Days of Our Lives Classic Couple Spotlight: Lucas and Sami

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There's just something about Days of Our Lives' Lucas and Sami! 

This couple has had its shares of ups and downs, sometimes becoming bitter enemies instead of friends and lovers.

In recent years, Days of Our Lives has made them friends and co-parents, allowing EJ Dimera to steal Sami's heart. Yet Lucas and Sami's one-of-a-kind chemistry lights up the screen every time they're together.

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Check out our Days of Our LIves Classic Couple Spotlight slideshow featuring Lucas and Sami in all the various stages of their relationship! Then hit the comments with your favorite memories of this couple and your thoughts on what the future should hold for them.

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1. An Awkward First Meeting

An Awkward First Meeting
Sami first met Lucas when she went backstage at a concert...and found him making out with the star she was there to see! Luckily for her, she got a second chance when Lucas' mother, Kate, gave her an internship. Sami thought Lucas looked familiar, but he had no memory of meeting her and was too busy trying to keep up his phony good-boy image with his mom to worry about it.

2. Partners in Crime

Partners in Crime
Sami soon discovered that Lucas shared her love of scheming her way to whatever she wanted. And what Sami wanted was older sister Carrie's boyfriend, Austin! Lucas was interested in Carrie, so he and Sami worked together to break up Carrie and Austin, unaware that they weren't just two friends doing each other an illicit favor.

3. Lucas Comforts Sami After She is Raped

Lucas Comforts Sami After She is Raped
Sami eventually moved on past both Lucas and Austin, setting her sights on Lucas' friend Alan, who happened to be obsessed with Carrie. One night, Sami came over to make dinner for Alan and he pinned her down and raped her. Lucas quickly picked up on something being off about Sami and she told him about the rape. Lucas comforted her and later both confronted Alan and helped Sami get proof so that Alan could be convicted at trial.

4. Sami and Lucas Make Love For the First Time

Sami and Lucas Make Love For the First Time
Lucas continued to be protective of Sami after he learned about the rape, and when he heard some girls bullying her about it, he stepped in. One thing led to another and that night, Sami and Lucas made love for the very first time.

5. Who's Will's Father?

Who's Will's Father?
Soon after making love with Lucas, Sami discovered she was pregnant. She thought the baby was Austin's, but later found out it was not. Determined to hold onto Austin, Sami lied about the baby's paternity, but Lucas began to develop fatherly feelings for his "nephew" and Carrie spilled the beans at Sami and Austin's wedding. This led to a long period of strife between Sami and Lucas.

6. From Lovers to Enemies

From Lovers to Enemies
After Lucas found out that Will was his, he and Sami got entangled in a bitter custody battle. Sami even tried to make it look like Lucas was abusing Will so that he wouldn't get custody.

7. The Franco Affair

The Franco Affair
Sami was so determined to keep Lucas away from Will that his love for her vanished and was replaced with hate. Sami nearly lost her freedom -- and her life -- when Lucas caught her new boyfriend Franco attacking Kate and killed him, which Kate then framed Sami for. Meanwhile, Lucas fell for Nicole, and Kate paid her $5 million to break up with Eric and marry Lucas so that Lucas could get custody of Will now that Sami was out of the way. However, Lucas couldn't do that to Sami and rushed to try to stop her from being executed after she was convicted of murder and sentenced to death.

8. Lucas Realizes What Sami Means to Him

Lucas Realizes What Sami Means to Him
Lucas and Sami remained bitter rivals until one night Andre threw Sami through a glass door during an argument. Sami nearly died and Lucas realized suddenly how much she meant to him.

9. The First Reconciliation

The First Reconciliation
Lucas took Sami home with him and helped her recuperate after the accident at the Dimera mansion. The two began to have feelings for each other again but didn't want Will to catch on until they were sure because they didn't want to get his hopes up for his parents to get back together.

10. Sami and Lucas Get Engaged

Sami and Lucas Get Engaged
There was more tragedy ahead for Sami, thanks to Andre Dimera, who made it appear that her beloved father Roman had been murdered. Lucas comforting Sami helped the two of them get close again and they decided to get engaged.

11. Kate Causes Trouble

Kate Causes Trouble
Kate was determined to break up Lucas and Sami, as she didn't think Sami was good enough for her son. She drugged both Sami and Brandon Walker and put them in bed together to convince Lucas that Sami had cheated on him. Lucas believed her, but with Nicole's help, Sami proved her innocence and the wedding was back on.

