Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Find Someone Who'll Build You A Treehouse!

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Meredith made her choice. 

Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 12 was a romantic hour, and there was some quality content for each of the couples on the series.

There were also some surprising developments. Join TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Rachelle Lewis, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss the hour.

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On a scale of 1-10, how emotional was the storyline with Natasha and Garrett?

Stacy: I'll give it a 6. I definitely felt for them, but I wasn't overly invested in them. I kept expecting them to get married, so that wasn't a shock, but I did like that everyone held up their phones and tablets to give them "stars." It was cute and sad, but to be honest, I will probably forget about them in a week or two.

Rachelle: I give it a 7. I thought it was a good story, but it was clearly there to drive other storylines. I too felt bad for them. Their love for each other was so sweet and special, but I knew she was going to die.

The wedding was a genuine moment full of love, and it did make me cry, but I am with Stacy, in a week or two, I will have forgotten all about them.

Jasmine: I'll give it a 7. I loved their love for one another. They were so sweet. I figured their story would end on a tragic note, but the wedding was so moving.

Deluca's relentless and cutthroat pursuit of Meredith paid off. Discuss.

Stacy: I really hate the way this love triangle storyline was handled. Deluca absolutely was relentless, and it felt like he just finally wore her down by the end. Were we supposed to be happy for them? It didn't feel like Meredith's heart was in it at all by that point.

Still, I also hated the way Meredith handled it. She invited both men out on dates and stood up both of them, which is childish and wrong. She didn't even bother to text either of them to cancel and left them both waiting for her.

While Deluca was relentless, Meredith didn't do anything to shut down his advances either. She's way too old to be playing hard to get, but that's what it felt like she was doing. I honestly would have preferred if she just told both men she wasn't interested and this whole thing was dropped.

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Rachelle: I am over this triangle. The only part I enjoyed was when DeLuca actually stood up for himself when he realized Meredith was stringing both men along. But he was so relentless it made it seem like Meredith was a prize, not a person he truly wants to date. It was like she is his conquest.

I also don’t feel like she chose DeLuca. I think Meredith got caught up in the unbelievable bond and love between Natasha and Garrett. Not only did she see how special it was, but she was crushed the couple was not getting their happy ending.

Even Meredith and DeLuca's kiss didn’t seem passionate; it felt forced. I am not convinced that Link is out of the running, I, unfortunately, think fans are in for more of this awful love triangle.

Jasmine: I agree with both of you. I'm over this love triangle.

DeLuca is a character that I adore, but I have never been this turned off by him as I was watching him badger Meredith the way that he did. It did feel like he wore her down more than anything else, and he was behaving like a child. He was also so out of touch and self-absorbed.

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He made Levi's coming out moment in the OR about him and Meredith. He made Meredith comforting Garrett by connecting with him due to her loss of Derek about him and Meredith. He made Christmas Eve about them when he knows she has kids.

Then when he spent all that time bitching about how rude Meredith was for standing him up (which was so rude and ignorant, like, wtf, Meredith?), he took her up on the rooftop.

He was OK with her standing up Link, and I was not OK with that at all. Link hasn't done anything to either of them to deserve that type of treatment.

And yeah, by then, there was nothing romantic, sexy, or cute about their moment. I don't think this triangle is over either. Help us all.

MerLuca Kiss - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 12

How do you think "Not Betty's" revelation will affect Amelia and Owen's family and relationship?

Stacy: Okay, that one I did not see coming. I was impressed with how well Owen and Amelia handled that shock. I'm now really worried that Owen is going to lose Leo, and that would be devastating for him. They're finally a happy family, but Grey's will never allow that to last long.

Rachelle: I was shocked by her revelation. I think it is going to tear apart Owen and Amelia’s relationship. Based on his words to Amelia about Betty’s addiction, I don’t think he truly understands Amelia’s addiction.

Sadly, I think they are going to lose Leo, and Owen will blame not Betty’s “poor choices,” which will severely impact their relationship. I really like their little family dynamic, but I would be surprised if Grey’s keeps it intact.

Jasmine: I did not see that coming at all! I'm so in love with this family, and I don't want to see it ruined. OMG, Not Betty, why did you do this?!

