Days of Our Lives Round Table: Our Favorite Salem Couples!

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Diana claimed that John is Leo's father, Chloe turned down Brady, and Hope thanked Ben for rescuing Ciara from Jordan this week on Days of Our Lives.

TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Soaps4ever from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate if John should tell Marlena the truth, if Sarah is really done with Xander, should Chloe give romance with Brady another chance, and who is our favorite couple in Salem!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Should John have told Marlena that Diana claims he is Leo’s biological father? Do you think Diana is telling the truth?

Soaps4ever: I think John needed to confide in Marlena but he probably should have found out for sure whether or not he was Leo's biological father. I don't think Diana is telling the truth. But of course, it will come out eventually.

Jack: I don't believe Diana for a second. It seemed to occur to her to make up this story as she was talking to John and her trying to hold his hand showed her motive for doing it.

That said, John should absolutely have told Marlena right away. The longer he waits, the more shocking it will be, especially if she hears it from someone else -- and I wouldn't be surprised if Diana engineers that happening to try to cause trouble for Marlena and John.

Plus, I keep seeing fans castigate JJ for not telling Haley that he told Jack her secret but he's made more of an effort to tell her than John did with Marlena.

Christine: John should have just told her. It's easier to take a band-aid off when you tear it off quick and John dragging this out will only make it worse, and give Diana a chance to spill the beans herself.

I'm torn over John being Leo's father. Diana could easily be lying, but this could be a really fun complication. All of John's kids are generally considered good people. Leo would definitely be the black sheep and I could picture him somehow scrambling to be accepted and rebelling against it. 

Romantic Ben - Days of Our Lives

It was Valentine’s Day. Who is your current favorite couple in Salem?

Soaps4ever: My very favorite couple, Kayla and Steve, weren't together for Valentine's Day. But if I could pick my next favorite for Valentine's week, and I've tried not to root for them because of Ben's past, is Ben and Ciara. The way he rescued her and the chemistry they have is so great.

I know I shouldn't feel this way because Ben is a former serial killer. But Hope willingly left Ben alone with Ciara in the hospital room. That is something.

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Jack: Do Steve and Kayla still count since Steve is being given the Bo treatment and is only involved via occasional phone calls?

If not, Doug and Julie always have my heart. I like Maggie and Victor too but we never see them in the same room anymore unless they're arguing. And I LOVE Jack and Jen but they're not actually together at the moment so...

Christine: I used to love Jack and Jenn but they haven't exactly been together since his return so I'm not sure they count. 

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but my current favorite couple is Ciara and Ben. I can't deny their chemistry and they are oddly sweet. I certainly never wanted to get behind this story (who redeems a serial killer!) but the actor has really made it work and I'm as shocked as anybody. 

Sleeping With Her Enemy - Days of Our Lives

Sarah wants to put her one-night-stand with Xander behind her. Do you want Sarah and Xander to hook up again?

Soaps4ever: Yes, please! Xander is just what Sarah needs. She looked very happy after their one night of passion. And they should have a cute couple name. Should we call them Sander or Xarah?

Jack: Absolutely not, unless they go off into the sunset off-screen so we don't have to see Sarah again. I saw nothing enjoyable about EJ 2.0 hooking up with a weak sauce imitation of Sami because he wanted to escape from Leo and she was upset that Eric wouldn't have revenge sex with her.

Christine: I'm with Soaps4ever on this one. I thought Xander and Sarah were fun and kind of hot. It was the first time I actually liked Sarah! 

These two could be the classic bad boy / uptight good girl scenario and given both their personalities, I think this couple could be incredibly entertaining. 

Reconnecting With His Ex - Days of Our Lives

Would you like to see Chloe and Brady restart their romance or is Chloe right and they’re better as best friends?

Soaps4ever: I'm unsure about Chloe and Brady. She is a very independent woman and he has to allow her a great deal of freedom if he wants to be with her. It could work, but he has to change some, he has to compromise. But if it doesn't work, they still have their friendship to fall back on.

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Jack: Chloe is right. At some point, she needs to stop turning to her exes for Round 2 and find someone new.

Christine: I thought Chloe was being very smart about this. She and Brady make great friends, but Brady jumps from romance to romance with barely a breather in between.

Chloe has a career and two kids and a drug cartel after her. A new romance, even with an old flame, isn't a complication she needs right now. 

(TALL) Ben Threatens Hope - Days of Our Lives

Have Hope and the rest of Salem accepted that Ben has reformed? Do you believe he has?

Soaps4ever: I don't think Hope and the others !00 percent believe that Ben has reformed, but he is more accepted than he used to be.

To me, the jury is out on whether he has changed. I think if he is able to stay on his meds there is a good chance he'll be ok. I hope though they don't have a disappointing storyline where he relapses. I really don't want that.

Jack: I believe that Ben has reformed for the most part, though holding a gun on Hope and doing violent things for Stefan shows that when pushed he can still get violent.

I think Hope has backed off for now and I hope she stops obsessing with getting him locked up because I can't stand any more of that! Chad seemed to have finally got it too. I don't know about anyone else.

Christine: I'm praying that Hope's obsession with putting Ben in prison at any cost is over. But has Ben truly reformed? He certainly seems to be taking responsibility for his mental health and that's a giant first step. I really do hope to see that continue. 

Chrishell Hartley as Evil Jordan - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Soaps4ever: Jordan's crazy, illogical and dangerous behavior. It's like they have made her into a demented cartoon character. And it's pretty predictable how it will play out from here.

Jack: Jordan being written totally out of character just to have a villain in this story and then the quick "by the way she was in a car accident" thing to try to explain it.

And can the hospital invest in basic security, please? I'm tired of bad guys dressing up as doctors to get to patients.

In addition, all things Rex/Sarah/Eric were Fast Forward worthy.

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And couldn't the writers have come up with a better excuse for JJ to be interrupted when trying to tell Haley his secret than her suddenly realizing she had to go to work?

Also, memory-less or not, Jack should have a clue about Eve at this point. And John should have told Marlena. Him not doing that dampened the romance on Valentine's Day.

Christine: All things Sarah and Eric. These two are so boring. Also, anything having to do with Haley pretty much puts me to sleep. Couldn't they have given JJ a real romance storyline instead of one pre-packaged to add drama to the equally lame mayoral race?

JJ and Haley's First Kiss - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Soaps4ever: I liked almost all of the scenes from the Valentine's episode. It was very well done and entertaining.

Jack: I was thrilled that Ciara is finally out of that cabin. I'd had more than enough of that.

I also, surprisingly, really liked Rafe's scenes with Kate! It really shows how mismatched he and Hope are because there was more chemistry between him and Kate and he seemed so much more relaxed and likable.

Christine: Rafe and Kate. I've always like these two together, whether as friends or more than friends. It was also nice to see Chad and Abigail reconcile if only to put an end to this horrible, ongoing storyline.

And Ben and Ciara were surprisingly sweet and definitely brought the romance for Valentine's Day. 

Chad and Abby Reconcile - Days of Our Lives

Take our poll TVFanatics and tell us who is your favorite couple currently in Salem.

And if you want to chat more about the happenings in Salem, check out Jack Ori's Days of Our Lives review!

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