MM: That's his fuckin' dick.
Frenchie: Don't be so closed minded.

Frenchie: The bachelor party I will throw you! What's your stance about transgender strippers?
MM: Strippers ain't really my kind of Hershey's, with or without nuts.

Hey! Tell Butcher about the thick penis around your neck!


Brave Maeve Pride Bars because you can't be proud on an empty stomach.


Never go into shark infested waters without chum.


Cheri: Awww. You're sensitive.
Frenchie: No! Those saucy ladies, they made their own family, so I did what they did.

Don't be a pussy. Laser my fucking tits.


Well, here we are. I'm sorry. I almost threw in the towel like a bleedin' twat. We're harder 'n 'at, ain't we? I'll get your mum back. I swear to God I'll get your mum back. It'll just take a little bit longer. You hang in there, alright? You be a good boy for Judy. Yeah. That's a good lad. Oh. I almost forgot. I got you something. Terror, fuck it! That's my boy.


Stormfront: Wow. You are a special kind of poison flower, huh? Goin' against your own people?
Starlight: You mean fucking white people?
Stormfront: Starlight. Superheroes. Don't be racist.

So you want to take me on, do ya? Think you got the bullocks? Well, come on then. Cunt.


So. When you see it on your uncle's Facebook page, then you know it's working!


I know this is Dawn of the Seven, but it's sunset on A-Train.


The Boys Quotes

MM: He's your canary.
Butcher: My canary?
MM: You let your canary die, how you gonna know when you've gone too far?

Ohhh. Oh. Huh. Pffft. So, what? They're all starving, but one of them has a cell phone?