12. The Stan Disaster

The Stan Disaster
While Lucas and Sami were broken up, Sami's mental health deteriorated to the point that she began dressing as a man and called herself Stan. Stan was a troublemaker who sold painkillers to an addicted John Black and wreaked havoc in Salem. Unfortunately for Sami, when she and Lucas reconciled, Kate interrupted their wedding to reveal that Sami was Stan, causing the couple to break up once again.

13. The Third Break-Up

The Third Break-Up
Sami and Lucas tried a third time to get back together after Will ran away because he was upset about his parents' aborted marriage. This time, however, Lucas learned that Sami had blackmailed Lexie into telling Carrie that Carrie couldn't have children and he again walked out on Sami.

14. EJ Rapes Sami

EJ Rapes Sami
Some time later, Lucas and Sami managed to mend fences. By this time, Sami had kissed the evil EJ Dimera, unaware of his true identity, and then rejected him when she learned that he was Stefano's son -- and Kate's lover. Unfortunately, Lucas and Sami got trapped in their car during a snowstorm, and EJ came to the rescue. His help came with a price, however: Sami had to sleep with him or he would let Lucas die.

15. Lucas Learns About The Rape

Lucas Learns About The Rape
When Lucas learned about the rape, he was shocked to realize Sami was afraid he'd leave her. Recalling many years ago when he supported her after Alan raped her, he wondered when he became the kind of man who constantly betrayed her trust by walking out on her.

16. Johnny and Allie are Born

Johnny and Allie are Born
Soon after the rape, Sami discovered she was pregnant again, this time with twins. She hoped against hope that the twins were Lucas', but it turned out that her son Johnny was EJ's. However, her daughter Allie was Lucas', which meant that she was now bonded to Lucas through two children. Lucas, for his part, cared about Sami's welfare so much that he did his best to stall EJ while Sami was giving birth and even handcuffed EJ in the Pub to ensure he left Sami alone.

17. Sami Is Forced to Marry EJ

Sami Is Forced to Marry EJ
Stefano promised to end the feud between the Dimeras and the Bradys if Sami married EJ, so she divorced Lucas to protect her family.

18. Lucas Goes To Prison After EJ Is Shot

Lucas Goes To Prison After EJ Is Shot
EJ and Sami's wedding ended in tragedy when EJ was shot, nullifying Stefano's promise to end the vendetta against the Bradys. When Lucas found out that Will was the shooter, he confessed to the crime and went to jail himself so that Will's life wouldn't be ruined. Without Lucas there, Sami had to move on, at least for the moment.

19. Sami and Lucas Nearly Reconcile But EJ Interferes

Sami and Lucas Nearly Reconcile But EJ Interferes
When Lucas got out of prison, Sami got him to admit that he took the blame for Will. Sami began to get close to Lucas again, but EJ didn't like it and convinced Sami that Lucas was no longer the man for her.

20. Will Comes Out To His Parents

Will Comes Out To His Parents
Sami and Lucas both initially had a hard time accepting it when Will told them he was gay. They supported and helped each other move from confusion and denial to full acceptance, love, and support of their firstborn son.

21. Lucas Supports Sami Through Tragic Times

Lucas Supports Sami Through Tragic Times
Sami suffered a double tragedy when EJ was shot again, this time fatally, and then Will appeared to have been strangled by the Salem Necktie Killer. Lucas was there to grieve with her and support her through both of these tragedies.

22. Sami Helps Lucas Sober Up

Sami Helps Lucas Sober Up
When Bonnie disguised herself as Adrienne and broke up with Lucas, who had been seeing her, the latest loss triggered Lucas' drinking problem. Sami soon came to town in search of Will, who she heard might still be alive, and was instrumental in helping Lucas give up the bottle yet again.

23. Lucas and Sami Live in Europe

Lucas and Sami Live in Europe
Lucas dated Chloe for a while after Sami went to Europe to try to rehabilitate an alive-but-comatose EJ. However, after visiting Sami over the holidays, Lucas decided to stay there long-term because Allie was beginning to develop a drinking problem. Lucas and Sami last returned to Salem to support WIll when he developed a brain tumor. After Will was miraculously cured, the pair returned to Europe together. Sami says her heart belongs to EJ, but with EJ in a vegetative state and Lucas and Sami in close proximity to one another, who knows what the future may hold.

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