Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who's More Stupid?

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Sonny confronted Leo without his lawyer, Gabi turned evil, and Theresa and Brady’s custody battle began on Days of Our Lives during the week of 6-25-18.

Our TV Fanatic Jack Ori is joined by Kpatch and Tony from My Hourglass: A Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to debate who’s the stupider person in the Sonny/Leo mess, what dirt we’d like to see Ted dig up on Brady, and more.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Who do you think is acting more stupidly: Sonny or Leo?

Kpatch: Honestly, it’s a toss-up. Sonny should not be meeting with Leo without his lawyer present. He’s a lawyer’s son. He should know better. Leo is merely desperate.

Tony: They're both acting stupidly, but I think Sonny a little bit more so. You shouldn't meet somebody who's suing you without your lawyer present.

Jack: I agree -- they’re both acting like idiots. Sonny seems incredibly naive and clueless to me. He risked further implicating himself TWICE, let Leo frisk him in what looked like a sexual manner, and continued to think he could just talk Leo out of this lawsuit. Sheesh!

Theresa Vs Brady and Eve - Days of Our Lives

What dirt would you want Ted to dig up on Brady if you were writing this story? His drunkenness while he had sole custody of Tate, his blackmail of Nicole, or something else?

Kpatch: Something else. I think Theresa could use Brady’s relationship with Eve against him if her lawyer tells the judge that Eve drugged JJ and later seduced him when he was 18 or 19. The judge would not want to place a child in the same household with her.

Tony: Everything. I really wouldn't be bothered if Ted dug up every dark thing he ever did.

Jack: Oooh I love your idea Kpatch! Eve never answered at all for having been behind JJ being drugged, and if Theresa’s past is fair game, so is Brady’s.

I also think the fact that he’s been with two different women in the two years since Theresa left, stalked Nicole and Eric when he should have been attending to Tate, and has been drunk more often than not while Tate’s sole custodian should be sufficient grounds for him to lose custody.

Not a True Friend - Days of Our Lives

Do you like Gabi being cold and calculating, or do you prefer her as a good girl?

Kpatch: I prefer Gabi as a good girl. I don’t like it when characters’ personalities are switched just for the sake of the plot.

Tony: I think she should be good, but with an edge, like she used to be. Right now, she's reminding me too much of the way she was when she caused the explosion that led to Jack's death.

Jack: I agree with all of the above. Gabi has turned evil/crazy in the past, but she seemed to have grown past that and I don’t like when characters regress to poor behavior.

I can’t believe this is the same woman who talked JJ out of suicide! And what is she doing telling Abby to keep the baby’s paternity secret when she was strongly against Lani doing that to JJ?

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Did you agree with Hope that she should continue searching for Ciara or with Rafe that she's an adult and if she doesn't want to be found, that's her business?

Kpatch: I understand Hope’s concern and wanting to protect Ciara especially since Hope suspects Ciara isn’t alone and is possibly being held against her will.

Tony: I can see Hope's side. I'd continue the search.

Jack: I can see Rafe’s point that Ciara is legally an adult, but Hope was right that they didn’t really know whether she was being forced to make that call, and her sudden desire to be left alone seemed bizarre. Given that, I think Hope was absolutely right to continue searching.

The Best Couple in Salem - Days of Our Lives

How do you feel about Kayla keeping the deal she made to Stefan to herself? Dealbreaker or should Steve understand if/when he finds out?

Kpatch: One way or the other, the secret is going to come out. Steve will be angry but he should really understand that she’s only doing this because she loves him. Of course, her quality of life will improve when Steve regains his eyesight, but really, what she’s doing is a selfless act.

Tony: Steve's not gonna be too thrilled when he finds out. I hope he's not too mad, but I have a bad feeling that this might be a dealbreaker. I hope I'm wrong, though.

Jack: I’ve been worried since this story began that it’s going to end with Steve and Kayla breaking up for the stupidest of reasons. This shouldn’t be a big deal, but the writers’ idea of drama sometimes seems to be ridiculous conflicts and I don’t trust that this won’t be more of the same.

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Which character or story do you most need a break from?

Kpatch: Chad! He’s becoming like EJ where he’s overexposed. Now he’s not only in the Dimera stories, but the Kiriakis stories too. He’s everywhere. I didn’t much like him to begin with and my dislike of characters only grows when they are overexposed.

Tony: Theresa. As excited as I was for her return, she's been nothing short of pathetic this time around. All of her character development seems to have been thrown out the window. I get that they're trying to show that she's been mentally and emotionally traumatized by what she's been through, but it's not coming across that way at all.

Jack: I agree with Tony about how disappointing Theresa's return has been, but for me the most overexposed character is Stefan. The guy has no redeeming value and is bothering someone virtually every day. I wish he’d find out Vivian is alive and depart for parts unknown to look for her.

Taking Basic Black - Days of Our Lives

Which character or story would you most like to see more of?

Kpatch: JJ, as long as he’s nowhere near Lani. He’s played by such a talented actor and he needs meaty material. I’m enjoying his interactions with Theresa a lot!

Tony: Definitely JJ! Steve, as well. I think it's ridiculous that we don't see that much of Steve when his storyline should be a major one.

Jack: I agree with both of you. I’ve been enjoying JJ’s interactions with Theresa and would love for him to have a proper storyline. I’m still disappointed that his suicidal depression story went nowhere. I also want more of Steve. And I’d like to see Jennifer actually working as a reporter again instead of just hearing her talk about it to Eric every now and then.

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