Anne With An E: A Shirbert Dessert For Every Fan

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The existence of Anne With An E brought with it a fierce love for the history that comes with the storylines that are being told. But it also created an even bigger love for the relationship between Anne Shirley Cuthbert and Gilbert Blythe.

As their story in Season 3 brought them closer to the truth about their feelings for one another, so did our hope for their future.

Unfortunately with the Season 3 finale came the announcement from Netflix that when it drops there it will be the conclusion to the story.

Anne with An E Lead Photo

Fans reacted right away, trending with over seven million tweets so far about a renewal for the show and creating a fan petition. It's a testament to the passion and the love that the viewers picked up from the show itself. 

As the fans continue to push for a renewal or a possible movie to wrap up the show, it felt like the right time to immerse ourselves in the (sweet) journey that Gilbert and Anne took us on with them. 

Epic Elderflower Shirbert Love

Anne and Gilbert Kiss

There are probably words for this scene, but we still don't have them. 

It's like not knowing that we need to prepare for something like this and having it destroy us in the best way possible. After the whirlwind that was Season 3, Gilbert and Anne finally coming together from the miscommunications and lost letters and the denial was truly picture perfect.

There's nothing but hope on the horizon for them, if only we could get to see more of it. It isn't fair to get to this point and not experience more of Anne and Gilbert at their peak. 

Fierce Mandarin Shirbert Introduction 

First Anne and Gilbert Moment

It is an iconic moment for them, a historic point in their relationship that shapes their story. It's fascinating to look at this now and compare it to how far they have come now.

Who else is kind of shocked looking back at this now?

The Cherry Limeade Shirbert Shock 

Anne and Gilbert Together

It hits you right in the feels, so much tension and so much potential all in one look that Anne and Gilbert share. 

There's something to be said about unspoken feelings that live right at the surface, it is not appreciated as much as it should be. It's an art navigating the surface level conversation while actual romance bubbles underneath. 

If only Gilbert knew that Anne knew about her feelings for him, If only it were n't so perfectly positioned. If only. 

All The Grape Shirbert Potential 

Anne and Gilbert Smiling

Happiness seems so underrated at a time when angst drives so many romantic stories for us onscreen.

So when a show takes time out to just let two people enjoy each other's company and smile, it is all kinds of perfect for the audience. There might have still been all this lingering emotion that went unsaid, specifically that part where Gilbert was leaning in to kiss Anne.

And yet what is most engaging is just how natural all this felt. It is easy to point to this moment and say this is what loving Gilbert and Anne together means. A scene like this represents the couple as a whole for their fans and the audience. 

Sicilian Orange Shirbert Holiday Surprise 

Gilbert and Anne Christmas Surpise

It is all one big meaningful metaphor that everyone should have seen coming.

It was also a new beginning, the start of something in Gilbert and Anne's understanding of one another. Their past was still part of where they were when it came to one another, and yet there was this promise of something different in the future. 

But also this was just a Gilbert and Anne scene was emotionally, aesthetically, and generally pleasing. The true gift of the episode. 

Mint and Grapefruit Shirbert Smiles

Anne and Gilbert Moment

Soft smiles, open hearts, can't lose. 

Gilbert and Anne always manage to perfect the idea of what could be. They may be living in that specific moment, but the looks they share and the smiles they save for each other constantly tease the idea of more.

That's why it feels so easy hoping for more, there's an obvious lingering promise that exactly that is heading their way. So getting to follow them along on the ride is just an honor.

Precious Passionfruit Shirbert 

Gilbert and Anne Kiss

Gilbert spent so much time second-guessing Anne's feelings for him, so witnessing this was almost a miracle.

He finally decided to take a risk instead of stepping away before finding out the answer to his question. And the answer was so wholesome and sweet.

A Shirbert break has never felt so perfect, and this is only the beginning for the couple! 

Soft Peach Shirbert and Cream

Anne and Gilbert in School

Is it a trope where that one person in a relationship watches the other person but the second person doesn't realize what is happening?

Well if it is, then please sign us up for at least one example of this per season. 

Gilbert is nothing if not smitten, and getting to see that is the perfect holiday present to us all. 

The Rainbow Shirbert of Possibilities 

Anne and Gilbert Talk About The Future

A future together. Your future together! 

For two brilliant people, Gilbert and Anne can sometimes be so blind to what is being mentioned in their conversations with one another. 

He was expressing that, if he were going to take notice of anyone, it would be her, and Anne was hoping that if he took notice of anyone, it would be her too. It was right there and yet they still cluelessly walked around it and made it such an obvious but frustrating process.

Is there where the "now kiss" meme comes in?

Lime Shirbert Hints of Happiness 

Anne and Gilbert Looks

Looking to the future isn't always easy, especially when the fans are dealing with trying to get the show renewed. 

In a way, that is them trying to make it possible to look forward when it comes to Anne and Gilbert's story again. Who can blame them?

Getting to witness what could be if we keep watching is what drives the audience to push for more. It is encouraging to see how committed fans are to try to get a renewal for their favorite show. It  is a continuous reminder that so much support for the show is rooted in love. 

