Supergirl First Look: Jon Cryer Debuts as Lex Luthor!

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It's taken four seasons, but Lex Luthor is coming to The CW's Supergirl. 

The young-skewing network has unveiled the first photo of Jon Cryer in action as the villain, and we are so on board. 

Cryer will first show up on the March 17 episode which is titled "O Brother, Where Are Thou?"

Lex Luthor Returns! - Supergirl

“Lex Luthor reaches out from prison to enlist Lena into one of his plans and will stop at nothing to get her on board, even if that means leveraging the life of one of her friends,” according to the official episode description. 

Sounds intriguing, right? 

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Lena (Katie McGrath) has flirted with darkness during her tenure in National City, with Kara (Melissa Benoist) worrying on more than one occasions that her pal has turned to the side of darkness. 

I Come in Peace - Supergirl Season 4 Episode 6

It's highly doubtful that Lena would join her brother, but stranger things have happened, and the fact that he's using the life of one of her friends as leverage will surely make her think twice about it. 

Given that Lex the arch-nemesis of Superman (Tyler Hoechlin), we think this would be a perfect occasion to bring Clark Kent back into the fold ... so long as he's not too busy being a father because every superhero needs some time off, right?

“We are enormous fans of Jon Cryer, and he was instantly our dream actor to play the iconic role of Lex Luthor,” executive producers Robert Rovner and Jessica Queller said in a statement back in November when Cryer's casting was revealed. 

Jon Cryer Photo

“Jon is a super-talent, and the fact that he played Lenny Luthor in Superman IV brings an added layer of legacy to his casting. We’re beyond thrilled to welcome Jon to the Supergirl family.”

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While we know Cryer will recur as the supervillain, there's no word on an exact episode count, but something tells us he could become one of those foes that pops up a handful of times a season. 

Time will tell. 

What are your thoughts on this first photo?

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