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Did Shaun Murphy found his job on the line?

That was addressed on The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 1 when his big mistake threatened the future of the hospital. 

It didn't help matters that his proposed treatment for a homeless patient put him and Jared in Andrews' crosshairs. 

Did they both have their jobs by the end of the hour?

Meanwhile, Glassman was forced to confront his diagnosis, but Dr. Marina Blaize wanted him to make a decision about his future. 

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The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Dr. Blaize: I think you had me reinstated as your last official act before they booted you as president because I am the best oncologist around and you would like to get the best treatment.
Glassman: Yeah. So, I'd like to ensure that the brain -- in this instance, my brain -- stays as dry as possible during surgery, maintain minimal swelling. I would still like to be able to swing my 9-iron when we're done here.
Dr. Blaize: Of course, it's also possible that you had me reinstated because you'd like an oncologist who thinks they owe you and you want to push them around.
Glassman: Look, Dr. Blaize, I am like any other patient, entitled to have a say in my own treatment, but unlike any other patient, I have spent my entire adult life digging into people's brains. So, if you think I'm going to sit around and watch, you're mistaken.
Dr. Blaize: Well, if you think you can operate on yourself I'd happily add you to the list of potential surgeons.

Hello, I'm Dr. Shaun Murphy. I'm a surgical resident at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.