Santiago: I'm not selling my father's business.
Man: We both need to make a sacrifice.

Man: Everything in life is transactional and in this case, I've got all the leverage.
Shaun: Leverage?
Man: It's what you have that they need. It's how you shift a deal in your favor. You guys have no leverage, and no cards to play.

I love him enough to give him a kidney. He should love me enough to accept an offer that would improve my life, too. I mean, it's a much lower ask than a vital organ.


Man: I'm not selling Santiago anything.
Morgan: You're receiving money from a third party in exchange for your kidney.
Shaun: He's receiving money from a third party for his business. So is his brother.

Shaun: She has a slight fever, her rash is spreading. This is definitely not Ademia.
Morgan: I know, I've moved on to Mersa.
Shaun: That's possible, but you should want proof.

Being a good doctor is knowing when to not scare the patient.


Morgan: It's likely Tendonitis.
Shaun: Or it might be flesh-eating bacteria.

You haven't had a bowel movement yet.


I have a question… about Phil. I know he’s long gone, but I was actually wondering, what do you think would have happened if I hadn’t seen you two together?


You told me we can’t be boyfriend and girlfriend. We can still be friends with benefits. The benefit is we’d be living together."


If we get an apartment together, I feel like that’s a signal that you and I might end up as boyfriend and girlfriend, and that’s not going to happen. Romantic relationships are unpredictable. So much can go wrong, especially when I’m involved. Anything that puts our friendship at risk isn’t worth it to me.


Shaun: I got you a donut.
Lea: Apparently.

The Good Doctor Quotes

When the truth can’t help someone, we should lie.


As a wise person once said, holding a grudge is a stone in your heart.

Dr. Jared Kalu