Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Did That Touching Tribute Steal Your Heart?!

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the series captured the essence of a holiday honoring the dead on Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 6.

It resulted in a touching tribute to past characters, some background on Link, and a smoking hot kiss between Nico and Levi.

Join TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Rachelle Lewis, Paul Dailly, and Kim Russell as they discuss the hour!

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On a scale of 1-10, how emotional did this episode (and that tribute) make you?

Stacy: 10 for the tribute alone. It took me by surprise and was a touching thank you to the longtime fans. I definitely had tears in my eyes.

It was great to see George, Lexie, Derek, etc., again, but the fact that they even included Doc the dog sent me over the edge. I also thought the Spanish version of "Chasing Cars" was a nice touch.

Rachelle: 10. The tribute was phenomenal. I could not stop crying. It was such a touching surprise to see those that are gone come back and prove that people you lose are never truly gone.

I also agree, the Spanish version of “Chasing Cars” was a great addition. I think without the tribute, the episode as a whole would not have been as good. It would have been more like a 7. The tribute amped up the emotional factor for me.

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Paul: 10. It was stunning, surprising, and heartwarming. All of those callbacks were great, and I love that this show constantly honors the past because it wouldn't have gone as long as it has done if some of these characters were not part of the narrative.

Kim: 5. I thought it was great, and I loved seeing everyone again, but it didn't bring me to tears. It may be just me, though, I might be all cried out from saying goodbye to Rick Grimes.

Meredith's Ghosts

Did you understand Meredith's reaction to the news about Thatcher? Do you think she'll go see him?

Stacy: Yeah, I understood it. She's not close with her dad and hasn't even spoken to him since Lexie died. I do think she will see him. She may not think she needs to, but she also couldn't stop talking about him, which means she's going to regret it if she doesn't.

Rachelle: 100%. I thought it was perfect for her character. She barely knows him, and he has never made any effort with her.

I agree with Stacy that Meredith will go see him. I think she will need that closure. Right now, she doesn’t think she does, but I think she will realize if she doesn’t go it will haunt her.

Paul: Yeah, she was justified. I liked that she turned to those nearest to her for some assistance. I do think she'll visit him because she has a lot she wants to say.

Kim: Yes, her reaction was not only completely Meredith but understandable.

No, I don't think she'll go see him, and I don't think she'll regret it either. She's Mer and hardly second guesses herself. She might pay for it later, but I don't think so because she wrote him off long ago.

Grey's teased a fun love triangle between Meredith, Link, and DeLuca, but Mer chose to take the stairs. What do you think her decision meant? Do you think she'll be receptive to either guy?

Stacy: They're definitely setting up a potential love triangle, and I don't like it. We have had enough of those, and we're still not out from under the Owen/Teddy/Amelia one.

I think Meredith taking the stairs was the moment of realization that she might have a choice to make soon, and that she's not ready to make it. I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up dating one of them eventually.

Rachelle: I don’t like it either. I do not see Link nor DeLuca as being the one Meredith finds love with. I think she needs to be someone outside the hospital, and I hope she doesn’t end up with either of them, but it looks like the show is headed that way.

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Paul: Yeah, this is dumb. There's zero chemistry between Meredith and either of the men. It's a hard pass from me, and I hope Meredith taking the stairs confirms she's not entertaining either of them.

Kim: I'm not looking forward to a love triangle between them if that's where they're going with it, although I did laugh at the elevator scene. I think Link will grow on her, and I could see something with them down the road.

The Third Option - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 6

Nico and Levi finally kissed, but Nico pulled an 'Arizona' and backed off of the newbie. React!

Stacy: Is it really "finally?" I don't know, I've kind of enjoyed the slow burn and don't mind them taking their time. I think Nico will come around and help Levi navigate his feelings. They're too cute together for that to be the end.

Rachelle: I have no feelings about it honestly. I am not all that invested in neither Nico nor Levi. Maybe as the story develops I will care more. Nico did pull an Arizona move, so it would have perhaps been more interesting if that was not his reaction. Been there done that Grey’s.

Paul: I am so on board with this potential couple. At first, it felt like a random development because Levi has never been given many storylines to work with. However, there's chemistry between them. I do think Nico will help Levi in the long run.

Kim: Ugh. I'm not a fan of Nico. He comes off as a cheesy version of a brooding and mysterious vampire/werewolf from a bad teenage drama series.

The kiss was awkward, and there is zero chemistry between the two of them. All I can say is thank you for backing off, Nico -- much appreciated.

Levi and Nico Kiss - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 6

Did Link's backstory of being a kid who had cancer make him more endearing?

Stacy: I already liked Link and have since they introduced him, but yes, it made him even more endearing. I loved that he was willing to cut his own hair to make the kid feel less scared, and he handled the mom perfectly. He's really great with his patients.

Rachelle: Link is growing on me and learning about his backstory as a kid with cancer definitely helped. He was amazing with the kid and his mom. Link showed what a good, cool guy he is by cutting his hair, but there is just something about him I don’t like.

Paul: Maybe it's just me, but I don't like him. A part of me felt like he lied to the mother just to give her peace of mind.

Kim: I was already endeared by him, so it didn't have an effect on me. I think he's adorable and has a great bedside manner, which probably stems from the fact that he spent lots of time in a hospital bed.

The New Guy - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 3

Betty is missing, and Amelia is beside herself with worry. After seeing Teddy pitch in to help Owen and Amelia, do you think they can be a successful co-parent, nontraditional family?

Stacy: I think they can. It will be awkward and take some getting used to, but they'll figure it out. That is if Teddy ever tells him! I am so frustrated that they're dragging this out. Just tell him already!

Rachelle: I was upset to see Betty missing after the previous episode where Betty seemed to bond with Owen and Amelia after they stalked her outside her school all day.

I know they did it as a ploy to keep Teddy from spilling her pregnancy news, but it was too much of a 180-degree turn. I agree with Stacy; it is frustrating to see it dragged out. I think they can all work together but it will impact the outcome negatively the longer she waits to tell him.

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Paul: They definitely can. What I love about this storyline with Betty is that Amelia went through her own battle with drugs, and she's thinking about what she would do if she was Betty's age in each of the scenarios. I like the Amelia/Owen relationship as well. There's something there, and they both know it.

Kim: I can see that working temporarily but not forever. Teddy and Owen aren't just best friends, they're in love, and they always have been. There's no way she could stand by and watch Owen with Amelia.

Brace Yourself - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 1

What was your favorite scene, quote, or moment from the hour?

Stacy: The end with all the returning deceased characters was definitely my favorite moment. I'll also add that I liked Link calling Meredith out on the fact that she also has a close friendship with Alex.

Mer: What's the story with you and Jo, does Alex have anything to worry about?
Link: What's the story with you and Alex, does Jo have anything to worry about?

Rachelle: The tribute was the best part, as well as Meredith calling Alex. I like that those two have been through so much, have never been romantically linked, and are truly like brother and sister.

Paul: I loved the tribute, but I laughed out loud when Levi yelled at Nico that it was a teaching hospital.

Kim: The end, by far. Having Mer walk through the hospital with the marigold, bringing her loved ones close to her was cool to see, although Lexi should've been there.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 6 Quotes

Richard: He's in hospice Meredith. He has only a few weeks to live. Meredith, did you hear what I said?
Meredith: Yes. Thatcher is dying. I got it. Thank you.

Richard: Can we talk?
Meredith: Is everything OK?
Richard: When is the last time you spoke to your dad?
Meredith: Thatcher? Um, when Lexie died. I think. Why?
Richard: He's sick Meredith.