Memorable Mojito Shirbert 

Gilbert and Anne's Goodbye Moment

Let's admit it, we love a domestic moment between a favorite ship of ours. Shirbert is no exception.

It isn't that Gilbert is coming back for a kiss, even though it is, it is more about what all this represents. While they were comfortable around each other, in many ways, they still couldn't be as open.

This is where the tide changes, with Gilbert feeling confident in the way that Anne feels about him to take that plunge. It isn't just a kiss, it represents the shift in the way they exist for one another. 

It's fine. 

All The Red Raspberry Shirbert Sunshine

Anne and Gilbert Holiday Cheer

It was platonic and did not make any romantic sense at all.

Except that it did, and here we are getting to experience it again in a new light. Such a small moment and yet in the context of the Gilbert and Anne story, there is plenty that this look offered. 

Because it doesn't always have to be about the grand gestures that happen between our favorite ship, sometimes it is just that time taken out of an episode to solidify that something is growing in front of our eyes. 

Blueberry Shirbert Wonders

Gilbert and Anne Glances

A quality relationship, friendship based or more, has to be in sync.

It doesn't mean it is explored that way intentionally, yet somehow it will always get to that place regardless.

Anne and Gilbert manage to prove that time and time again just with this. A small glance here or there becomes the potential for more down the line, all because of how well they just exist near one another. 

Comforting Cucumber & Mint Shirbert Scoop 

Anne and Gilbert Hug

Is anyone able to watch this moment without crying?

If you do, please let us know in the comments below how you manage to make that happen because we still can't. 

The angst and the pain are just too much, so we need all the advice we can get. 

Sweet Chocolate Shirbert Season

Anne and Gilbert Goodbye

How many times can we discuss this scene? The limit does not exist. 

The way Gilbert still doesn't truly believe that Anne could have feelings for him and the way she is trying to catch up with the fact that Gilbert always loved her.

That is the reason watching the two is so sweet and an actual meal regardless of the place they might be in with one another. 

The acting in this scene is just too much. 

Unexpected Watermelon Shirbert 

Anne and Gilbert Face Off

Much like Anne, we also don't have words for what happened here.

What is clear here though is how pivotal this was for the two of them, or at least for Anne. 

Gilbert had to have known that he had feelings for Anne before this, so it was all about her finally facing what was in front of her for a while as well.

Beyond that, though it is also about how relatable and innocent this was, everyone has had this moment in their lives with their crush, so it is uplifting getting to see how naturally it was explored here. 

Dried Apricot Campfire Shirbert Dreams

Anne and Gilbert's Campfire Talk

A couple isn't epic if they don't have at least one scene set by a campfire.

It's just a fact.

While the outcome of this should have been different if only because of how frustrating miscommunication can be, the result is an intense interaction between Gilbert and Anne. 

There is also plenty to be said about the cinematography aspect of it, the way Gilbert looked at Anne before they spoke and how the lighting contributed to the gloomy misunderstanding that would evolve from there. 

Pineapple Shirbert Evolution 

Gilbert and Anne Meet

In this house, we support a gentleman.

Evolution is always just as much about the beginning as the end, so looking back this was a sweet gesture that gave us a preview of what was to come. 

Cheeky Maple Shirbert Moments 

Gilbert and Anne Dance

We will give you a second to enjoy this meal before we say anything.

Fans can't exactly get blamed for enjoying this scene as much as they did, it was a combination of playful and hopeful and fun and adorable. Gilbert and Anne got to enjoy this dance moment instead of worrying about what the other thinks, which manifested in this glimpse into what their relationship could always be.

And it was all in the little moments, the way Gilbert was planning a way to be the one to dance with Anne and the way they smiled at one another the whole time.

Awkward Champagne Shirbert Fueled Fever Dreams

Awkward Anne and Gilbert Silence

Their awkward is our exciting.

Jealousy shouldn't be as entertaining as it is, yet here we are. It is considered a trope for a reason though, with it holding up over time because there is just something about getting to see Anne and Gilbert in this place.

Anne can't voice what she is feeling and Gilbert loves her too, it's the best kind of a mess. 

Pure Pear Vanilla Shirbert Conclusion 

Anne and Gilbert Come Together

Look at this! Look at them! Look at it! Look!

There is so much more to go and even if there's a distance between them, the soft energy that exists around them can't be taken away from fans so soon.

They are finally happy in a way they haven't been before, and it is because of each other. There was no way this wouldn't happen, it is in the original story and every adaption because it is the one definitive point. And yet, knowing all that didn't properly prepare any of us for this.

We finally get to experience this happiness, and now we have to move? Not likely. 

What are your favorite Anne and Gilbert scenes from the series? What did you want to see after that Season 3 finale? How committed are you to the Renew Anne With An E for Another Season agenda?

How much did you love the way the show adapted their take on the Anne and Gilbert timeline to allow fans to enjoy their love sooner?

Let us know what you think below!

And if you would like to join the efforts on Twitter to try to save Anne With An E, the hashtags #RenewAnneWithAnE and #SaveAnneWithAnE are the ones being used by the fans in full force. 

Stick around TV Fanatic for more features and discussion of the series as it prepares to drop on Netflix and as fans continue to fight for its return.

Yana Grebenyuk was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in April 2021.

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