Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 14 Review: Games People Play

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Give me a moment to laugh uncontrollably before I compose myself. BWAHAHAHA!

OK, I'll try to go back to being somewhat "professional" if you will, while I discuss Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 14, and all of the things thrown our way. 

I'm so sorry Japril fans and Jaggie haters. I'm also thoroughly amused by this. 

Meredith Meets Clive - Grey's Anatomy

Admittedly, I don't have strong feelings either way about Jaggie. If anything, the number of people aggressively hating it contributed to my being more tolerant than most. All that aside, it was poor timing. 

It's not that Jaggie was sprung on us because in actuality they have dragged this potential 'ship out longer than necessary. It was long overdue for something to happen with it, be it the two finally move forward with their sexual tension, or they drop the entire thing altogether. 

No, the timing was unfortunate because the 'ship finally sailed after all the childish back-and-forth, and it coincidentally happens to be on the same day news broke of Sarah Drew's impending departure

Forever Bonded - Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 19

Japril fans have been pissed enough as it is, but having to face a coupling that they positively loathe on the same day their hopes of a Japril reunion were shot to hell? Ouch!

As a Maggie fan, it sucks because she'll face the brunt of ire and vitriol. You poor Jaggie fans (are there any of you out there?) can't even enjoy your new 'ship in peace. 

Fandom stuff aside, I'm glad the Maggie and Jackson dance is finally over. We knew where it was headed; they just needed to pull the trigger, rip the band-aid off, and get it over with. 

You guys are a thing now, huh? Your parents must be thrilled.

April [laughing at Jackson and Maggie opening the door together]

Maggie and Clive were, honestly, there was no real impression of Clive. He was a placeholder, and he was only there until the real drama unfolded. I didn't anticipate him being married. 

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That sucked, royally. It's also weird because the whole point of Game Night was for Meredith and Amelia to meet Maggie's new beau, but he's been kicked to the curb already. 

Jackson is the new beau. Meredith didn't react to Maggie and Jackson smooching in the foyer because she was too preoccupied, but she'll have something to say later on. 

Maggie: I'm Maggie, I'm Clive's girlfriend or friend. We haven't put a label on it yet.
Daphne: Well we have. I'm Daphne, I'm Clive's wife.

The Marie and Ellis revelation was mind-blowing. It was wild enough that Meredith reacted so exuberantly to Marie's presence. Meredith's childhood has been so bleak that "Auntie Marie" was difficult to wrap one's head around. 

Marie played Meredith good, didn't she? She had Meredith prove to her that she's not the young child that she used to be, and that she's a capable doctor with a groundbreaking, innovative idea. She hemmed and hawed, and she came across reluctant. 

Then, she was sold on everything, but she had to head home for a rest before handling the business the next day. Now, who's to say we will ever see her again? She has Meredith's entire idea, methodology, research, and everything! 

Maybe I Should Find A New Hospital - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 9

It's odd that Meredith never mentioned Marie being there to Richard. Of course, Richard was too busy being amused by the ER mischief.

Kudos to the actual laugh out loud moment of April slicing off that poor girl's ear after telling the rugby players to stop tossing it around, then DeLuca slipping and falling on it. It's the best laugh I had all week. 

The entire sequence was gold. Then we found out that her father was a Malpractice attorney. It was the cherry on top. 

Thankfully, nothing came of it because the girl was able to talk her father out of suing the hospital. 

ER Hilarity

The events sidelined DeLuca, but let's be real, when isn't he sidelined? Unfortunately, that led to some sappy moment where a concussed DeLuca tried to express himself to Sam, and she, in turn, told him that she loves him. 

Eh. Not only do I not care, but we all know that the actress will be gone by the end of the season since the news broke that she'll be headlining the Roswell reboot, so there is no happy ending to BeLuca. 

Amelia and Owen may have a slightly happier ending. In Amelia's defense, Owen was extra hot in the ER that day, so given her horny state, it's understandable why she wanted to jump his bones. 

These "friends with benefits" arrangements aren't objectionable. Owen is more care-free and easygoing these days. The angst will be gone. It can just be fun. Have at it, kiddies!

Amelia is Majorly Turned On

Tom and April on the other hand, no thanks. Their interactions were funny right up until the point where she made it clear he would be her one-night-stand of the evening. 

Again, it's still taking some time to process the news that Sara Drew will be leaving by the season's end, but she'll be going out in style. She has been amazing this season. 

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She has finally been given the opportunity to show off her range. It's unfortunate that it took this long. This new April is a hot mess, but she's a fun hot mess. 

Who knew party girl April could be this much fun? When she breezed into Meredith's house after inviting herself to Game Night and making that comment about Jaggie, it elicited a chortle. She's so much fun when she's sassy, snarky, and slightly inebriated. 

Party Girl April

She's not fun while playing games, but it wasn't so much about the games as it was about rules. She had a rough day. 

How long will April spiral? How long will she have this crisis of faith? Can she find a happy medium?

I hope she can find a happy medium because the excessive drinking, outbursts, and anger aren't good for her.

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Other than that, she's filterless, opinionated, bold, care-free, and that has done wonders for her. Maybe she'll find that happy medium and pursue an opportunity elsewhere where no one knows how she used to be, and she can be her own person. 

Priya: I could just sit out.
April: No. Everyone plays at game night. Those are the rules.

What if she finally takes Catherine up on her offer to run one of the other Avery hospitals somewhere else? This is the most I've ever loved and been invested in April's character.

I especially want nothing but great things for her now that we have to say goodbye. 

That applies to Arizona as well. She and Carina appear happy, and they work well together. 

It was crazy that Arizona's friend scheduled C-Sections so that she could go on her weekend trips. It was great that Arizona listened to Carina. Those two are great together.

Kimmy: I need you to get me some weed.
Alex: Excuse me?
Casey: She means marijuana.
Alex: I know what she means.

Alex's bond with Kimmy is super special. We found out a bit more about her background, and it seems like Alex is connected to her because of their similar background. 

Alex connects to patients every now and then, but this one feels different. He was beside himself when Kimmy's grandmother kicked him off the case. He even went out of his way to advocate for this spunky 12-year-old to have medical marijuana. 

That's not something he would have done with just anyone. The last scene of them playing checkers together was adorable. 

So, about that Jaggie, and Mer's Aunt Marie, and Omelia, why don't you hit the comments with your thoughts. 

Overall, it was a fun and solid hour. If you need to, you can watch Grey's Anatomy online right here at TV Fanatic! 

Games People Play Review

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Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 14 Quotes

Kimmy: I need you to get me some weed.
Alex: Excuse me?
Casey: She means marijuana.
Alex: I know what she means.

OK, I really miss sex, and this is not helping.