Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 8-27-20: Look Who's Back Now!

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Get ready for some pop-in visits, Days of Our Lives fans!

The spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 8-27-20 boasts not one, but two old characters making a return.

These are guaranteed to be blink-and-you-missed-them visits, but still. 

Days of Our Lives - Spoilers Week of 8-24-20

According to the official Days of Our Lives spoiler video, Paige appears to her grieving mother.

You're alive!


Sadly, Paige hasn't been resurrected. Eve simply has a vision.

Hopefully, Paige is there to inform her mother to knock it off. If written in character, she wouldn't want the kind of "justice" that Eve is doling out.

But there are no guarantees. After all, the last cameo appearance True O'Brien made back in 2017 was during a Halloween fantasy where Paige was resurrected as a violent murderer who killed JJ and Lani!

In addition to Paige's all-too-brief appearance, the spoiler video features Jake doubting Gabi's attraction to him, Eduardo showing up at Rafe's, and Belle confronting Sami about the things she said to John.

What you said to him could be the last thing he ever hears.


The Belle/Sami drama could be compelling, especially if they go for some sort of Sami redemption story, thanks to John's collapse. But it doesn't look like it, since the final clip involves Sami claiming to a judge that Nicole is an unfit mother.

In addition to the video, we have ten spoiler photos for you to check out! Take a look and let us know what you think.

A Creepy Place - Days of Our Lives

Ciara is unnerved when Ben takes her to a creepy location.

Ugh.  Instead of resurrecting Paige, we're re-enacting her death. Ben is going to take Ciara to the dorm room where he killed Paige, and if his brainwashing holds, kill her the same way.

It's disgusting. Paige has been reduced to nothing but a murder victim when she was a bright, well-rounded woman with lots going for her.

Plus, who wants to live through her death twice? It's as bad as that time that Sami forced Ben to re-enact Will's death to try to spark Will's memories.

Sami Confesses - Days of Our Lives

Sami confesses the truth to Marlena.

Good choice, Sami. For once.

Sami and Marlena's relationship has always been rocky, but Marlena should be able to use her psychiatric training here. 

If anyone can understand that Sami said things in the heat of anger that she will now regret forever, it's Marlena.

She SHOULD help Sami use this to change her impulsive ways at this late date. But sadly, it doesn't appear we're going that way since Belle is going to castigate Sami for her comments.

Visions of Paige - Days of Our Lives

Eve has a vision of Paige.

It'll be good to see True O'Brien again, even if Paige is just as dead as ever.

Hopefully, this vision will involve straightening out Paige's errant mother, as she often did when she was alive.

But since it's Eve's vision, she might have it all twisted up into how Paige would egg her on. Let's hope not.

Deciding Their Future - Days of Our Lives

Rafe and Hope make an important decision about their future.

While I'm not a fan of this couple, I'm glad they're getting on with it.

Everyone in Salem has encouraged Hope to try again with Rafe, and if they have the conversation, it'll put a stop to 1950s-era stories about how Hope has to call Rafe to fix her washing machine.

Whether they get together or not, though, Galen Gering is slated to leave soon temporarily, and Kristian Alfonso is gone for good. So what's the point?

Sami's Bold Move - Days of Our Lives

Sami makes a bold move at her grandson's custody hearing.

Sami's bold moves never get her anywhere. It's too bad that she can't learn that lesson.

The spoiler video depicts her claiming Nicole is an unfit mother, but that's par for the course with soap opera custody hearings. Nicole heard the same words come from Chloe's mouth when they were fighting for custody of Holly.

According to spoilers, Sami is going to accuse Nicole of killing Deimos.

Yawn. This custody hearing is quickly devolving into who can pull out the worst thing about the other's past and has very little to do with who would be the best guardian for Baby Boy Horton in the present.

Trapped With a Killer - Days of Our Lives

Ciara is trapped in a dangerous situation.

Ugh. It looks like Ben is under Vincent's control after all, at least to the extent of freaking Ciara out.

Who thought this was a good idea? All it does is glorify violence against young women and make a mockery out of Paige's life and death.

Cut it out, Days of Our Lives. Seriously.

A Surprising Intruder - Days of Our Lives

Rafe grills a surprising intruder in his home.

No need to guess who the intruder is. It's Eduardo.

Eduardo is another character who has been severely misused and continues to be misused.

He should have been introduced as Paige's father while she was alive. He also should be more than a stereotypical Latino crime boss (and can we please stop reinforcing negative stereotypes about Latinx people?).

Also, someone should open a home security business in Salem. They'd make a fortune, considering how often people manage to get into other people's living rooms or hotel rooms.

A Tough Spot - Days of Our Lives

Eduardo puts Rafe in a tough spot.

According to spoilers, Eduardo has returned because he's angered a bad guy who wants to get revenge against the entire Hernandez family.

Where have we heard this one before? Oh yeah, Jake just spent two months running from the mob over some book full of codes in the margins.

Anyway, Eduardo is going to whisk Rafe and Gabi out of Salem, right in the middle of their storylines. 

Now we don't have to deal with Rafe and Hope's relationship or Gabi's fight with WilSon over where Ari's going to live because Rafe and Gabi are going to disappear in the dead of night. Ugh.

Giving In To Their Feelings - Days of Our Lives

Gabi and Jake give in to their feelings for each other.

I will not miss this one bit while Gabi is gone.

From the spoiler video, it appears Jake doubts Gabi's feelings are real but sleeps with her anyway.

The whole thing is about to vanish into thin air anyway, so why should viewers care?

Ben Confronts Eve - Days of Our Lives

Ben has an explosive confrontation with Eve!

Eve and Vincent were playing with fire. Turning Ben back into a killer meant he could turn and murder them.

Will he be caught with his hands around Eve's neck?

And does this mean Ciara is safe and that viewers will not have to sit through any more flashbacks of Ben being tortured?

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fantatics!

Hit the big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button and let us know what you're looking forward to, what you're dreading, and any theories about what's going to happen.

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