Love Hurts: 25 Obsessive Love Stories on TV

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Love is not always love ... especially not when it comes to obsessive love. 

We've seen the formula on many of our TV shows: infatuation turns to an unhealthy obsession which sometimes turns into full-on stalking. 

There are various types of obsessive love.

There's the outright stalker that hopes his good charms win over the girl before he eventually kills her. 

There's also the obsessed lover who hides behind a computer screen or mask, and then there are the subtler stalkers who think their behaviors are totally normal when, in fact, they're 100% creepy and dangerous.  

But the one thing they all have in common?

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The desire to possess and control the person they have strong feelings for without accepting rejection.

And this doesn't just pertain to men; women can be just as psychologically manipulative. 

Take a look below at some of the most obsessive love stories on TV! 

Which couples would you add to the list?



1. Debra & John - Dirty John

Debra & John - Dirty John
Dirty John is a real-life story that inspired a viral podcast and later, a Bravo TV series. From the outside, Debra had a perfect life, but she couldn't find love. But when she met John, a charming nurse anesthetist, she was swept off her feet. But John wasn't what he seemed and her children quickly picked up on his conman-like tendencies. You'll never believe how this twisted love story ends.

2. Joe & Beck - YOU

Joe & Beck - YOU
Joe was a classic sociopath that did a horrible job at lurking outside of apartments, but Beck never noticed because she was too busy trying to craft the perfect life on social media. She was an easy target -- she was impressionable with low self-esteem. She thought she'd hit the jackpot when she met Joe, but little did she know, he was going to be her biggest nightmare. The series allowed you to get inside Joe's mind and understand his motivations which, at times, made you almost agree with him. Scary.

3. Elena & Damon (and Stefan) - The Vampire Diaries

Elena & Damon (and Stefan) - The Vampire Diaries
While I was a huge #Delena fan, you have to admit that, at times, their relationship was a little creepy. Aside from their massive age difference, Damon spent hundreds of years trying to find Katherine, fell in love with her doppleganger then stole her from his brother Stefan, who also cozied up to Elena because of her resemblance to Katherine. Their relationship was toxic and controlling, but they couldn't let each other go.

4. Jen and Henry - Dawsons Creek

Jen and Henry - Dawsons Creek
Henry followed Jen around for months, stood outside her house for hours and would show up at her work just so she would talk to him. That's borderline creepy if you ask me.

5. Chuck and Blair - Gossip Girl

Chuck and Blair - Gossip Girl
We all looked at Chuck Bass through rose-tinted glass because duh, he's Chuck Bass. But really, the series tried to normalize and write off his controlling, possessive, dominant, and entitled ways as typical 'bad boy' behavior. He manipulated Blair on many occasions, tried to buy her affection with expensive gifts, and let's not forget, tried to sexually assault half the characters.

6. Peyton & Ian (Derek) - One Tree Hill

Peyton & Ian (Derek) - One Tree Hill
One Tree Hill was known for its outrageous storylines. Ian crept into Peyton's life by pretending to be her half-brother, Derek. We all knew there was something off with him by how creepily he sniffed Peyton's hair, when he hired a prostitute to dress up like her, and eventually, when he tried to rape her.

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