The Boys: The Cast and Showrunner Preview The Outrageous New Season

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We have so much planned for you for the upcoming season of The Boys on Amazon Prime.

At a time when we need something to get excited for each week more than ever, Amazon has decided on a weekly format for this outrageously entertaining show.

So, if you haven't watched the first season yet, the time is now for you to get on board.

The Boys Season 2 Butcher Poster

The first three episodes drop on September 4, and we'll have a rockin' review of the premiere.

I'm not sure how it's going to air, but there is also an aftershow with the cast with coveted moderator Aisha Taylor. What more can you want??

New episodes will drop the next five Fridays after that with more aftershows. Yes!!

In the meantime, we'll have a non-spoiler Rah Rah review to get you pumped for what's ahead, and now we're sharing with you the results of The Boys Season 2 press day where we got to chat with the cast and showrunner, Eric Kripke.

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Jack Quaid (Hughie) and Erin Moriarty (Starlight)

Up first are the Romeo and Juliet of The Boys. Hughie, after losing his girlfriend when A-Train left only smithereens and her hands in Hughie's, he got on the radar of The Boys, and he has sided with them ever since.

At the same time, Annie, infused with superpowers, spent her life trying to become one of The Seven. A supe named Starlight, she met Hughie, and the two fell in love, at first not knowing they were on opposing sides.

By the end of The Boys Season 1, the two had a huge falling out because of what Hughie had hidden from Annie. The came together to save the day and do A-Train some damage, but their relationship was far from resolved.

We chatted with them about where we find them at the beginning of the new season, how Hughie weathers the situation without Butcher, and how Starlight gets along with the new member of The Seven, Stormfront.

Take a look:

Karl Urban (Billy Butcher) and Laz Alonso (Mother’s Milk)

Both Butcher and Mother's Milk have major family issues. Because of wanted status of The Boys, Mother's Milk has given up his family for their safety.

At the same time, Butcher found the wife he though was dead, and she has a son -- with the enemy! How will Butcher change after discovering such an enormous secret?

How will Mother's Milk raise to lead The Boys in Butcher's absence? And what kind of advice might he have for Butcher, family man to family man?

Take a look:

Tomer Capon (Frenchie) and Karen Fukuhara (Kimiko)

During The Boys Season 1, Frenchie found Kimiko (aka The Female) and did his best to reach the mute supe.

While it was a lot more difficult than he imagined, he's still working hard to reach her heart.

That fight takes on new meaning when Kimiko gets some startling news. She needs someone to trust and to confide in, and Frenchie is right by her side.

Find out what is in store for them in Season 2:

Antony Starr (Homelander) and Aya Cash (Stormfront)

Homelander killed his mentor in a moment of uncontrolled rage. He's suffering badly while trying to right The Seven.

Without Madeline, Homelander has lost his biggest champion, and The Seven is falling away from his control.

He's utterly shocked when Stormfront joins without his approval, and this is one supe who won't allow Homelander to control her.

We asked them both what her arrival means to The Seven and for the girls, in particular. Is there hope for girl power instead of the testosterone driven group we already have?

Take a look:

Chace Crawford (The Deep) and Jessie T. Usher (A-Train)

The Deep left The Seven with his tail between his legs. He was horrible to Starlight when she joined the group, and that's one of the catalysts for him to be cast away.

A-Train was floored by the end of The Boys Season 2, taken down by no other than Hughie and Starlight with some incredible teamwork.

Spoiler alert! A-Train surives. And The Deep is working hard to get back to his place on The Seven.

The two of them have very different but spiritually similar journies trying to get their mojo back. How far will they get?

The actors share their thoughts:

Eric Kripke (Showrunner)

And last, but certainly not least, we got to ask Eric for his insight into the upcoming season.

We talked about the themes for the season, which are incredibly timely in 2020, including white supremacy and systemic racism.

The Boys of the comics and the series are slightly different, and Eric spoke a bit about that as well as how The Boys will benefit from the weekly format.

Take a look:

Our early review will run prior to the premiere.

All weekly reviews will post on Saturdays at noon Eastern Time, as spoilers are embargoed until that time to allow everyone time to watch.

Are you excited? Will you be watching with us?

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The Boys Quotes

Homelander: Hey, guys, um, I just have one question if that's OK.
Ashley: Yeah.
Homelander: Yeah?
Ashley: Yeah.
Homelander: Alright. So, what happens if I do, uh, I don't know, I do this. [boxes Blindspot's ears] And now, you're just another useless fuckin' blind guy. This must be some kind of a joke. Ashleyyyy, what made you think I'd ever allow a cripple into The Seven?

Starlight: Hey, get some sleep.
Hughie: I'll sleep when I know you're safe.