Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is Theresa Being Selfish?

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Theresa demanded Eve step aside, Ciara struggled with memories of her sexual assault while trying to enjoy a date with Tripp, and Vivian turned out to be alive on Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-21-18.

Our TV Fanatics Christine Orlando and Jack Ori are joined by Tony from My Hourglass: A Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to debate Theresa vs Eve, Ciara's ordeal and all other things Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

1. Theresa accused Eve of being selfish. Is that true? Should Eve simply step aside?

Christine: I know Theresa has been through hell, but it feels more like she is using Tate to get what she wants. I like Theresa, but I agreed with Maggie’s assessment in that I don’t think she’s good for Brady. He needs someone more mature and stable, and oddly enough, Eve appears to have grown into that role.

I never thought I’d be rooting for Brady and Eve as a couple, but after this week, I am.

Tony: Not necessarily. Theresa made the choice to leave, albeit for what she believed to be good reasons. She tried to tell Brady she didn’t love him anymore. She can’t just come back now and expect Brady to not have moved on.

Jack: Not just because Theresa said so. Eve needs to have self-respect and if Brady can’t make a decision or dumps her, she should move on and not look back. But Brady proposed to her minutes before Theresa showed back up, and now Theresa is acting like that was no big deal and that ring was really meant for her.

She doesn’t get to decide that. It’s up to Brady who he wants to be with and Eve whether she wants to risk getting her heart broken by staying involved.

Ciara Opens Up to Hope - Days of Our Lives

2. Ciara was upset that Julie brought up her history of sexual assault before her date with Tripp. Was Julie wrong to do so?

Christine: No. Ciara obviously hasn’t dealt with her sexual assault, and I liked how Julie brought up both sex, and sexual assault, with no drama or embarrassment. Julie sharing her story was a wonderful use of the character’s history. I only hope that Ciara opens up and talks to Tripp, or else I fear their relationship is going nowhere.

Tony: While I love the use of history, it may not have been the best time to bring it up. Though, I’m glad we’re finally getting a storyline about Ciara dealing with it.

Jack: I would have been uncomfortable discussing my sex life with my grandmother if I were Ciara, but Julie’s concern was valid and based on her own experience. Plus, Ciara is trying to blame Julie for her distress so that she doesn’t have to face her feelings about her sexual assault.

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3. Xander has been in Salem for a week, mostly shirtless. Rate your level of enjoyment from 1 (he needs to leave now) to 10 (please tell me he’s staying.) and why.

Christine: I’m giving him a 9, and I’m as shocked as anyone. I’ve never been a fan of Xander, but his return has been such fun. I love his sarcasm (it reminds me of Victor), and the way he get under everyone's skin. And watching him wander around Salem sans shirt has been quite the bonus. The guy must live in the gym!

Tony: 5. I’m waiting to see what kind of storyline they give him now that he’s been here a week.

Jack: I’m giving him a 2. He was shoehorned into the Theresa story and now is doing nothing but wandering around town making fun of people. If that’s all he was brought back for, it’s pointless to keep him on canvas.

Sonny Falls for a Scheme - Days of Our Lives

4. Was Sonny getting involved with Leo stupid, naive, or just unlucky?

Christine: All of the above! Vivian (and now Kate) set Sonny up, but he should have been a lot smarter than this. Having sex on the office desk at work put the nail in his coffin.

Tony: Unlucky. I mean, how was he supposed to know Leo was setting him up?

Jack: Stupid. Sonny kept saying that he wouldn’t get involved with an employee, but he didn’t bother to get a letter of resignation in writing before doing so, and ignored the fact that Leo and Jeff the bartender were both incredibly pushy about him and Leo hooking up.

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5. Who do you think is holding Vivian?

Christine: It’s such a Dimera thing to do, so if we’re going only with Dimera’s who are supposedly alive, I’ll have to choose Kristen. However, if we add the “supposedly dead” Dimeras to the mix, that list could grow considerably.

Tony: I’d like to think it’s André, but more than likely, it’ll end up being Ben.

Jack: I would also love for it to be André. I agree, it probably is Ben, since he’s supposed to have a big story coming up and he knew about Will’s resurrection. I can’t think what he has to do with Vivian, though!

Stefan Blackmails Abigail - Days of Our Lives

6. What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Christine: That Gabi is STILL sitting in prison, while half of Salem worries over Abigail.

That Theresa came back thinking that after months of being gone that nothing would have changed, although that does seem within character.

That JJ mostly dropped of the face of Salem once again! I’d love to see a scene of him visiting Gabi, or even running into Theresa.

Tony: Gabi being vengeful. And Lani, though it’s hard to be disappointed when I have such low expectations for the character in the first place.

Jack: All of the above!

JJ should definitely be involved in Abby’s storyline, and Theresa is being obnoxious and selfish. I can’t believe she called Mateo to give him a heads up about the father and brother of the man she supposedly loves coming after him!

Also, the backpedaling on Abby’s rape is gross.

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7. What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Christine: Julie talking to Ciara about her sexual assault was one of the best scenes all week. I wish the show spent more time handling adult topics realistically. Also, Kayla helping Tripp plan his date with Ciara was very sweet. I enjoy seeing these two spend time together.

Tony: The return of Vivian was great! I know it was only a small part of the show this week, but I’m so excited that she’s back!

Jack: I hated the Ciara rape story, but the way this aftermath is being handled is terrific! This is the kind of thing I watch DAYS for and I want to see more of it.

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