Days of Our Lives Summer Spoilers: Who's Getting Married?

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It's going to be a sizzling hot summer in Salem.

According to Soap Opera Digest, Days of Our Lives has exciting plans for the summer, including four weddings, a funeral, and more.

Check out the spoilers below and let us know what you're most looking forward to!

Days of Our Lives Summer Spoilers 2020

The biggest news about the summer is that there will be, just like the Hugh Grant movie, four weddings and a funeral.

There is no word yet on who will be the latest Salem casualty. There have been far too many Salem funerals in recent memory as it is, and there are three major characters slated to leave by September: Will, Sonny, and Rafe.

We've already gone down the path of killing WIll off only for him to be resurrected, so it's not likely to be him, but fans would be equally devastated if it was Sonny. 

Will Rafe be the one to say a final goodbye to Salem? Or will he go off into the sunset with baby David while someone else dies?

As for the weddings, many of the other spoilers suggest who will be tying the knot, and we'll have the pleasure of one wedding per week before things get sad again. 

Eric and Nicole in Love - Days of Our Lives

Eric and Nicole Get Engaged

Ericole fans should be excited for their couple's upcoming storyline.

For one thing, head writer Ron Carlivati has hinted on Twitter that they may finally get married after years of on-and-off angst.

For another, the couple is going to have to overcome a pre-wedding obstacle: a newly aged Allie, who is every bit as devious as her mother and who shows up on Eric's doorstep with a secret and a demand he take her in.

Leaving aside that the child verison of Allie's personality was the furthest thing from Sami's, this might be a fantastic story that uses legacy characters and gives Eric something to do besides fight with Brady. And of course, we hope that Eric and Nicole finally go the distance, since this isn't their first broken engagement.

Abby Learns the Truth - Days of Our Lives

Abigail leaves Salem,

Kate Mansi is leaving Days of Our Lives sometime in May, and we finally have some news about Abigail's exit story.

Abigail and Chad will depart for Florida so that Abigail can get the treatment she needs to get rid of her hallucinations. It doesn't really make sense that she would need treatment since this time her hallucinations were drug-induced, but we'll see what this entails.

In any case, Chad will return during the summer to face off once again with Gabi, who will be facing trial for allegedly drugging Abigail.

Whether she's guilty or innocent remains to be seen, but my money is on Orpheus having drugged Abigail, since he has grudges against all of Salem these days.

A New Love Triangle - Days of Our Lives

Will there be a new love triangle?

After learning the truth about her baby's death, Sarah has sworn off Xander forever. And Brady is currently single since Kristen is in hiding with his baby.

Usually, Brady jumps from woman to woman, and grief sex is a thing in Salem. Plus, Brady will soon be reinstated as CEO of Titan, and he wants to sabotage it from the inside...which could require Sarah's help.

The question is whether Brady and Sarah will remain friends or if, as usual, a business arrangement will turn into true least til Kristen returns.

Gabi Seeks Answers - Days of Our Lives

Gabi's quest for answers leads to a dangerous situation.

Gabi will continue to push for proof that Jake is really Stefan, and there could be consequences.

We know that Jake is involved with some shady characters who already beat Ben unconscious with a crowbar while looking for Jake, and we're going to get some more answers about that soon.

During the summer months, Gabi's determination to get answers will cause her to cross paths with the bad guys that want Jake. Most likely she will become Salem's latest kidnap victim (again!), as spoilers say that Jake will be forced to contact his ex, Gwen, to put an end to this situation.

At least it sounds like Jake is Jake and not Stefan after all, even if this does sound like a rerun of what happened when Aiden was rewritten to be shady.

A Surprising Decision - Days of Our Lives

Steve wants Kayla back.

Steve finally comes to his senses and realizes he wants Kayla after all.

Unfortunately, spoilers also say that Steve will walk in on Justin proposing to Kayla. 

This could drive him right into Hope's arms (ugh!).

Or will we have a rerun of Justin/Adrienne/Lucas, with Steve begging Kayla to take him back just as she is about to marry his rival?

Will and Sonny - Days of Our Lives

Will and Sonny adopt a child.

FINALLY we get back to Will and Sonny's desire to add another child to their family.

Spoilers say that an opportunity to do so comes their way. But since Will and Sonny are slated to leave in September, could this lead to their exit story?

The writers may have them depart for parts unknown to get their child, but I'd rather they leave as a family after adopting their new baby.

There's also no word on what happens to Ari since her mother is either going to be in jail or kidnapped and her daddies are leaving town.

Shawn, Belle & Claire - Days of Our Lives

Shawn, Belle, and Claire return.

Shawn and Belle are fan favorites, and Olivia Rose Keegan is one of the best actresses on Days of Our Lives. So anytime these three return is good news despite the ridiculousness of Claire's "mental illness" storyline.

There's no news about what they will be doing. They might be visiting because of one of the weddings or be in town for some other reason.

Let's hope Claire is cured and we're not in for another round of starting fires. For the love of all that is holy, let's not let Claire be responsible for whichever funeral is going to take place.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics! Let us know what you're most excited for during the summer of 2020 and what your theories are about these spoilers.

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