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How did Roseanne and David cope with living with Darlene and her children?

That was the big question on Roseanne Season 1 Episode 1 which was the series' first episode in 20 years. 

Meanwhile, Becky confirmed to the family that she was going to be a surrogate to earn some extra money and the family had their reservations. 

Also, Roseanne and Jackie went to war with one another, but who tried to help them through it?

Use the video above to watch Roseanne online right here via TV Fanatic. 

Get up to speed with all the laughs on this hit ABC comedy!

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Roseanne Season 10 Episode 1 Quotes

Dan: Candyman's home babe.
Roseanne: Oh, my favorite, drugs! What happened to the rest of our candy?
Dan: Funny story. Our insurance don't cover what it use to so I got the drugs for twice the price.

Roseanne: Dan! Dan!
Dan: What? What happened?
Roseanne: I thought you were dead!
Dan: I'm sleeping! Why does everybody always think I'm dead?
Roseanne: You looked happy. I thought maybe you moved on.