45 Baddies We Unapologetically Adore!

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Good guys may be who we root for most, but baddies have all the fun and are often the most entertaining. 

Some baddies are villains, others are good old-fashioned antagonists and foils to our favorite protagonists, and many are just unapologetic bad boys and bad girls who we find irresistible. 

If they're unapologetic in being baddies, then why can't we be unapologetic in our adoration for them? 

Check out our list of baddies we can't help but adore for one reason or another below! Feel free to hit the comments with some of your favorite baddies too!

1. Tommy - Power

Tommy - Power
Tommy is an impulsive, murderous hothead who always ends up in over his head, but we love him anyway. He also happens to be the best character on Power. His list of offenses is a mile long, including killing his pregnant girlfriend, but does that stop up us from adoring the guy? Nope! He's family-oriented, loyal to a fault, and while you wouldn't want to be his enemy, he's the type of guy you want on your side when the going gets tough. He's a coked up, broken psycho, but he's our coked up, broken psycho, dammit.

2. Oksana Astankova (Villanelle) - Killing Eve

Oksana Astankova  (Villanelle) - Killing Eve
Villanelle is a psychopath to her very core, and she wears that badge proudly. You know what? We absolutely love her for it! She's unapologetic in her murdering sprees and does it with such awestriking flair. She's terrifying and brutal, but it's all packaged in this seemingly innocent and at times coquettish, bubble-gum pink persona. She's a master manipulator and supremely intelligent, and the mutual obsession between her and Eve crackles. It also makes sense; viewers were as captivated by Villanelle's intoxicating allure as Eve.

3. Shady Mariah - Luke Cage

Shady Mariah - Luke Cage
Season two of Luke Cage was the season of the villains, and they came to steal the show. Most notably, Shades Alvarez was the MVP of the season. Shades and Mariah are all the criminal power couple goals. Well, they used to be, but we're just going to hold on to the good days when these two baddies were a dynamic duo. On their own, Shades and Mariah are captivating, but together, the two of them make you root for the bad guys. You will have to pry Shady Mariah from my cold, dead hands. I'm never going to give them up.

4. Rio - Good Girls

Rio - Good Girls
What is it about Rio that makes him such a delicious baddie? Maybe it's the fact that he manages to be both scary as hell and as adorable as a puppy at the same time. He's the badass drug dealer who casually sips tea like a proper gentleman and is utterly infatuated by soccer mom/housewife, Beth. Seriously, their smoking hot chemistry is like catnip for those bad boy/good girl 'shippers. He has sexy bedroom eyes that can turn menacing at the drop of a hat. He's the silent type who reads people well and is intuitive. He's intoxicating --thrilling, and a complete mystery most of the time. It's a wonder he's as irresistible to viewers as he is to Beth.

5. Camila - Queen of the South

Camila - Queen of the South
La reina of the drug trade may have been dethroned by Teresa, but she won't go down without a fight. Camila oozes power and is a criminal mastermind. She took on a male-dominated field while unapologetically owning her femininity, which is evident in the sensual way she carries herself, her seductive and sleek style, heels, and her lipstick that is as crimson as the blood of her enemies. She's sexy, ruthless, and a force of nature. Camila is all the villainess goals!

6. Woz - Shades of Blue

Woz - Shades of Blue
Woz is another good guy who does bad things to make bad guys pay. Yes, he's a dirty cop and a baddie, but he has his reasons. It's the best way he can keep the people of NYC and his squad and family safe. He knows that he can't effectively make the city a safer place by following the letter of the law, and at times, he makes Hank Voight look like a boy scout. According to Harlee, whether she and their squad should be considered cops or criminals depends on the day. As the head of the unit, that sentiment especially applies to Woz. The best baddies are the ones who are bad for a noble cause.

7. Zlata - Claws

Zlata - Claws
Zlata is such a fun addition to Claws. The quirky Russian shook things up when she shot her own sister in the face, and it has been a wild ride of her villainous reign ever since. She's powerful and an uber-feminist who encourages others, particularly Desna to own her power and badassery. Zlata is cold, calculated, and a sociopath. Yet, in this wacky world of Claws, she's a damn fun villainess.

8. The Mikaelson Brothers - The Originals

The Mikaelson Brothers - The Originals
You know you're a lovable baddie when you get your own spinoff because fans can't get enough of you. That's why you can't have a sinfully good baddie list without a Mikaelson or two. Klaus kills it as the antihero that we need and deserve, pun intended, but Elijah is oh so good at being bad too. Both of the brothers try to be good, but they can't fight their nature. It works for us! Who doesn't like baddies who try to be on their best behavior but will scorch the earth to protect their loved ones if need be, right?

