Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who is the Nicest Person in Salem?

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Eve taunted Jennifer, Hope threatened Ben, and Andre’s ghost came back to haunt Kate, while Gabi continued to manipulate Chad and Abigail on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Fluffysmom from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Eric’s true love, if Ben should sue the Salem PD, Hope and Rafe’s romance, and who they consider the nicest person in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Who is the nicest person in Salem?

Fluffysmom: I think Paul is the nicest person in Salem. He's a genuinely good guy. He's even willing to help Sonny after how lousy Sonny treated him.

Jack: Sadly this is a hard question because lately all my favorites have been ruined (e.g. Hope) or go back and forth between nice and mean (I'm looking at you, Julie!). At the moment, JJ seems to be the nicest person in Salem! He's the only one who gave Theresa a chance and he's tried to be there for Gabi.

Christine: I’ve got to give it to Paul. He’s such a good person. He’s always kind, he doesn’t hold a grudge, and he strives to do the right thing. He’s a total anomaly in Salem! I wish the world were full of Pauls.

Jennifer Has Something to Say - Days of Our Lives

Is Eve right, is Nicole Eric’s true, great love?

Fluffysmom: I don't think so. She was his first love but I think they are too different now. I don't think she can live up to his ideals long term. Her moral compass is far different than his. I don't think they'd make each other truly happy for more than a brief moment.

Jack: No. Eric and Nicole's relationship should have ended 20 years ago. They tried to recreate what they had but were totally different people and then Eric abused Nicole horribly after they broke up. Why people think this is a love story is beyond me.

Christine: I do think they have a chemistry that doesn’t exist with other people. I’d love to see them together and raising Holly, but I don’t know if it would work long term. I think Nicole would try and walk the straight and narrow for Eric but eventually slip, and Eric has a judgmental side that isn’t attractive.

Still, they will forever be each other’s first loves and that’s always special.

Ciara Invites Ben to Move In - Days of Our Lives

Do you think Ben has a case against the Salem PD? Should he sue them?

Fluffysmom: I'm not sure he has much of a case as far as sueing but he may be able to get Hope removed as commissioner. I don't want him to sue because it will keep him constantly in Hope's orbit and we will be stuck seeing even more of Hope and Rafe.

Jack: Absolutely! Hope is harassing him and has a personal vendetta against him.

Christine: I get why Hope is fearful of Ben and protective of Ciara but I’m so tired of her and the Salem PD abusing their power.

Hope basically admitted to an attorney that she was going to hold criminal charges over Ben’s head, even though she had no evidence to back them up unless he left town. Someone needs to hold the Salem PD accountable and maybe it should be Ben.

Hope's Disturbing Behavior - Days of Our Lives

Hope and Rafe are officially a couple again. Rate your enjoyment of this development from 1 (Kill me now!) to 10 (I can’t get enough of their PDA!)

Fluffysmom: I can't stand Hope and Rafe together. I'm not sure I can put into words how much I detest this pairing. I'll give them a 1. I think they bring out the worst in each other. I'm really hoping that something or someone will finally put an end to their relationship once and for all.

Jack: How about -15000? This is the worst idea for a couple ever. They encourage each other's worst traits, have zero chemistry, and are both totally amoral.

Christine: All of the above! Why isn’t there an option here for negative numbers? I’ve always loved Hope. I used to like Rafe but together I despise them both. They bring out the worst in one another and have no romantic chemistry. They make me want to change the channel.

If there were ever a couple that should have stayed in the Friend Zone, it’s Hope and Rafe!

Will Reveals Ted's True Colors - Days of Our Lives

Who do you consider the best villain in Salem right now?

Fluffysmom: Ted going from an unscrupulous lawyer to Kate's blackmailing boyfriend is working for me. I'm curious to know more about him and see what happens next.

Jack: Does Andre's ghost count? LOL. I always love Andre. I guess Ted is the best because he actually can be rootable when not messing with people for fun.

Christine: Gabi is my up and coming favorite because she’s not over the top about it. She’s manipulating Chad, Abigail, and Stefan like a pro. I liked Gabi better when she was nice, but I have to admit that she plays the villain really well.

Evil Gabi - Days of Our Lives

What disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Fluffysmom: Hope and Rafe getting back together and proceeding to kiss repeatedly in the office.

Jack: Stefan continuing to harass Abby and Kayla, and Kayla being afraid of him for the stupidest reason I've ever heard. Steve could steal his phone and disable that app to turn off his bionic eye and that would be that. I feel like Steve/Kayla are being ruined to serve this nonsensical story about Stefan "loving" Abigail's alter.

Christine: Ugh. It’s a toss up between all of the inappropriate displays of affection between Rafe and Hope in the workplace and Kayla not being smarter about handling Stefan. 

Kayla needs to get Steve, John, and Marlena in the same room together and tell them what’s happening. That way, John can keep Steve calm and they can all come up with a plan to deal with this because there is no way Kayla can handle Stefan alone.

Steve is Suspicious of Kayla - Days of Our Lives

Which storyline are you the most excited about?

Fluffysmom: I'm most excited about John and Marlena's wedding. It looks to be very interesting.

Jack: Not a storyline per se, but I was thrilled by Andre's guest appearance and want to see more of his ghost bothering Kate! LOL, I also love Kate stepping in to protect Will.

Christine: Ben being at the loft was hysterical. The serial killer sat there munching on cereal while everyone argued about him!

Although I think being friends with a former serial killer is ridiculous, not to mention dangerous, I have to admit that Ben has fantastic chemistry with everyone and fits in well there. He’s really added a dose of fun to an otherwise lackluster group.

Now it's your turn TV Fanatics! Who is the nicest person in Salem?

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