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Did Hope manage to get through to Landon?

On Legacies Season 1 Episode 5, the tribrid struggled to get Landon on board when she tried to find out the truth about what he was. 

Landon continued to shut Hope out of his life after saying she was just like all the other girls. 

Also, Alaric decided to give the students a bigger voice by making a student president. 

Finally, Dorian returned to the school and he brought a brand new creature with him. 

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Legacies Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Some students have expressed concern that I am not allowing you to have a say in the decisions that affect your future, and I agree. If you are expected to abide by this school's policies, it's only fair that you have a voice on how those rules are made.


Landon: What are you doing here?
Hope: Dr. Saltzman wanted me to administer your tests, starting with some weird mystical blood analysis.
Landon: No.
Hope: Excuse me?
Landon: No. These tests determine whether or not I get to stay at the school, right? There is no way I am putting my future in your hands. You're biased.
Hope: I'm not biased. Besides, neither of us have a choice. Believe me, this is not how I would choose to spend my day either.
Hope: See? Biased.