I'm also concerned that Owen will lose Leo to Not Betty's parents, and it is concerning that he still doesn't understand addiction. Add into that those moments he was sharing with Teddy, and his surprise that she was getting close to Tom, and I don't think their love quadrangle is over.

Visting  (Not) Betty - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 12

Do you think Alex has been sidelined?

Stacy: Yes! I'm not a fan of Chief Alex because he's not operating as much, and he's not getting invested in patients. I hope Bailey takes the job back soon, and they give Alex meatier storylines and get him back in the OR.

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Rachelle: Yep, and I do not like it. I am a big fan of Alex, but since he became Chief, he has not been himself. Get him back in the operating room and helping children; that is when he is at his best.

Jasmine: Yeah. I don't know what's going on there. He has been in the background a lot. He doesn't even have moments with Meredith anymore. I will say he and Jo are cute.

Happy Karevs - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 12

Which couple did you enjoy the most during the hour?

Stacy: Bailey and Ben, for sure. Thank goodness they are finally back together! That sabbatical lasted way too long and never should have happened in the first place.

They've always been one of my favorite couples, and their makeup proved why. I love that Ben stood his ground and said this can never happen again. He wants to be there for her no matter what she's going through, and I also love that he followed through with the tree house.

Rachelle: First of all, I love Alex and Joe’s special little honeymoon moments. They will always be my fave, and I enjoy watching them.

However, Baily and Ben stole the show. I was crushed when she asked for a separation because they do deeply love each other. Sometimes I think Bailey takes advantage of him, so I think the separation was good in terms of her realizing she doesn’t want to lose him ever.

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Ben wears his heart on his sleeve, and I love that about him. But it was good to see him stand up for himself, while still putting her first. The tree house was such a gesture of love, and it was great to see these two together again.

Jasmine: I echo everything you guys said about Ben and Bailey. I love that he stood up for himself and that they're back together, and the man built her a damn treehouse!!

The cutest couples for me were Ben and Bailey, Nico and Levi, and Teddy and Tom. However, Jackson and Maggie's discussion about pain and grief made me emotional, and I loved it.

Benley Reunion

Who was your favorite and least favorite character during the episode?

Stacy: Least favorite is a tie between Deluca and Meredith for all the reasons I mentioned above. Favorite is harder, but it's probably Ben, also for the reasons I already said. I'm just really glad he agreed to come home but also protected himself from future heartbreak.

Rachelle: Agreed. Least favorites were Meredith and DeLuca. The favorites were a tie between Bailey and Ben, as well as Catherine. The latter because we got to see her struggle and be vulnerable, two traits not shown very often from her.

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Jasmine: Yeah, I agree. Meredith and DeLuca were my least favorites with DeLuca edging her out by a skosh; it was so uncharacteristic of him to be this bad and this disappointing. I was shocked. My favorites were Ben for the reasons mentioned, Tom who is a pure joy, and Link because he is such a sweet guy who deserves better.

Cold Shoulder - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 12

What was your favorite and least favorite scene?

Stacy: My least favorite scene was the end when Meredith stood up Link simply because Deluca dragged her up to the roof. Favorite was probably Ben building the tree house or the wedding.

Rachelle: My least favorite was Meredith and Deluca kiss. It was not a good romantic kiss. Also, her being dragged up to the roof was ridiculous, Meredith Grey does not follow anyone. Plus, standing up Link the way she did, not a fan of any of it.

My favorite was Catherine finally letting Richard help her on Valentine’s Day. It not only showed how much they love each other but also her accepting help.

Jasmine: I hated Meredith standing up Link for that rooftop rendezvous with DeLuca.

The wedding was beautiful, and I loved the couple moments during it. Also, a gosh damn treehouse, people! Benjamin Warren is a catch!

Over to you Grey's Fanatics! Give your responses in the comments below.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 12 Quotes

DeLuca: Why do you keep stringing him along?
Meredith: Excuse me?
DeLuca: You heard me. Link. He likes you. You keep giving him false hope.
Meredith: Who says it's false?

Jo: You are in a love triangle.
Meredith: There is no love. There is no triangle.