The Originals Round Table: Is Hayley Already Dead?!

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There's something odd going on in New Orleans. 

Hayley's whereabouts were revealed on The Originals Season 5 Episode 2, but she went missing soon after being found. 

Below, TV Fanatics Lizzy Buczak, Justin Carreiro and Paul Dailly discuss what's going on, the end of a relationship and so much more. 

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Hope lured Klaus back to New Orleans by hiding Hayley. React.

Lizzy: I called it. It was pretty obvious after her brief chat with Kol. The idea hit her when he said: "something always brings the siblings back to New Orleans." She's troubled -- she misses her father and wants a relationship with him so badly, she'll do anything.

But now, she feels guilty because she didn't anticipate that something would actually happen to her mother. 

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Justin: I’m not surprised because The Originals needed a way to bring Klaus back to New Orleans. Family is important to him, and Hope and Hayley are his direct family members besides his siblings, so he’d come help at any cost. Though, having it be Hope was a bit surprising. She’s cunning just like her family members.

Paul: It surprised me. I never thought Hope would inherit her father's skillset when it came to deception. Hope is on fire, and I hope the spinoff goes ahead. 

Here We Go Again... - The Originals Season 5 Episode 2

What is your theory for what happened to Hayley?

Lizzy: No idea. Maybe something to do with the Hollow or Klaus and Hope being in such close proximity? Maybe Declan, her new boyfriend, is some kind of warlock or longtime Mikealson enemy?

Justin: I’m on the fence as well. Since this is The Originals’ final season, I wouldn’t be surprised if a character from the past re-emerges to cause some trouble for one last time.

Paul: Yeah, it would be fitting to have a face from the past one last time. So long as it's not Esther, I'll be happy. 

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What are your thoughts on Freya calling it quits with Keelin? 

Lizzy: They were such a great couple but like most of the Mikealson clan, Freya is devoted to her family. Family comes first and when they are in trouble, that's her priority.

She needs to be fully focused on the task at hand. Her decision to end things was selfless; she didn't want to keep holding Keelin back because she doesn't deserve to have a partner that's only halfway in. She was also prioritizing her safety. This likely isn't the end of Freya and Keelin but until Freya can find a solution, they're better apart. 

Justin: So sad! I had such high hopes for them and wanted Freya to have a true happy ending with someone she loved. Though, happy endings are never a reality in this universe, so their break-up was an inevitability. Hopefully when the drama comes to an end, they’ll reunite or she’ll find someone to go all in with.

Paul: I think it was more of a pause on the relationship because Freya knew she could not fully commit to the love of her life while trying to save her family from a certain death. 

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Who killed Henry and why?

Lizzy: Probably one of the vampires who doesn't necessarily see Marcel as their King anymore. They wanted revenge for what Henry did but unfortunately, their action reignited the vampire-werewolf war. 

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Justin: I have no clue, but like I mentioned above, it could be someone coming back to cause trouble. Or, it could be like Lizzy said and it’s one of the vampires.

Paul: Josh. He made it clear he was worried about what it would mean to have more hybrids roaming around New Orleans. 

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What will Vincent do now that he thinks Hope is the one who is going to cause problems? 

Lizzy: Much like everyone else, Vincent has spent a good chunk of his life protecting that little girl. Hopefully, he'll try to find a solution that doesn't hurt her. Hope is only a "dark omen" because of her connection to the Hollow, and there's no one more equipped to deal with it than Vincent so she's in good hands. Also, will he finally get a LOVE interest?! 

Justin: Is it bad that I think he will turn on Hope? As much as he cares for her, he always seemed like a character who valued the balance of good vs. evil, and protecting humanity. He could try to eliminate her if he feels she’s a threat to everyone.

Paul: Yeah, I think he will turn on Hope. Vincent is more about doing what he thinks is right. If Hope is going to cause death to many, and the only way to stop it is to kill her, he'll be there waiting with a dagger. 

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Which characters from The Vampire Diaries do you want to hear about most? 

Lizzy: Caroline! I've always been fond of her "friendship" with Klaus because they were polar opposites that brought out the best in each other much like Klaus' relationship with Cami.

I never shipped Caroline's love story with Stefan as it felt forced. And since he died shortly after their wedding, I'd like to see Caroline finally get a happy ending. Same goes for Klaus since he's lost mostly everyone that he's ever cared about. I wouldn't mind seeing Alaric or meeting the teen versions of Lizzie and Josie Saltzman! 

Justin: Definitely Caroline, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Matt or Bonnie again. In fact, I wouldn’t mind seeing many of the characters again because a lot of them could use a bit more closure than what we saw on The Vampire Diaries finale..

Paul: I agree about Caroline. She's the easiest character to cross over because of the ties to the magic school, and it helps matters that she's got that chemistry with Klaus. 

Okay, The Originals Fanatics!

What are your thoughts on the questions? Hit the comments with your take on them. 

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The Originals Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Roman: Marshal.
Hope: Roman. You're at my house.
Roman: Yeah, so uh...
Hope: How do you know where I live?
Roman: Oh well Saltzman's got parent contacts in his file cabinet which is where he keeps his emergency bourbon, so I'm intimately familiar.

Roman: Can I come in? You know I'm a vampire, right? So, I kind of need you to say it out loud.
Hope: Oh, right, yeah. Come in.