45 Baddies We Unapologetically Adore!

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Good guys may be who we root for most, but baddies have all the fun and are often the most entertaining. 

Some baddies are villains, others are good old-fashioned antagonists and foils to our favorite protagonists, and many are just unapologetic bad boys and bad girls who we find irresistible. 

If they're unapologetic in being baddies, then why can't we be unapologetic in our adoration for them? 

Check out our list of baddies we can't help but adore for one reason or another below! Feel free to hit the comments with some of your favorite baddies too!

1. Tommy - Power

Tommy - Power
Tommy is an impulsive, murderous hothead who always ends up in over his head, but we love him anyway. He also happens to be the best character on Power. His list of offenses is a mile long, including killing his pregnant girlfriend, but does that stop up us from adoring the guy? Nope! He's family-oriented, loyal to a fault, and while you wouldn't want to be his enemy, he's the type of guy you want on your side when the going gets tough. He's a coked up, broken psycho, but he's our coked up, broken psycho, dammit.

2. Oksana Astankova (Villanelle) - Killing Eve

Oksana Astankova  (Villanelle) - Killing Eve
Villanelle is a psychopath to her very core, and she wears that badge proudly. You know what? We absolutely love her for it! She's unapologetic in her murdering sprees and does it with such awestriking flair. She's terrifying and brutal, but it's all packaged in this seemingly innocent and at times coquettish, bubble-gum pink persona. She's a master manipulator and supremely intelligent, and the mutual obsession between her and Eve crackles. It also makes sense; viewers were as captivated by Villanelle's intoxicating allure as Eve.

3. Shady Mariah - Luke Cage

Shady Mariah - Luke Cage
Season two of Luke Cage was the season of the villains, and they came to steal the show. Most notably, Shades Alvarez was the MVP of the season. Shades and Mariah are all the criminal power couple goals. Well, they used to be, but we're just going to hold on to the good days when these two baddies were a dynamic duo. On their own, Shades and Mariah are captivating, but together, the two of them make you root for the bad guys. You will have to pry Shady Mariah from my cold, dead hands. I'm never going to give them up.

4. Rio - Good Girls

Rio - Good Girls
What is it about Rio that makes him such a delicious baddie? Maybe it's the fact that he manages to be both scary as hell and as adorable as a puppy at the same time. He's the badass drug dealer who casually sips tea like a proper gentleman and is utterly infatuated by soccer mom/housewife, Beth. Seriously, their smoking hot chemistry is like catnip for those bad boy/good girl 'shippers. He has sexy bedroom eyes that can turn menacing at the drop of a hat. He's the silent type who reads people well and is intuitive. He's intoxicating --thrilling, and a complete mystery most of the time. It's a wonder he's as irresistible to viewers as he is to Beth.

5. Camila - Queen of the South

Camila - Queen of the South
La reina of the drug trade may have been dethroned by Teresa, but she won't go down without a fight. Camila oozes power and is a criminal mastermind. She took on a male-dominated field while unapologetically owning her femininity, which is evident in the sensual way she carries herself, her seductive and sleek style, heels, and her lipstick that is as crimson as the blood of her enemies. She's sexy, ruthless, and a force of nature. Camila is all the villainess goals!

6. Woz - Shades of Blue

Woz - Shades of Blue
Woz is another good guy who does bad things to make bad guys pay. Yes, he's a dirty cop and a baddie, but he has his reasons. It's the best way he can keep the people of NYC and his squad and family safe. He knows that he can't effectively make the city a safer place by following the letter of the law, and at times, he makes Hank Voight look like a boy scout. According to Harlee, whether she and their squad should be considered cops or criminals depends on the day. As the head of the unit, that sentiment especially applies to Woz. The best baddies are the ones who are bad for a noble cause.

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