Absentia Season 3 Episode 4 Review: Alea Lacta Est

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Emily throws the dice with a plan to rescue Nick and keep her family safe on Absentia Season 3 Episode 4.

Is it a risky plan? Yes.

Is there a better one on the horizon? Not that I can see.  

Investigating a Shipment - Absentia Season 3 Episode 3

I just keep pulling people into this chaos and in the end, no one’s going to be left standing.


Emily felt guilty for Kai's death, but it wasn't her fault.

She didn't drag Kai into this. Kai came to Nick with her information and then refused FBI protection. Kai's belief that Meridian had sources in the FBI may have been correct, but again, that has nothing to do with Emily.

If anything, this is chaos that Kai brought into Nick's life, but Emily is the one who will have to dive into it headfirst in order to save her family. 

Emily was assuming that there's a person within the FBI who is feeding information to Meridian, and that may be correct, but I have another theory. 

Emily Is Upset - Absentia Season 3 Episode 4

What if Meridian has hacked into the FBI's communication systems? That also could have given them access to Nick's home address, Emily's file from Quantico, and once Crowne ordered a team to the mall, it could have led them to Kai. 

Perhaps the mole is an insidious computer virus and not an actual person. 

Or perhaps that's wishful thinking because I don't want to believe that Cal or Derek is a traitor. I don't even want to believe it's Julianne. 

Julianne's conversation with her girlfriend--or was it ex-girlfriend--was telling. She considers Emily all "guts and instinct," and that bothers her. Julianne is so emotionally closed off that she finds Emily difficult to relate to. 

Julianne: Now we should be working together on this, and yet here we are, two steps behind you, and I want to know why.
Emily: Because I don’t work with people I can’t trust.

Dealing With the Consequences - Absentia Season 3 Episode 4

It was ironic that Gunnarson seemed to be chastizing Emily for not working with the FBI when she told Emily she was still suspended and wasn't allowed on the case. 

Emily has never completedly trusted Julianne because I don't think Emily is capable of trusting anyone outside of her immediate family. She's been burned, badly, too many times in the past.

Emily will never forgive Gunnarson for killing Alice, but I can see both sides. Julianne saw Alice holding a gun on one of her agent, and she fired. I understand why the incident was considered justified.

But the flip side is that she didn't even try to gain Alice's attention or talk her down. Julianne shot and killed Alice, and Emily has always wondered if she did it purposefully to hide something.

It can be challenging to read Julianne and decipher her motivations, maybe because she compartmentalizes her emotions so well. 

Emily Goes Rogue - Absentia Season 3 Episode 4

When Gunnarson threw Emily's psychological evaluation in her face, I knew it wasn't going to go well, but I didn't expect Emily to punch her in the face. 

And a hell of a punch that was! 

My future here was over the day that you killed Nick’s wife.


Emily's career with the FBI appears to be over, but Cal continues to treat her like a partner and even encourage her when things look bleak.

Never fear to deliberately walk through dark places for that is how we reach the light on the other side.


Is that because he's loyal to Emily and wants to find Nick, or is he somehow hip-deep in this mess? 

What Does Cal Think? - Absentia Season 3 Episode 4

The tone of Cal's voice sounded strange when he asked Emily what was in the files. It was somehow both hesitant and over-eager at the same time. 

Cal knows more about Meridian than he's letting on, but is it classified information he's not allowed to share or is he secretly a part of the criminal enterprise?

I found it shocking that Emily didn't realize that Dawkins would go after Flynn next. Anyone who would abduct an FBI agent and transport him out of the country would have no qualms about going after her son to get what they wanted.

She was lucky that Flynn has inherited his mother's genes for detecting danger. It's not just anyone who can avoid a trained killer like Dawkins.

Sometimes I forget that Warren is a retired cop, and I did just that here until he mentioned knowing how to get rid of a tail. Hopefully, Warren and Flynn have gotten away quietly enough to keep them both safe. 

Dawkins At The Pool - Absentia Season 3 Episode 4

I don't think Emily could survive losing Flynn.

When Emily made that mysterious phone call, I had no idea to whom she was talking, and I was surprised when she got into the car with Dawkins.

But other than believing that Nick may have been transported to Berlin, Germany, Emily has no idea how to find him, and Dawkins is her only link to his location.

Will Dawkins buy that the cloned files are real? Will Emily ever figure out Kai's password to open them? 

And even if Dawkins does accept the files, is there any chance he'll actually return Nick or lead Emily to him?

Psychologically Tortured - Absentia Season 3 Episode 4

Poor Nick is being physically and psychologically tortured by people who appear to have information about every detail of his personal and professional life. 

The woman with the scarred face who looked mildly receptive to Nick's offer of FBI help didn't look the least bit open to the idea now, which drove home how hopeless Nick's current situation is. 

Even if Nick was willing to tell them what they want, does he even know where Kai kept the files? 

What do you think, Absentia fans? Was Julianne out of line in bringing up Emily's psychological evaluation? 

Will Emily regret punching her? 

Agent Gunnarson Isn't Happy - Absentia Season 3 Episode 3

And is a person feeding Meridian their information, or is a hacker or virus stealing it for them?

Let's head on to Absentia Season 3 Episode 5, but first, hit that BIG, BLUE, SHOW COMMENTS BUTTON down below to give us your opinions on Absentia!

Alea Lacta Est Review

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Absentia Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Never fear to deliberately walk through dark places for that is how we reach the light on the other side.


Julianne: Now we should be working together on this, and yet here we are, two steps behind you, and I want to know why.
Emily: Because I don’t work with people I can’t trust.