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Did the Time Team manage to save the life of Rufus?

That was revealed on Timeless Season 3 Episode 1 which picked up some time after the team member's untimely passing, and Christmas got the group thinking about a way to save their fallen friend. 

However, the Mothership made its way to 1848 California instead of the time Rufus was killed, so the team had to take one last shot at Rittenhouse. 

Another impromptu trip took the team to Korea in the winter of 1950, and they had to help save a stranded, pregnant refugee. 

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Timeless Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Jiya: Whoa, this thing has autopilot.
Wyatt: What? As in anyone could fly it?
Jiya: Apparently. You just plug in the date and location. I guess future me built a Delorean out of a Lifeboat. It's a joke Rufus would have made. I wish he could see this.

Agent Christopher: Listen, when the Mothership jumps we chase it. That's been protocol since day one. What is the point of getting Rufus back if we just let Rittenhouse decimate history?
Connor Mason: Are you joking?
Jiya: Future Lucy said we need Rufus to stop Rittenhouse.
Agent Christopher: Rufus trained you to pilot the Lifeboat for this very reason. The world needs saving. It's what Rufus would want. We need to find and stop their sleeper agent.