Woman: He was just here. And now he's gone. How do I go on without him?
Shaun: When my brother Steve died, I didn't know how I would go on without him. But I did. Because someone else came into my life who took care of me and loved me. Now he may be gone too. It is very hard to lose people you thought would never leave. But you will be okay because you have no choice. When we love people we love, we have to find a way to keep going for the people we still have.

Morgan: I had three patients drop out of my clinical trial and every nanny within 90 miles is either dumb, lazy, or incompetent.
Park: Mommy Morgan has very exacting standards.

Lea: Please go talk to him.
Glassman: Shouldn't you be in a room having a baby?

Lea: I know things are difficult between the two of you right now, but he [Glassman] should know that his grandson is being born.
Shaun: He knows. He said congratulations and then he closed the door.

I can't do my job as well as I want and take care of Eden the way I need. I've made the mistake of putting my career ahead of the people I love before. I'm not doing it again.


Can you have one of your visions? There has to be something.


Andrews: Internal decapitation.
Lim: Have you ever worked on one of these?
Andrews: I've never even seen one.

Lea: We forgot my lucky socks, the ones I wore the last time I was in the hospital when my brilliant husband figured out a miracle surgery to save our baby.
Shaun: Those are hospital socks. Every pair is the same as the other.
Lea: But they aren't my lucky socks. I'll go home and get them.
Shaun: No. You need to change into this and get hooked up to a fetal monitor.

Lea: Oh my God. Either my water just broke or I just peed all over your office.
Glassman: Either way, it's a first.

Hello. It is very nice to meet you. I am Dr. Shaun Murphy. I am your dad.


Lim: You know, a crochety old man once told me that holding onto anger is toxic.
Glassman: I'm not crochety.
Lim: You were right then. I'm right now.
Glassman: He humiliated me yesterday, as everyone in this room knows.
Lim: And he's having his baby today.

Jordan: Where's Perez?
Jerome: Kalu is bringing him in.
Jordan: So he's the least critical?
Jerome: He's... they'll be here soon.

The Good Doctor Quotes

Claire: Thank you for your help with the sea lions. But I'd like to keep my mother's death between us. I'm not ready to deal with people's platitudes.
Morgan: That suggests you're not okay with it. That's a textbook case of denial.
Claire: Denial is the first step of the grieving process but thank you for the platitudes.

Asher: We'd have to remove her uterus and they're starting a family.
Shaun: She won't be able to have a baby if she's dead.