Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 1 Review: Janine

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There's always someone trying to make Smurf's life difficult.

She knows J will be causing trouble soon but has no idea what else is around the corner.

On Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 1 we learn there is plenty of danger coming her way, and we haven't even met Angela (Emily Deschanel) yet.

What's He Hiding - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 1

Pope is in an awful place right now, and his brothers have a right to be concerned.

It's odd that he's sleeping in Lena's old room, but Pope is a glutton for punishment.

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He's probably doing it to remind himself of how much he hates Smurf for what she did not only to Baz but Lena.

Smurf didn't help the situation when she suggested they paint the room, but that's the kind of mind game Smurf likes to play -- especially when it comes to Pope.

A Different Pope - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 1

Craig and Derran didn't want to bring Pope along for the bank heist because of his odd behavior, but neither were about to challenge Smurf.

It's surprising that neither of those boys understands that Smurf always has a plan and good reasons for doing what she does.

She needs Pope to keep the family going, but she also has other plans for him that may involve J at some point.

Family Fest - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 1

The bank heist was a test job for Pope that nearly failed because his head wasn't completely in the game.

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There was a concern that he wasn't going to get back on his bike as the cops approached which left him and Craig hanging in the wind, but thankfully, Pope snapped out of it, and the boys managed to get away.

Still, Pope's behavior was disconcerting, and Craig and Derran will be sure to bring it up to Smurf.

Rocking the Shades - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 1

J had no idea what was going on and probably wouldn't have cared anyway. He would have had no problem leaving them all behind if necessary.

He is biding his time and making plans for when he finally decides to stick it to Smurf and his uncles but as clever as he thinks he is, he's still no match for Smurf. Not yet, anyway.

Craig: He's got that look like he doesn't care what happens to him. Like he could hurt somebody.
Darren: What are you saying?
Craig: Do you think it's okay he's on this thing?
Darren: You want to tell Pope he's off the job, go for it.
Craig: Someone looks at him sideways, we're going to be accessories to murder, man.
Darren: He's not going to kill anybody. Besides, this is Smurf's job. She says he's on the job so he's on the job.

I don't quite understand why J thinks Smurf doesn't know about him and Mia. It could be that he isn't aware of Mia's part Baz's death or Lucy's.

It wouldn't surprise me if Mia is keeping Smurf updated on everything J is doing. 

It also wouldn't be surprising if J is fully aware that Mia is working on Smurf's behalf.

Darren is Concerned - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 1

There are a lot of games getting played between Smurf and J, but only one of them will eventually come out the winner.

Adrian is also playing a dangerous game with the Cody family.

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He's currently stuck between a rock and a hard place. He loves Derran, but the FBI is on his back to find out what he can about the Cody's criminal activities.

Side Eye to Adrian - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 1

Adrian also knows that if any of the Codys find out he's an informant, he'll be soon be swimming with the fishes.

I can't tell if Smurf suspects something or not. She gave him a side eye at the family dinner, but it might be because she didn't want to discuss family business in front of Darren's lover.

She's smart to keep family business private even if Darren has no filter when it comes to sharing things with Adrian.

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I do not doubt that someone is going to find out Adrian's secret soon, and I bet it's either going to be Mia or Frankie who might give Adrian a break if they get something significant in return.

Those two are scavengers who will do anything for a buck. And neither are trustworthy, either -- especially Frankie.

Smurf Watches - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 1

Craig needs to stay far away from her and forget about the job she proposed to him. She's always been fishy, and something is certainly fishy here.

But Craig is a dufus, and he won't be able to resist. It's just his nature.

Another problem for the Codys is the appearance of a new crime gang robbing banks all over the place. 

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It's unclear if they're working the same area as the Codys, but if not, they'll be arriving soon.

The girl is a bit curious, and somehow, I get the feeling that she and J might end up together.

She seems to have her own agenda now that the rest of her crew dissed her, and once a character gets a chip on their shoulder on Animal Kingdom, you know it's going to be trouble.

Smurf Watches a Fight - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 1

There are many different forces at play right now, and Smurf is going to have to navigate them all carefully -- both seen and unseen.

There is no doubt she can handle it, but she can't do it alone which is why she needs Pope.

Whether he comes out of his funk or not is anyone's guess, but if he doesn't, Smurf may be in a hell of a lot of trouble.

Over to you!

What did you think of the season premiere of Animal Kingdom?

Who is this new crime family about to infringe on Cody territory?

Will Pope end up helping Smurf or is it over between them?

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Who will be the one to find out about Adrian?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Craig: Ah, so it's Darren that's holding you back?
Darren: Jesus. Are you done?
Craig: If you love something, set it free. Bro.

You seem like a nice kid, but if you can't help us catch bigger fish, we'll settle for you.