9. Solotov - Shooter

Solotov - Shooter
Solotov was the season two villain of Shooter whose storyline wrapped up in the latest season. It's not often anyone can steal the thunder from Ryan Phillippe's Bob Lee Swagger, but Josh Stewart and his amazing portrayal of Solotov did just that. Did we root for him? Not necessarily. Did we enjoy every last second he was onscreen with his badass fighting and sniper skills, disguises, Chechen accent, and creepy obsession with Julie? Hell yes!

10. Danny - Blue Bloods

Danny - Blue Bloods
Danny isn't so much a bad guy as he is a bad boy who doesn't play by the rules; that makes him an instant favorite. The eldest Reagan can be the most controversial with his policing methodology and style. He's a bit old-school and hands-on while enforcing the law and catching bad guys. So yeah, that makes him a bit of a bad boy at work and at home. It's okay, though. We still love him.

11. Garcia Flynn - Timeless

Garcia Flynn - Timeless
It turned out Flynn wasn't the villain we thought he was, but he still has that bad boy edge we can't get enough of. Flynn joining the Time team was the best part of Timeless' second season. He begrudgingly follows orders, but only if it suits him. He's a cowboy with a penchant for going rogue. He's pragmatic in dealing with situations, and if that means killing a few people then so be it. Who didn't love Flynn? Including Lucy.

12. The Frost Sisters - The Gifted

The Frost Sisters -  The Gifted
The only thing better than one baddie is three of them at once. The Frost sisters are diabolical geniuses who are master manipulators and strategists. It's difficult to hate them when the cause they are leading resonates with so many mutants who want to activate change now instead of cowering in the shadows. The way they divided the protagonists was ingenious and impressive. When it comes down to a difference in ideology for a particular issue, it's hard not to find the Frost Sisters lovable even if one fundamentally opposes their stance.

13. Dr. Bell - The Resident

Dr. Bell - The Resident
Bell was a bit of a misdirect in how he started the first season of The Resident off, but it turns out, he's not the worst baddie of the series. He's not a good guy, and he's not even trying to become a better guy, but there are glimmers of goodness in him on occasion that makes him an intriguing character. He's self-absorbed, proud, conniving, and at times he comes across heartless, but he's also charming, smart, and so very human. His many flaws and desperation to maintain some level of relevance and prestige are compelling. He's not a good guy, but the nuance and complexity make him a character we can't help but love despite all that.

14. Serena Joy - The Handmaid's Tale

Serena Joy - The Handmaid's Tale
There is nothing serene nor joyful about Serena Joy. Nothing topped discovering that she wasn't simply going along with this antifeminist new world order, but instead, she was the brains behind orchestrating it. How could a woman so intelligent, strong, and outspoken be behind something so abhorrent? It's the dichotomy of Serena being everything Gilead is against while simultaneously being the cause of it that makes her such a fascinating baddie. That and the fact that she eventually grew to resent this society that she helped usher into the world.

15. Dean Cassidy - Law and Order: SVU

Dean Cassidy - Law and Order: SVU
Cassidy is an acquired taste and there were either die-hard Olivia and Cassidy 'shippers or people who loathed the two of them together. The man is hotheaded, damaged, and far too aggressive for his own good. When it appeared as though he may have brutally killed a person, it was plausible even to fans of the character. Olivia even had her doubts. In the end, we got a little insight into why this troubled character has had a rough go of it over the years, and it put a lot into perspective and made him sympathetic.

16. Blaine - iZombie

Blaine - iZombie
Some baddies come and go, but Blaine DeBeers is forever. If you take a moment to think about all the things Blaine has done through the course of four seasons, it should be appalling that he's such a fan-favorite. Blaine kick his particular brand of villainy off by killing kids and selling their brains to rich zombies, and that barely scratches the surface of his misdeeds. One-note villain Blaine is not. He also can serve as a fun antagonist and an antihero depending on the storyline, and he's one of the funniest characters with his witty quips, pop culture references, and snark. Add in the Tragic Backstory of an abused and neglected rich kid, that irresistible charm, and his soulful crooning, and Blaine is one of the best baddies on air.

17. Quinn - UnREAL

Quinn - UnREAL
Quinn is the Head Bitch in Charge, and she's unapologetic about it. She's not soft, docile, and meek. She's not demure, modest, and soft-spoken. She's not politically correct. She's vulgar, crude, and an uber bitch. She'll tell you that herself. She completely owns who she is and doesn't care what anyone thinks about her. She's antagonistic, opportunistic, and at times downright evil, but my God, we love every last second of her onscreen.

