Days of Our Lives Round Table: Salem's Worst Mother's Day

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The Mother’s Day viewers missed due to the time jump was finally revealed, and the truth was more heartbreaking than we imagined.

Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Ronnie from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate the big revelations, Summer’s return, Victor’s plan, and what should happen next in Salem.

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Rate the Mother’s Day revelations from 1 (Disappointing) to 10 (Wow!).

Ronnie: 4. And I'm being nice. I don't think the heavily promoted "flashbacks week" lived up the hype. At all. I'm now questioning why we even needed a time jump in the first place.

Jack: I'm going to give it a 7. I wasn't surprised by much of it, but it was emotional and painful to watch.

I was disappointed that Will is in jail for supposedly killing Adrienne instead of having a story about him and Sonny trying to adopt or use a surrogate to have another child.

I would have rather seen that play out than this. And it was hard to watch the scenes with Adrienne when I knew they were going to end in her death.

Christine: I’m going with a 7 as well. Although I knew most of what would happen, and I had to suspend a lot of logic to go along with the accident and baby switch stories, the performances were very compelling.

The actors brought their A-games. The only downside was that with so many deaths, it was a really depressing week to watch.

An Early Labor - Days of Our Lives

What did you think of Summer’s return? Was it necessary? Do you want her to come back?

Ronnie: I never wanted to see Summer again, and I really thought she was long forgotten. Her return was nonsensical. And no offense to the actresses, but the scenes between Summer and Maggie were some of the worst I've seen on this show.

Jack: Don't get me started on this. I always thought Summer was a pointless character, to begin with, and these last scenes were totally ridiculous. I

t's obvious her reappearance was only a catalyst for Maggie to drink again. I didn't find that believable and I didn't care one bit that she's dying of liver disease (especially since she looked perfectly healthy.)

Christine: Summer has always been a terrible waste of screen time, and this was no exception. I had wished the writers would forget she existed and instead she was brought back to give Maggie an excuse to drink and cause a horrific accident.

The only upside is that perhaps Summer really did die of her liver disease and we won’t ever have to deal with her again.

(TALL) Kristen Has a Complication - Days of Our Lives

Did Kristen purposefully kill Hayley? Should she be held accountable for Hayley’s death?

Ronnie: Kristen didn't actually push Haley down the stairs, but she's still responsible for her death. Not that I care, Haley was the most boring person on earth.

Jack: This reminded me of when Julie fell down the steps. Kristen, like Gabi, didn't mean to kill Haley. She was fighting with her and Haley fell.

But if Will can be held accountable for Adrienne's death, which was also an accident, Kristen can and should be held accountable for Haley's. Of course, we know she won't be, but still.

Christine: Kristen was out of her mind with grief, so I don’t consider her to blame for Hayley’s death. She didn’t follow Hayley into that stairwell with any intent to do her harm, she just wanted to know what happened to her baby.

It really was horrible, but it was an accident.

(TALL) Xander's Decision - Days of Our Lives

Do you blame Victor and Xander for protecting Maggie and letting Will believe he caused the accident?

Ronnie: I absolutely do. They ruined a lot of lives that night with their decisions, and nothing justifies it. But I'm sure they're both going to be whitewashed soon enough.

Jack: I know Victor doesn't want Maggie to go through the pain of realizing she killed Adrienne and also her newborn granddaughter, but his plans wreaked all sorts of havoc, and in a way, it's enabling taken to an extreme.

Haley's death, Will's guilt, and the disintegration of Will and Sonny's marriage all stemmed from Victor's nonsense. And Maggie needs to face what she's done and try to make amends.

And yes, Will deserved to be punished for texting and driving, but since he didn't actually cause the accident, that's not what he should have been convicted of.

Christine: I completely understand Victor’s intent. His first instinct is to protect those he loves at all costs. Xander also wanted to protect Maggie and Sarah, plus he desperately wants to keep his place in the family with Victor.

But the fact that I understand it doesn’t make it remotely right. Maggie did cause two deaths, and Sarah did lose her child. Inevitably, the truth will come out and Victor’s actions have only made the fallout that much worse. 

Plus, Victor will lose Brady forever once he learns that his grandfather let him think his child was dead and gave the baby to someone else. I don’t see how that can possibly be forgiven.

(TALL) Confiding in JJ - Days of Our Lives

During a week of heartbreak, what was the most heartbreaking scene of the week?

Ronnie: Will realizing that he might be responsible for the accident and telling Sonny.

Jack: All of Justin and Sonny's scenes at Adrienne's bedside after she died were heartbreaking, especially when they started with the flashbacks of Justin and Adrienne.

Christine: Kristen saying goodbye to her baby. She has wanted that baby desperately for most of her adult life and, despite all she’s done, she didn’t deserve this.

(TALL) Reliving Adrienne's Death - Days of Our Lives

Now that we know the truth about the accident and the baby switch, what do you hope to see happen next?

Ronnie: I would like the whole town to turn on Victor and for it to stick. He's embraced the fact that he's a villain again, and that's how I always liked him best.

But the rest of Salem needs to acknowledge it and treat him accordingly. His relationship with Brady needs to be forever altered after this.

Jack: I'm looking forward to all of this getting undone and the truth being revealed. I'm especially interested in how JJ will react to learning about the baby switch.

Maggie recently offered to be his sponsor, but he may blame her and Victor for Haley's death, since Haley would not have died had Kristen not thought her baby was dead.

Christine: I want Kristen and Brady to know their baby is alive, but I hate that it means Sarah had to lose her child. There is no good way to resolve this story, and that makes it difficult to watch.

I also hate that Ciara gets to be so self-righteous now that she knows the truth. It just makes me dislike her more.

(TALL) Anna's Betrayal - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline from this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Ronnie: I thought Chandler Massey did a marvelous job as Will this entire week. He's the one who touched me the most. Will related scenes, in general, were enjoyable for me.

Jack: This was such a hard week. I liked the Tony and Anna stuff because it was a break from the depressing stuff, and it's always great to see Thaao Phenglis.

I also liked the flashbacks of Justin and Adrienne, which were a good replacement for an actual funeral.

Christine: The Justin and Adrienne flashback were fantastic. I especially loved their first meeting with the handkerchief and Justin remembering how Adrienne went through so much crap growing up, but it only made her stronger.

(TALL) Tragedy Strikes - Days of Our Lives

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