Big Brother Season 22 Episode 5 Review: Everybody Better Play

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It's day nine in the Big Brother house, and Memphis is settling into his new role as HOH.

In Big Brother Season 22 Episode 5, Memphis considers who will go on the block.

He can't finalize a decision until the Safety Suite takes place, though.

David Knows to Worry - Big Brother Season 22 Episode 5

David is immediately concerned with this new HOH win. He and Memphis haven't talked much at all, so David doesn't feel safe under his reign.

Bayleigh and Janelle talk, too, and they think they're safe. Bayleigh knows they are not officially aligned with one another, but she thinks she gets along with him well enough to be safe. 

Janelle, though, thinks because she and Memphis are OG players, she is in the clear. Little does she know, though, Memphis already has his own alliance, and it does not include her.

In fact, he has mentioned her name on more than one occasion and was completely on board with Cody nominating her and Kaysar last week had they not won Safety Suite. 

Janelle has got to wisen up soon because Memphis is very clearly targeting her, Ian, and Kaysar in the long run. 

Ian Makes a Deal - Big Brother Season 22 Episode 5

Dan Gheesling is a legend in Big Brother. He beat me 7-0 in season 10.


Ian seems to be at the top of his list. He has a weird obsession with Ian's win over Dan Gheesling, his BFF4L. 

We all know Dan is a legend, and Ian beating him was a major win for sure. But Memphis's vendetta is overkill. He is convinced he has to get revenge for Dan. Dan has already won the game and got second place winnings his second time in the game. I'm sure Dan is fine. 

Memphis is so biased, and it will be his downfall. He's so concerned with Ian's presence in this house, as if he's the only winner in the house. Hello, Nicole Franzel is RIGHT THERE.

He's even gone as far as aligning himself with Nicole F. He (and everyone else in the house for that matter) are seriously underestimating Nicole's gameplay. It seems they think she just stumbled upon her win and is no real threat. You can bet Nicole will probably make it farther than he does.

Nicole Franzel in HOH - Big Brother Season 22 Episode 5

Memphis wants everyone in his alliance (except for Cody) to play in the Safety Suite competition. He thinks it will be obvious they are all working together if none of them play. 

Some of his alliance (like Christmas) are just excited to play. Others think that's just stupid.

I’m not wasting it. That’s so stupid. Sorry, I’m not taking one for the team.


Tyler, Nicole F., and Dani are not falling for this. Why waste your Safety Suite pass on a week you know you're going to be safe?

Nicole F. knows she's a threat. As a former winner, it would be stupid for her to waste her pass on a week she knows she's safe. Dani, also, is a former final two-player, fierce competitor, and OG player.

She could be targeted, too. Tyler, also, knows he's a big competitor. All it takes is the right person to resurrect an old grudge to put one of them on the block. These three are smarter than Memphis thinks and just are not falling for it.

Nicole Anthony Eviction Night - Big Brother Season 22 Episode 4

Before the Safety Suite competition, everyone comes to Memphis looking for reassurances, but he gives nothing away. 

He tells practically everyone they should play for safety. In his mind, if you're not in his alliance, you should play. Otherwise, what makes you think you're safe?

He's really feeling himself.

He wants people to fall in line so he can try to win it next week.


Ian picks up immediately on what he's up to. He wants everyone to just fall in line and do what he says during his HOH. He wants as many people as possible to play in this Safety Suite competition.

That way, if he needs to play next week, he won't have much competition. Ian knows better, but he also knows he's not safe.

Kevin Getting Tipsy - Big Brother Season 22 Episode 5

Before the clock ran out, this week's Safety Suite competitors checked in: David, Da'vonne, Cody, Ian, Kevin, Christmas, and Bayleigh.

Ian spoke with Christmas prior to the competition and discussed quite possibly saving one another. Neither of them had anyone in mind for a plus-one, so they agree to save each other.

My idea is to make Christmas a small promise to get Christmas to use her plus one on me.


In the competition, "Getting Tipsy," the goal was to deliver and balance each tray of drinks to their corresponding tables the quickest.

Poor Da'vonne was sure she did great in a competition this time around. Instead, she came in dead last, with over eight minutes on the clock.

Bayleigh and Christmas - Big Brother Season 22 Episode 5

Christmas won safety coming in with a time under two minutes. She chose Ian as her plus-one, much to Memphis's chagrin. He's been so cryptic, though, she had no idea he was targeting Ian. Memphis knows he can't hold that against her, either. He does mention, though, he doesn't want Ian in the house past week five or six.

Ian needs to solidify an alliance and quickly. Hopefully, he makes it much farther than this. I don't believe Memphis can actually outsmart Ian.

This year, Big Brother is allowing outgoing Have-Nots to choose who will take their Have-Not spots. Memphis, Ian, Nicole A., and Kevin chose David, Nicole F., Christmas, and Kaysar, respectively.

“David, you’re going to be a Have-not, AND you’re getting nominated tomorrow.” That’s what I heard.


David takes this as the first sign he would be going on the block. 

David Knew It - Big Brother Season 22 Episode 5

Even in Camp Comeback, David was a really intuitive player. He is really good at reading people. That clearly has not changed. 

Sure enough, Memphis nominated Nicole A. and David for eviction. But what was up with that nomination speech?

David, you’re at the grown-ups table now and buddy, you’re going to have to prove yourself.


First, he tells Nicole, "I told you to play in the Safety Suite, but you didn't." Then he tells David, "you're at the grown-ups table now." What kinda crap is that?

He is so condescending, and for someone who only just won his first HOH in his second season playing, he is way too full of himself. Nicole didn't jump when he said jump, so he targets her. 

HOH Memphis Diary - Big Brother Season 22 Episode 5

His actions toward David seem personal and just too far. First, he makes David a Have-not because he's never been one before and wants him to break down. Then he puts him on the block, telling him he needs to prove himself and sit with the grown-ups now. 

Separately, they may not seem a big deal, but together they seem like microaggressions. Why is he so obsessed with getting David to break? David, who hasn't done anything to anyone yet? He has much bigger threats out there. 

I hope David wins veto and I hope Memphis doesn't even make it to the jury.

Over to you, Fanatics! What did you think of those nominations and that Safety Suite competition?

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Everybody Better Play Review

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