Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Was DeLuca Behaving Immaturely?

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DeLuca gave Meredith the silent treatment and Amelia and Link engaged in a little sexual healing in the mood room on Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 18.

Also, Owen may have taken a step back from the love triangle with Tom and Teddy, and there are new squad goals.

Join TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Rachelle Lewis, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss the hour!

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Was it immature of DeLuca to push Mer away and shut down? What are your thoughts on their makeup?

Stacy: It was. I can understand needing some space to process, but he didn't handle it well and could have communicated what he needed better.

As for the makeup, there wasn't any doubt there. They didn't drag out getting them together as long as they did for them to break up this quickly.

Rachelle: I don’t think it was because it is a honest reaction that so many people have in those situations. It is human instinct to push away the ones we love when we are faced with a crisis or having a difficult time.

It was inevitable they would make up quickly. I personally thought the entire story was kind of blah, there is many other exciting storylines than DeLuca and Meredith fight and make-up.

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Jasmine: I'm the Queen of shutting down, but I still found his behavior immature. Would it have killed him to tell her outright "Hey, I need space for a few days, it's not, it's me" or would it have been too much?

Oh Stacy, so much or wishful thinking. I agree there were more exciting storylines than a minor fight like this. I thought the entire storyline was lackluster.

Did DeLuca overstep with Nora's mother or did Alex overreact?

Stacy: DeLuca definitely overstepped. She wanted their opinion, but again he did not handle it well and could have communicated his stance better.

She wanted their advice and he pretty much just yelled at her and told her what to do when she clearly did not want to force her daughter into a surgery she didn't want. Alex did the right thing by taking him off the case.

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Rachelle: He 100% overstepped both times. First, when he was telling Nora’s mother to force her to get the surgery, then again when he spoke to Nora.

He was projecting his own issues I think, and it was not professional at all. Yes, it worked out, but he can’t overstep or disobey a direct order from his superior.

Alex was right to take him off the case and then let DeLuca have it for going behind his back. I enjoyed seeing Alex in all his glory and him not letting DeLuca’s relationship with Meredith impact his judgement.

Jasmine: DeLuca was stepping it in everywhere, wasn't he? He was out of line with the mother. He let his personal feelings interfere with the case.

Not only was Alex right in kicking him off the case, but he was right to exclude him from the surgery. I appreciate DeLuca's confidence in his abilities as a doctor these days, but even a senior resident is still a resident.

Avoidance - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 18

Should Owen have told Tom about Teddy's condition? Do you think Owen is stepping back for good after Tom's speech?

Stacy: Absolutely not. If Teddy wanted Tom to know, she should be the one to tell him. It's not Owen's business or his place to be sharing her medical condition.

I honestly don't know what Owen is going to do. Tom made some excellent points, and he does love Teddy, so Owen should step back and let them be happy together, but that doesn't mean he will. Really it depends if Teddy feels the same way about Tom as he does about her, and whether or not she still has feelings for Owen.

Rachelle: It was not Owen’s place to tell Tom. I agree with Stacy, if Teddy wanted Tom to know she would have told or at least told Owen to tell him.

I don’t think Owen will step back, I think he doesn’t know what to do without Amelia or Teddy in his life. He just goes between the two ladies.

Personally, I like Tom and Teddy together. I would like to see her move past Owen and find happiness, as well as see Owen learn to be a father to Leo on his own. He needs some quality time alone without a woman.

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Jasmine: At that moment I was annoyed Owen didn't give Tom a head's up, but you guys are right. It wasn't his place to tell.

I hope Owen steps back and realizes Teddy and Tom are happy together. I do believe Teddy shares the same feelings for Tom, and I would like to see them work through all of this like adults.

I agree with Rachelle. Owen needs to be single for a while and focus on raising Leo and this new baby on the way.

Towen Baby Bliss

Amelia and Link resorted to sexual comfort again after swearing not to. Do you think they'll become something serious?

Stacy: I think it's going to remain friends with benefits for the time being. They could eventually become something serious, but I don't think Amelia is ready for that right now after she just got out of a serious relationship with Owen. I think she needs something a little more casual.

Rachelle: I don’t think they are going to get serious. I think they will remain friends with benefits, and I am all for it. They have a connection, but it is purely fun and physical, which is exactly what Amelia needs right now. I am enjoying their banter as they try to stop hooking up.

Jasmine: I don't know if they'll be serious or not, but I love whatever it is they are now. They are having fun with one another, and they both seem happy. I'm all for it.

The Blue Room

What do you think happened to Jo in Pittsburgh?

Stacy: I have no idea, but I am looking forward to finding out! I hope it was a positive experience for her.

Rachelle: I think Jo is rejected by her mother, and I think her father is a bad guy. Maybe her father raped her mother, and she was a result. I don’t know, but it is clearly awful, and I don’t think it is going to be a positive experience for her right now.

Jasmine: I don't think anything good came from this visit based on Jo's appearance at the end of the episode. I also suspect she's going to find out her father raped her mother. I'm looking forward to this episode though.

Math Nerds

What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Stacy: I loved everyone attempting to challenge Nora in a math competition in her room. It was so funny, and I especially loved Bailey assuring her that no one in that room would let anyone win.

Rachelle: I agree with Stacy. I loved how all these grown doctors are challenging a child, and they got so into it, almost as though each of the adults had been missing something in their lives. They needed to get back to basics. I loved the entire Nora storyline.

Jasmine: Yes, the geeky Math Squad strutting down the hallway and challenging Nora in her room was my absolute favorite scene. I also loved Amelia and Link's sexy hookup in the Blue Mood Room.

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