Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 4-06-20: A Heartbreaking Truth Comes Out!

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A lot of hearts are about to be broken.

The Days of Our Lives spoiler video for the week of 4-06-20 shows Nicole telling Eric the truth about Mackenzie's parentage.

This is going to be painful for the characters involved, but exciting for viewers.

Days of Our Lives - Spoilers Week of 4-06-20

The spoiler video gives us snippets of the high drama to come.

While Xander and Victor fret about the possibility that their baby-switch plan is about to unravel, a tearful Nicole tells Eric the truth, who then tells Sarah as well as vowing to kill Xander.

Xander knew the truth. I'm gonna kill him.


And it looks like the two men come to blows after that.

The big question here is how and when this all unfolds.

With Xander and Sarah slated to tie the knot soon, will Days of Our Lives remain true to form and have the secret come out at the wedding? Or will Sarah call off the wedding because she learns about this ahead of time?

Viewers speculated about Sarah's likely reaction to this news on the Days of Our Lives Round Table for the week of 3-30-20.

Many viewers expect that Xander will at least offer to go on the run with Sarah so that they can keep Mackenzie, but this doesn't fit her character, and spoiler photos suggest she'll give up the baby.

This poor child will be confused and possibly psychologically scarred since Sarah has raised her for almost the first year of her life. The best thing to do would be to arrange for shared custody, but that doesn't seem likely.

Another wild card is Kristen. She's sworn off bad behavior since giving birth to a supposedly dead baby, but she pushed Haley down the stairs when she found out her baby was gone. So there's no telling how she'll react when she finds out that her baby never died in the first place.

But first, we need to get through the heartbreak of Eric and Sarah learning the truth. Check out our full list of spoiler photos below to find out what's likely to happen with this story and several others on Days of Our Lives during the week of 4-06-20.

Nicole Reveals The Truth - Days of Our Lives

Nicole reveals the truth to Eric about Mackenzie.

After talking with Dr. Raynor, Nicole seemed to be having doubts about telling Eric the truth. Thank goodness that was short-lived!

Not only would there be no story movement if she kept this to herself, but it would be a repeat of her idiotic decision in 2014 to shred the proof that Kristen raped Eric after risking her life to get that proof. And no one wants a rerun of that.

Hopefully, Eric will understand why Nicole lied about the purpose of her trip to New York and not lash out at her when there are more important things going on.

Planning His Nuptials - Days of Our Lives

Xander makes plans for his and Sarah's nuptials.

It looks like we're getting some eye candy, since Xander is making his plans while shirtless. Or is Days of Our Lives just teasing us?

Anyway, this wedding doesn't seem likely to happen, and that's heartbreaking.

Xander was wrong to switch the babies, but he was trying to help protect Sarah and Maggie from heartbreak, but that's not likely to count for anything with Sarah.

Xander/Sarah are one of the best new couples in Salem, but will they ever be able to overcome this devastating lie?

A Bold Decision - Days of Our Lives

Kayla makes a bold decision in order to get Steve back.

Kayla is supposed to be operating on Stevano's eye, not anything else.

But this Stevano story has to end somehow, and Rolf isn't going to voluntarily remove the microchip suppressing Steve's real identity.

So Kayla is probably going to try to remove the microchip herself, with Sarah's help.

This is supposedly dangerous, but so far Days of Our Lives hasn't explained why doctors can't remove the chip without Rolf's help, so hopefully this will work out properly.

A Tearful Goodbye - Days of Our Lives

Eric shares a tearful goodbye with Mackenzie.

Unlike when he fought for sole custody of Holly for selfish reasons, this time Eric is going to do the right thing.

He didn't know he was the real Mackenzie's father til six months in, and now he's going to learn that this isn't his daughter and have to give her up.

That's heartbreaking, but the real victim in all this is baby Mackenzie/Rachel.

She's almost a year old and knows Sarah as her mother, even if she has had two different daddies. What is this sudden switch in caregivers going to do to her, especially coupled with having to adjust to a new name?

An Unexpected Complication - Days of Our Lives

Kayla and Sarah encounter an unexpected complication during Steve's surgery.

Of course they do.

After all, they're likely performing an unauthorized surgery involving removing technology from Steve's brain that they know nothing about.

Hopefully, Steve doesn't have lasting brain damage at the end of all this -- and wakes up aware that he is Steve and not Stefano.

But whatever the complication is, Kayla will probably end up living with some guilt over it.

Coming Face-to-Face - Days of Our Lives

Evan meets with Ben face-to-face.

In case you've forgotten what Evan has to do with Ben (I almost did!), he's the person who really killed Jordan.

His face-to-face encounter will be a good test of Ben's resolve to be a different man. Will he resist the urge to punch a probably-handcuffed Evan in the face or worse, attempt to strangle him?

Ben and Evan will probably have some choice words for each other, but hopefully, Ben can wipe the smirk off of Evan's face without resorting to violence.

Fearing He'll Lose Her - Days of Our Lives

Justin confides in Jennifer about his fear of losing Kayla.

We knew this was coming.

Kayla used that oft-quoted phrase about Steve being her past and Justin being her future, which on Days of Our Lives is almost always code for "eventually, I'm going to return to my true love."

It's going to be painful for Justin to step aside, but hopefully, this conversation with Jennifer is part of him coming to terms with the fact that Steve is coming back and that will be that.

The bigger question is what Justin's going to do once Kayla and Steve reunite. His true love is dead, and with Sonny and Will slated to leave Salem in the fall, is there any reason for Justin to stick around?

A Touching Moment - Days of Our Lives

Victor and Xander share a touching moment.

Oy. Xander is literally a walking Greek tragedy, isn't he?

He's about to get everything he always wanted. Sarah's eternal love, being a step-father to Mackenzie, and, judging from this spoiler, Victor's respect.

And then he's going to lose it all when everything falls apart and Mackenzie's real identity comes out.

This is painful to think about, so it's going to be heartbreaking to watch.

The Shock of Her Life/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Sarah gets the shock of her life.

Sarah thought she could put her fears of losing Mackenzie in the past now that the baby's cancer appears to be in remission.

But even in her worst nightmares, she never imagined that Mackenzie would turn out to be Kristen's baby and that her baby was actually dead.

Knowing Days of Our Lives, one of these days an alive Mackenzie will show up on Sarah's doorstep.

But for now, her heartbreak is going to be twice as bad as if she'd learned her baby died when it happened.

Trying to Help/Not Tall - Days of Our Lives

Marlena tries to help Steve.

Marlena's recovery from her own microchip operation must be fast!

Typical Days of Our Lives, but that's disappointing. I was hoping for Marlena to have some psychological fallout from having almost been raped while microchipped.

But she's needed to help guide Steve through what he's missed this last year and come to terms with what he did as Stevano, so maybe there'll be some strong drama there.'

So what are you most looking forward to, Days of Our Lives fanatics?

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