Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 8-31-20...And Beyond: In With The New

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If you're saddened by the long list of exits from Days of Our Lives, take heart.

NBC's fall preview spoiler video is overflowing with returning characters, and some of them are hitting Salem as early as the week of 8-31-20.

Check out our spoilers for Days of Our Lives for the week of 8-31-20 for all the details about Salem's September returns.

Days of Our Lives - Spoilers Week of 8-31-20

Days of Our Lives has been teasing Brady, Abigail, and Tripp's returns, but the fall spoiler video also contained some exciting surprises!

About halfway through the promo, Jack hugs JJ, thrilled to have his son back.

You're back. You're finally back.


Casey Moss' departure in February 2020 was a huge disappointment. Moss is one of Days of Our Lives' best actors, JJ was a severely underused character, and he didn't even get a real exit.

So his unexpected return is amazing news. Hopefully, JJ will be staying in Salem for a long time and not just be passing through for a few days.

JJ is far from the only return, too.

The video teases Brady sitting vigil by John's bedside, Chloe running into Philip, and the evil Jan Spears that tormented the Last Blast teens making a grand re-entrance.

It remains to be seen whether Days of Our Lives is going to try to recapture the magic of the Last Blast Era or find new, more age-appropriate stories for these now middle-aged characters. Either way, these classic characters' re-introduction to Salem will likely be must-watch TV.

NBC has also released a spoiler video for Days of Our Lives during the week of 8-31-20. 

At least one character is back: Kristen. A short clip depicts a surprised and confused Eli walking in on Lani babysitting Kristen's daughter.

It looks like Days of Our Lives will be bringing several old storylines to a head as well, as Marlena hypnotizes Ben to help him remember what happened to Ciara and Eric wonders what Sami is up to now as the custody battle over Baby Boy Horton continues.

The least interesting spoiler clip is Philip and Xander fighting. 

After exchanging barbs, the two come to blows over who will be CEO of Titan. This is not behavior befitting high-profile executives, and we already have an annoying CEO war story right now without this nonsense.

NBC has also released spoiler photos for Days of Our Lives during the week of 8-31-20. Check out what's going on in Salem as we slide into September!

Reuniting With His Family - Days of Our Lives

Philip reunites with Kate and Lucas.

Now THIS is what Philip should be doing!

Philip, Kate, and Lucas are all strong-willed characters who butt heads as much as they support each other, so this reunion should bring plenty of drama.

Lucas has his hands full dealing with Allie's disappearance and Sami's off-the-rails behavior, and I wonder if Philip will put his two cents in.

After all, he and Shawn were locked into an ugly battle over Claire when she was a baby, and Philip did it all over again with Daniel after all the confusion over who fathered Parker.

Reunited With a Loved One - Days of Our Lives

While sitting vigil with John, Marlena is reunited with a loved one.

It looks like Brady's going to come to support John's recovery.

It's about time he showed up. On the run with Kristen or not, he's always been close with John and certainly wouldn't want to stay away if his father could be dying.

Of course, we've been down this road before after Theresa hit John over the head with a poker.

I wonder if that'll even be mentioned, and whether Brady will join Belle in blaming Sami for John's condition this time.

Will and Sonny Say Goodbye - Days of Our Lives

Will and Sonny say their final goodbyes to Salem.

Time to get your tissues handy.

Will and Sonny have been a Salem fixture since 2012. They made history as the first male-male wedding on daytime television, and both gay and straight fans have rooted for them since Will first came out.

The pair's exit story was rushed and not worthy of this popular couple, but nevertheless it'll be sad to see them go.

At least this time nobody is presumed dead, as happened in 2015 when Ben strangled Will just as Sonny was flying to Salem to reconcile with him.

Battling for the Title - Days of Our Lives

Philip and Xander battle for the title of Titan CEO.

Oh yay. Another CEO war story.

I wish just once, adults competing for a prominent position would be mature about it.

The writers may think fistfights and obnoxious banter is entertaining, but it's irritating.

And if they're going to behave that way, Victor should rethink giving the job to either of them.

Ciara's Fate - Days of Our Lives

Ciara's fate is revealed.

Since Victoria Konefal is leaving Days of Our Lives, this exposure of the truth is probably just to give viewers closure.

They did something similar when Louise Sorel left after Vivian supposedly died at Kate's hands. We saw her wake up in a room somewhere...and then nothing until Vivian returned to Salem.

Anyway, it looks like Vincent has her.

It would be nice if the end of the often-kidnapped Ciara's story was her escape from the bad guy to parts unknown. But that doesn't look likely.

A Major Hit - Days of Our Lives

Nicole takes a major hit in court.

Now what?

This custody battle has been little more than a three-ring circus so far. 

The judge already decided a previous custody case Nicole was embroiled in, Sami has undone her decision by ranting about Nicole's past, and Eric has lied in court to protect his wife from his sister.

Please tell me that Brady's return is about visiting John and not about helping Sami prove that Nicole killed Deimos.

Showdown Between Sisters - Days of Our Lives

Belle and Sami have a huge showdown.

I knew the peace between Belle and Sami would never last.

Belle was already angry that Sami was mean to John just before he collapsed and withdrew from the case, and now I'm sure she isn't happy that Sami put Eric in a tough spot.

How long before Belle's standard speech about Sami having tried to sell her on the black market when she was a baby?

And by the way, why is THAT not coming out in court as long as we're dredging up people's pasts?

Recalling Key Info - Days of Our Lives

Ben recalls a key piece of information.

Obviously, he didn't kill Ciara, since Vincent is holding her hostage.

But what will Ben remember under hypnosis?

Hopefully, he clues in the cops to Vincent's arrival at the dorm room and to where Ciara might be.

But since Ciara is likely to be missing and presumed dead for a while, I'm sure Hope and Eli will not find her no matter what Ben says.

Surprised By An Intruder - Days of Our Lives

Steve and Kayla are surprised by an intruder.

According to spoilers, the intruder is Tripp.

That makes him the second family member to break into a loved one's house in as many weeks.

I'm excited for Steve and Kayla to have a real storyline, but why on Earth are Salem houses so easy to break into?

With Steve being former ISA and Rafe being a former FBI agent, you'd think these two were the least likely houses to get hit, not the most.

Eli is Upset - Days of Our Lives

Eli is upset to learn Lani is helping Kristen.

This has always been a sore spot for this couple, and every time they have this argument I wonder why Lani isn't married to Kristen instead.

Kristen and Lani have a ton of chemistry. Even more telling is the fact that they regularly risk everything for each other.

I've never seen Lani put it all on the line for Eli like that, even if she is having his babies.  

No wonder Eli is jealous!

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics.

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