Goliath: Amazon Seals the Fate of Billy Bob Thornton Series

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Billy Bob Thornton's starring vehicle at Amazon, Goliath has been a wild ride.

Today, the streamer announced the fate of the legal drama.

So, will there be another season featuring Thornton as Billy McBride?

Goliath Season 3 Poster

The simple answer is yes.

The longer answer is yes, and you better enjoy it while it lasts because Goliath Season 4 will be the series' last.

Goliath Season 3 dropped on Amazon on October 4, 2019, and in a couple of words, it was bat-sh!t crazy!

During its latest season, Billy's dear friend Bobbi (Sherilyn Fenn) got sucked into a sinkhole in her vineyard thrusting him into the world of water rights in northern California.

Billy Bob Thornton on Goliath

Also starring Nina Arianda and Tania Raymonde, the season had some pretty terrific guest stars.

Dennis Quaid was at the center of the season's thrilling arc as a wealthy corporate farmer named Wade, and Amy Brennaman joined as Wade's sister, Diana.

Other guest stars included This Is Us regular Griffin Dunne, Beau Bridges, and Illeana Douglas.

William Hurt also appeared all too briefly as Billy's former partner and nemesis, Donald Cooperman.

Dennis Quaid on Goliath

"I’m thrilled we get another season to tell Billy McBride’s story. Our latest case tackles a timely global crisis that impacts an entire generation, and we will be adding some exceptional talent to our already amazing cast,” said executive producer Lawrence Trilling.

“I’m so grateful to everyone at Amazon for their support of the show. Jennifer, Steve, and Geyer have been dream partners, Billy Bob is a constant inspiration, and I’ve been blessed to work with a stellar cast and crew."

Showrunner Trilling is the third in as many seasons for the drama having replaced Clyde Phillips who replaced original showrunner, David E. Kelley, who developed the original.

Amy Brenneman on Goliath

As the fourth season looms, it's imperative that we get some closure between Billy and Cooperman, and since Billy was on his back in a parking lot after getting shot point-blank in a motel parking lot, it's possible the final season will include a time jump.

As each season has embraced the absurd just a little tighter, let's hope that it goes out burning bright.

Originally secured by former Amazon Studios President Roy Price, Goliath is one of the last series from his reign.

Jennifer Salke developed current juggernauts The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan.

Wheeler Lights Up

The Man In the High Castle begins its final season tomorrow while Transparent ended with a movie earlier this year.

What would you like addressed during Goliath's final season?

Could wild horses keep you away from watching?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.


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