Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 6-22-20: Allie's Big Decision

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Allie has a big decision to make.

She already decided not to terminate her pregnancy, but on Days of Our Lives during the week of 6-22-20, she has to make another huge decision.

Spoilers suggest that she wants to give the baby up for adoption... and there are several potential parents.

Days of Our Lives - Spoilers Week of 6-22-20

The first half of the extended promo for the week of 6-22-20 makes Allie's search for potential parents look like a reality show contest.

Sonny and Will are excited to think they may be daddies again, Xander offers to help Sarah adopt a baby, and Rafe hugs Allie and tells her he's sure she will do what is best.

Of these three choices, Sonny and Will make the most sense. They are a stable (for Salem, anyway!) couple that is looking to expand their family, while both Sarah and Rafe recently suffered the devastating loss of a child.

Sarah's child is dead, while Rafe lost custody of David and is seeking visitation.

Either way, adopting a baby to "replace" the recently lost child seems callous.

There is also plenty of story movement on other fronts, as the extended promo also includes clips of Chad talking to Jack, Ciara talking to Shawn, and someone watching Lani as she prepares for her wedding.

The Abigail we know and love may never come back to us.


It's almost wedding time, so the drama has to heat up for all these weddings. But more interesting is Jack's reaction to Chad's news that Abigail may never be healed.

We have been down this road before, but Jack was a ghost/hallucination last time Abigail had a breakdown. Will he react with his usual optimism and faith to Chad's declaration?

NBC has also released 10 spoiler photos for Days of Our Lives during the week of 6-22-20. Check them out below and let us know what you're most looking forward to!

A Heated Exchange - Days of Our Lives

Chad and Gabi get into a heated exchange

Well, this comes as a surprise to... nobody.

Chad and Gabi do little else but spar over whether Gabi poisoned Abigail and who should be the CEO of Dimera Enterprises.

Hopefully, this time we'll at least avoid slurs against people with mental illness during the argument, but I'm not holding my breath.

Sarah Confesses to Xander - Days of Our Lives

Sarah makes a confession to Xander

Please, please, please let this mean that this juvenile pretend relationship with Brady is over!

Sarah acts more like an adult around Xander, so the sooner she can forgive him for everything, the better.

Besides, Sarah still has feelings for Xander. It's painfully obvious to everyone except her, and coming to terms with how she really feels might make for compelling drama.

Clashing Over Allie - Days of Our Lives

Nicole and Lucas clash over Allie

Of course they do.

The two ex-lovers have been on a collision course since Lucas found out about Allie's pregnancy.

Allie has chosen Nicole as a substitute mother and made it clear she would rather her father not be in her life right now. So Lucas has to be feeling jealous and frustrated.

It would be nice if the altercation didn't get physical for once, though. This looks like a set-up for Eric to think there's something between Nicole and Lucas after all these years.

A Wrench In Their Plans - Days of Our Lives

Eli throws a wrench in Victor and Brady's plans

Um, what?

Brady is trying to undermine Victor's company to get back at Victor, so what plan could these two possibly have together?

And how exactly will Eli mess things up?

Maybe Victor is going to try to do something to get Kristen back home for Brady's sake. That's the only thing I can think of that makes this spoiler make any sense whatsoever.

Telling Lucas Their Plans - Days of Our Lives

Will and Sonny inform Lucas of their plan

Will and Sonny have wanted to adopt a baby for a while now and Allie is pregnant. So this spoiler can only be about that.

Lucas should be thrilled that his eldest son wants to adopt his youngest daughter's baby. That's probably the best solution for everyone.

Of course, it's far from a done deal, especially with two other potential adopters wandering around Salem.

Giving Up Her Baby - Days of Our Lives

Allie tells Nicole and Eric she plans to give her baby to someone in Salem

I wonder if Nicole and Eric will also express interest in adopting the baby.

Eric lost baby Mackenzie too, after all, and Nicole has long lamented that she and Eric can't have a child together.

And Sami would have an absolute fit if she ever found out that Nicole had plans to adopt her granddaughter, especially after the fiasco with the Sydney baby switch all those years ago.

Having a Heart-to-Heart - Days of Our Lives

Kayla and Steve have a heart-to-heart

Well, it's about time!

(Side note: Justin appears to be MIA. He's always tied up in court off-screen lately.)

Will Steve FINALLY admit that he still wants Kayla back so we can get on with him fighting to make that happen?

There's no telling how Kayla will react if he does. She seems to be trying to convince herself that she prefers steady and stable Justin to spontaneous, impulsive Steve.

A Surprise Wedding Visitor - Days of Our Lives

The morning of her and Eli's wedding, Lani gets a surprise visitor

Kristen is supposed to come back for a short visit. She just couldn't stay away when her BFF Lani was getting married.

I still say Days of Our Lives made a mistake by not making Lani and Kristen's close friendship into something more. Their chemistry lights up the screen and they're always risking their lives and freedom for one another.

Either way, I'm looking forward to Stacy Haiduk's return even if it will be all too short.

Learning Her Fate - Days of Our Lives

Gabi prepares to learn her fate

Gabi may be innocent of drugging Abigail, but she still tried to stab an unwilling Jake with a syringe.

She should suffer some consequences for that, but this is Salem. Only innocent people and people leaving the show go to jail.

So she'll probably be exonerated and rub it in everyone's face while continuing with her annoying quest to prove Jake is Stefan.

Reservations About Claire - Days of Our Lives

Ben has reservations about Claire being Ciara's maid of honor

It's understandable, and yet it's not, that Ben is suspicious of Claire.

Claire has done nothing to prove herself and has been sneaking around and getting involved in a mess.

However, Ben also is a former mental hospital patient who was committed rather than given jail time after killing three people, and most of Salem tried to convince Ciara that he was bad news after his release.

So he is the last person who should be expressing doubts about someone in a similar situation.

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