18. Voight - Chicago PD

Voight - Chicago PD
Sometimes the good guys have to do bad things to make the bad guys pay. That's essentially Hank Voight's role on Chicago PD. His methods are less than ideal, unethical, and flat-out illegal for a law enforcement officer, but his intentions are pure. He's a baddie, but he's bad for a damn good reason. His purpose in life is to protect his city and the people in it. He pays for his sins in one way or another, but he's a well-intentioned baddie we support, and we wouldn't want him any other way.

19. Tyrell Wellick - Mr. Robot

Tyrell Wellick - Mr. Robot
Tyrell was an established baddie long before we knew what Mr. Robot was doing. He's unhinged and will definitely have you scanning through the DSM of old or new to diagnose him, but that's part of what we love about him. He tries so hard to stay in control, but he's always a breath away from instability and violence. He also has histrionic, Fatal Attraction levels of obsession and devotion to Elliot, or perhaps Mr. Robot, maybe even both, and it's mesmerizing. He's mesmerizing. He pays to beat up homeless people to unleash his rage but tremors under the pressure of not making his father proud. He's a complicated character unlike any other on television and a baddie who will keep you entranced.

20. Laura Moon - American Gods

Laura Moon - American Gods
This pint-sized, zombie hellraiser was a hit amongst American Gods fans. Laura is not a good person, and she'll tell you that herself. Critics and fans alike raved about her being a much-needed female antiheroine. Laura is not a likable person, but ironically, she is a likable character because of that. Plus, when you couple her with the likes of Mad Sweeney, magic happens.

21. Red Reddington - The Blacklist

Red Reddington - The Blacklist
Red is a criminal mastermind working alongside the FBI, sort of, yet it's easier to root for him than it is the FBI. Let's just blame James Spader for that. He completely embodies this complicated character to the point where Red does everything under the sun -- lying, stealing, cheating, killing, and fans don't really give a crap. Red does so much wrong, but in a way, he can do no wrong. He's sophisticated, sassy, cunning, and a terrible dad when it comes down to it. Who cares though? We love him to bits!

22. Mosley - NCIS: LA

Mosley - NCIS: LA
OK, so this may be the most controversial choice yet because there's very little to love about Mosley. Her nitpicking, domineering and overbearing quality, hypocrisy, and ongoing motivation to rid the world of the lovable Deeks makes her truly awful. It also united the team in their mutual hate for her character, so there's something about that which makes her a fantastic antagonist. In the end, her hypocrisy is entertaining when you think about it because, despite everything she did over her course on the series, the team had more of an impact on her than even she realized. Now if only she didn't lead so many to their possible demise. Mosley is loathsome, but she's so universally detested by all, and that makes her a great antagonist, don't you think?

23. Hiram Lodge - Riverdale

Hiram Lodge - Riverdale
How can someone so small and handsome be so evil and ugly? The world may never know. Hiram is a special kind of awesome baddie if he still managed to be more likable than Archie, despite being the puppetmaster behind Archie being a teenage mafia henchman. He has the entire town of Riverdale under his thumb, and his intentions are nefarious. Enemy of all and friend of a few, Hiram Lodge is a delicious villain.

24. Moriarty - Elementary

Moriarty - Elementary
Even though Natalie Dormer can't pop back onto to the show to reclaim the role, to the disappointment of fans everywhere, Moriarty's presence is always felt on Elementary. Gender-bending Moriarty was one of the best decisions the show made, and she truly excels as the perfect villainess to Sherlock and Joan. She commands your undivided attention whether you see her on the series or not. This rendition of Moriarty has captured our hearts.

25. Cat - Criminal Minds

Cat - Criminal Minds
Cat may have stopped torturing Reid in season 12, but the effects of her mind games and manipulation carried on into the thirteenth season and will likely continue in the next season. Reid has overcome a lot over the years, but Cat has permanently scarred him in a way that no one and nothing has ever done before. While it's hell witnessing Reid's ongoing suffering, Cat's particular brand of villainy was enthralling, and she remains one of the best baddies in the show's history.

26. Barlow - NCIS: New Orleans

Barlow - NCIS: New Orleans
Nothing was more satisfying than finally getting to see who was behind pulling all the strings and wreaking havoc for roughly two seasons. Barlow was a clever villain who knew how to orchestrate things and pull all the right strings to get the results he wanted. That made him the perfect villain. Respect where respect is due, Barlow is a top-notch baddie.

