things out for herself. It seems the only person Marlena can conjure up decent advice for is Will.

And having Hope and Rafe elope was so inconsiderate of all of the time and effort Julie had put into officiating their wedding. 

Also, I will hate it if Hope decides to stick with Rafe simply because they were legally married already. This whole relationship has ruined Hope for me and she’s always been one of my favorite characters.

Marlena Counsels Claire - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Andy: Victor and Vivian's interaction this week was hilarious. I enjoyed Eve and Claire together, I'm glad the writers remembered they had a bond. And even though I don't agree with how Claire did it, I am glad Rafe's secret is finally out.

Jack: I loved all the setup for the Rafe secret reveal! The pre-wedding scenes were great, and Claire's agonizing over the decision plus Ciara and Tripp finding out that she'd recorded them and trying to stop her from telling was strong drama, much better than the usual nonsense surrounding these three.

Christine: Lani trying to convince Valerie that she’s lying through her teeth because she loves JJ so much. Valerie’s response was perfect. “You love him so much, you’ll pass another man’s baby off as his.” Yup, that sums up Lani's idea of love as much as anything. 

Ciara and Tripp Look Horrified - Days of Our Lives

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