Courtroom Battles of 2019 That Wrecked The System

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TV characters usually wreak havoc while battling their way out of the legal system. 

Are they undermining the law for selfish reasons or giving the justice system a much-needed wake-up call? 

Courtroom Collage

Meredith's Medical License Hearing - Grey's Anatomy 

Hairy Situation- tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 8

Meredith has a long track record of questionable ethical and legal choices.

Instead of facing the consequences, the hearing over her medical license devolved into an “All hail Meredith Grey” fest. 

Meredith kept her license, got her job back, and continues to have unchecked power to do as she likes.

Meanwhile, doctors like Schmidt are ostracized for doing the right thing. Thanks to Meredith, a broken system became more broken.    

Team Coachroach’s Experiment - The Good Place 

Face Off - The Good Place Season 4 Episode 8

Despite the setbacks and sabotage, Team Coachroach did it!  

They proved the points system was defective to the Judge, and she ruled in their favor. Small problem — this did not save humanity.

The Judge, in her infinite wisdom, decided the system was too messed up, and she had no choice but to cancel humanity.

Now if Team Coachroach doesn't come up with a new system before the Judge marbelizes the Janets, it's game over for everyone.   

The Dual Trials of Mr. & Mrs. Lodge - Riverdale 

Day In Court - Riverdale Season 4 Episode 5

Mr. and Mrs. Lodge have no problem using blackmail, frameups, and false evidence to achieve their goals.

Veronica learned those lessons so well she had Pops cook up fake books to get her father convicted and blackmailed Governor Dooley into pardoning her mother.

Those tactics backfired on her big time.

The charges against Hiram were dropped, and then he was elected mayor of Riverdale. Meanwhile, Hermione retook her place as Hiram's dutiful wife.  

Divorce: Maisel Style - The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 

Blowing a Bubble - The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Midge and Joel finally agreed to make their split official and get a divorce.

The two of them had all the details nicely worked out. Then they went to court, and Susie broke loose.

Her efforts to speed up the proceedings only made the judge more confused.

He granted the divorce just to get them all out of his hair. For the sake of his health, he better hope a different judge handles Joel and Midge’s second divorce.   

Varys' Trial for Treason - Game of Thrones 

Varys the Betrayer  - Game of Thrones

Varys had grown leery of Dany’s governance. He leaked the truth of Jon’s parentage in hopes Jon would ascend to the Iron Throne.

 Dany found out and had Varys tried and executed for treason.

This latest betrayal coming soon after losing Rhaegal and Missandei hardened Dany's resolve to break the wheel.

She could have flown straight to the Red Keep and taken the throne. Instead, she burned down her kingdom. 

Hell and Heaven vs. Crowley and Aziraphale - Good Omens 

Demon & Angel - Good Omens

Pissed off at Crowley and Aziraphale for averting the end of days, Hell and Heaven quickly tried and sentenced the two of them to death.

However, the demon and the angel just wouldn't die. 

Unbeknownst to their former bosses, Crowley and Aziraphale switched bodies, which rendered them immune to the chosen methods of execution.

While the forces of Hell and Heaven couldn’t understand why nothing was going to plan, Crowley and Aziraphale went out for tea.  

The Los Angeles Missile Crisis - The Rookie

Not According To Plan - The Rookie Season 2 Episode 6

Officer Nolan was testifying in court when everyone in LA received notification of a pending missile strike.

What followed was a more literal example of a court battle. First, the judge tried to refuse to provide shelter for everyone. Then a pair of prisoners tried to escape.

Nolan, Jessica, and Wesley (with a last-minute assist from Lopez and West) resolved the crises, but the legal system suffered two huge blows.

A far too biased judge likely remains on the bench, and if Wesley doesn't recover from the trauma, the career of a good legal rights advocate was cut short. 

The Blake Carrington Murder Trial - Dynasty 

Vouch for Me - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 8

Blake Carrington will save his skin -- no matter the cost.

This means he, Cristal, and Anders will bribe judges, intimidate witnesses, and commit perjury to get an acquittal on murder charges. 

All this illegal activity almost makes it karmic for Alexis to strut into the courtroom as a surprise witness.

Of course, knowing Alexis, she's not testifying to ensure a just result. She'll stoop to Blake's level to put him behind bars, and she'll do it dramatically.   

The Legends vs. The Salem Witch Trials  - DC's Legends of Tomorrow 

Zari at Stake - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

The Legends came to Salem to get rid of a fairy godmother.

Though she didn't like it, Sarah made the call not to interfere with the Salem witch trials because they occurred in the original timeline. Zari, on the other hand, couldn't care less about preserving history when an innocent woman's life was on the line.     

Zari staged an attack at Jane's trial to free her.

She caused a panic, busted some heads, but instead of saving Jane, Zari got herself captured. Fortunately, Sarah had a change of heart and rescued both of them before they burned at the stake. 

President McCord's Impeachment Trial - Madam Secretary 10

Testifying in Her Own Behalf - Madam Secretary Season 6 Episode 9

President McCord's enemies brought impeachment charges against her because they didn't like her policy decisions.

Their evidence amounted to nothing but false narrative and conspiracy theories about McCord's secret alliances with Iran and China. 

What was the price of this political hatchet job? A good leader had her attention diverted and her confidence eroded.

She and her family endured a campaign of endless harassment. Plus, an exorbitant amount of taxpayer dollars went down the drain.   

Ambrose's Trial for Murdering the Anti-Pope - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

Prudence and Ambrose - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 20

Father Blackwood set up Ambrose to take the fall for the Anti-Pope’s murder.

Then he attempted to use the trial as a way of baiting Sabrina into using her new powers so he could burn her as a heretic.

He did all of this to retain his power and his system.

Despite the dirty power plays, he couldn’t outwit the Spellmans. After Ambrose was freed, the Council stripped Blackwood of his role as interim Anti-Pope. 

The Final Con - Suits 

Harvey in Court - Suits Season 9 Episode 9

Suits built its premise around defrauding the legal system.

Naturally, the show couldn’t end without Harvey and company pulling off one last con.  No question they had to get rid of Faye but in doing so, they committed extortion and fraud.

Harvey had to leave the firm to seal the deal.

It’s not too big of a price to pay since he’ll live happily ever after with Donna. He'll also keep practicing law and undermining the system he swore to uphold.  

Spiro (and Red Rock) vs. Hawkins - The Resident 

Being Deposed - tall  - The Resident Season 3 Episode 9

Spiro had grounds for filing a malpractice action against Conrad.

It doesn’t excuse Kim and Cain from using the lawsuit as a pretense for getting rid of a resident who would hurt their profitability. 

Devon foiled the plan because he committed perjury.

It was a “hell yeah” moment for Conrad and Devon’s friendship, but the consequences of lying under oath can endanger doctors and patients. It also did nothing to deter Red Rock from finding a way to fire Conrad.

What other courtroom battles unleashed chaos, TV Fanatics?

Did they do it for the right reasons or selfish ones?

Hit the comments below!

Becca Newton wis a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in February of 2023

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