27. Isaac - Shooter

Isaac - Shooter
Isaac has been an antagonist to Bob Lee since Shooter started. Now, he's in that gray area where he can be considered an antihero. It took a while for him to become a baddie that we could consider likable, but by season two he made a turnaround, and now in season three he's one of the most entertaining characters on the series. He's an unpredictable, untrustworthy wildcard with his own agenda, but that is part of the appeal.

28. Lucifer - Lucifer

Lucifer - Lucifer
For the actual ruler of hell, Lucifer is less villain and more of a bad boy with a heart of gold. He's just naughty enough to make it to this list, but he's a total softie when it comes down to it. Devilishly handsome, mischievous, and a troublemaker, Lucifer is one of the best baddies on air. He's a bad boy who punishes the bad and breaks a few rules along the way. Thank heavens (or hell) we get to spend more time with him after all.

29. Xander Kiriakis - Days of Our Lives

Xander Kiriakis - Days of Our Lives
While no villain can ever top the legendary Stefano DiMera, there is no shortage of baddies on Days. Xander is the type of baddie you can't help but find sympathetic. In the grand scale of things you kind of understand why the guy is the way he is. He never stood a chance, for starters, and the people of Salem and his own family treated him like crap. When he briefly returned after a hiatus, it was a reminder that he was a likable baddie we missed.

30. Morland - Elementary

Morland - Elementary
Morland is a shite father for starters. One of Sherlock's funniest lines regarding his father is that he would sell the old man for a tic-tac. That sums up everything you need to know about their relationship. On the flip side, there is a genuine care Morland has for Sherlock even if he doesn't express it in the best possible ways. Even when he tries to make amends, he doesn't get it right, but we still love it when he's on the show anyway. Plus, John Noble. John Noble plays baddies oh so well.

31. Frank Delfino - How to Get Away with Murder

Frank Delfino - How to Get Away with Murder
Frank is probably the first member of the murder club on HTGAWM. He also may have the highest death count of the series, but does anyone really mind that at all when he's the loyal and true henchman on your side? Nah. He's as emotionally damaged as so many in Annalise's circle, and his twisted sense of devotion to Annalise is both fascinating and disturbing, but he's loyal, protective, and he makes some mean meatballs.

32. Michelle Shioma - Hawaii Five-0

Michelle Shioma - Hawaii Five-0
As the daughter of the head of the Yakuza and subsequent leader of it, Michelle was a most excellent baddie. Hawaii Five-0 has their fair share of great baddies, but Michelle is the last time a recurring baddie was so fun to watch. She was great for sassy dialogue and quips. She was supremely intelligent and manipulative. As a criminal mastermind and a mother, she also always had something to lose which made her fight a bit harder. She was fantastic.

33. Peter - Teen Wolf

Peter - Teen Wolf
Peter is proof that if you're a villain who sticks around long enough, then you'll eventually become a hero. Even when Peter was the ultimate big bad of Teen Wolf trying to kill Scott (which is pretty bad), Mama McCall (which is a Cardinal Sin), and brainwashed and pursued Lydia (which is just, eww), we still ate it all up. On paper, the guy is truly awful, but he's so charismatic and snarky that we couldn't help but love him. I suppose that's how he managed to stick around for all of Teen Wolf when he should have died (and stayed dead) early in the series.

34. Smurf- Animal Kingdom

Smurf- Animal Kingdom
Smurf won't be winning "Mother of the Year" anytime soon, or at all, to be frank. It doesn't stop her from being one of the most lovable baddies in the game. She's too darn good at it to hate her. She's the epitome of unpredictable as she volleys back and forth between being nurturing and menacing. She's a slippery character who is difficult to place, and her motives are never 100% clear even when it comes to her loved ones. Smurf is like a goddess out of mythology -- multifaceted, contradictory, indulgent and volatile. She's fascinating.

35. Roman - Blindspot

Roman - Blindspot
Roman is an interesting baddie because of his internal war between good and evil. He was groomed as a child soldier to be a brutal force of evil and destruction. Roman's efforts to atone for his many sins had him dancing on both sides of good and bad. It made him an unpredictable character, but it also made him a fantastic baddie. His path towards redemption was a satisfying one.

36. Mick Rory - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Mick Rory - DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Blunt, impatient, and with hidden depth and intellect that even his teammates underestimate, Mick is the one member of the Legends team who still maintains his baddie status even though he's working for the good guys. There are some things a guy can't shake, but he's a baddie with a cause, and he makes no apologies for who he is. In the end, that's what makes him the most likable person on the team.

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