General Hospital Performer of the Week: Max Gail

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There are so many talented actors and actresses on General Hospital who all deserve kudos for their performances. However, this week one actor stood apart from the rest turning in one heartbreaking scene after another.

Sonny and Mike's Horror - General Hospital

TV Fanatic's General Hospital performer of the week is none other than Max Gail who plays Mike Corbin.

He is the father of Port Charles crime boss Sonny Corinthos and is suffering from Alzheimer disease. It is an important storyline that is being told with grace, class, humor and a heavy dose of reality.

The Alzheimer storyline has been well received by fans, but it could have easily gone in the other direction if not for the talented Gail.

His portrayal of a man-losing grip with reality, while trying to protect the son he left years ago has been so powerful. The actor has not only made the character relatable but also created a character fans keep rooting for despite the inevitable outcome.

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This past week General Hospital viewers got to witness Gail at his best. It was a jam-packed week full of stellar performances by the 75-year-old actor starting on Monday with the gas leak at Charlie’s pub.

Fans watched Mike purposely start the gas leak in an attempt to protect Sonny from a crime he committed when he was younger. The anguish and confusion Mike felt when he realized his granddaughter Kristina was inside the bar at the time, was heartbreaking.

Mike's Confusion - General Hospital

It wasn't merely the ramblings of Mike's words that made fans feel his terror but also the look on his face as he tried piecing together what he had done.

Gail can make viewers cry with one expression, and the terror he felt when he discovered Kristina was in the bar was written all over his face and chilled viewers to the bone.

The character's confusion came through his words, his body movement, and his facial expression. One moment Mike was freaking out to Sonny about how no one was supposed to be at the bar, especially Kristina.

Then next minute his hands were placed on his head in disbelief as to why he was there, as well as what was going on. He came across as a lost child full of angst.

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Yes, the writers have written a powerful storyline, with great words but it is the subtleties Gail brings to the character that has made it so compelling.

He can say so much with a hand gesture or a glance. Even taking a step, standing up or sitting down all speaks volumes and has a meaning. Every movement says something and that is rare.

As the week ended General Hospital viewers saw Mike and Sonny both coming to terms with the fact, Mike needs more help than Sonny can give him.

The scenes between Max Gail and Maurice Benard was one of the best moments on the show this year.

Mike and Jason - General Hospital

Mike had a moment of being entirely in reality. He took the time to state peacefully what he needed and wanted regarding his future care from his son.

Despite Sonny's grievances at first, the two men came to an understanding, all while staying calm and relaxed. It was the hardest conversation they have had.

It was done with no yelling no crying, just pleading looks and soft-spoken words. 

When Mike put his hand out for Sonny to shake as they agreed to his care, it was his way of knowing he could trust his son's word.

The move became about what a handshake meant back in the day, trust and honor. It was Mike's way of knowing he had could trust his son’s word.

It was such a beautiful moment ending a robust conversation, solidifying an agreement and moving forward.

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Now that Mike will be easing his way into a permanent care facility fans are left wondering if it will be the end of the character and actor Max Gail. Hopefully, the story will continue.

Even if viewers don't get to see him as much, this compelling tale is one the fans need to see told through the end of Mike's journey.

Plus, it would be such a loss if Gail was no longer a part of the ABC show.

Mike and Sonny - General Hospital

Max Gail has been killing it as Mike Corbin on General Hospital which is why he is TV Fanatic’s performer of the week.

However, it is worth pointing out he has had some fantastic scene partners who have only enhanced his acting talents. One actor, even one as incredible as Gail, cannot carry a show, a story, even a very well written scene alone.

It takes a village, and General Hospital has a very talented village.

Do you agree with TV Fanatic’s General Hospital performer of the week?

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