Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 9-07-20: An Explosive Start to September

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Days of Our Lives is starting September off with a bang...literally!

According to the spoiler video for Days of Our Lives during the week of 9-07-20, there is yet another explosion as Ben attempts to rescue Ciara from Vincent's clutches.

Since Victoria Konefal is slated to exit soon, we're likely in for a redux of Nicole's "death" story, in which a fire appeared to claim her life...until she made her way back to Salem. But could the writers have a surprise or two up their sleeves?

Days of Our Lives - Spoilers Week of 9-07-20

The first half of the promo is dedicated to Ben and Ciara's love story, building up to Ben screaming Ciara's name as a bomb goes off.

Considering that Ben was kidnapped in the aftermath of a similar explosion less than a month ago, everyone should be suspicious if Ciara's body can't be found.

Hope may realize that and head off in search of her daughter.

Although Kristian Alfonso reportedly did not film exit scenes, she and Ken Corday have both said in various interviews that Hope was supposed to be off screen for several months anyway. So this may be how she is written out.

Besides the Ben and Ciara stuff, there's a ton more drama happening. The spoiler video depicts Abigail confronting Gwen, Marlena confronting Sami...and Belle punching someone who appears to be Philip.

You've unleashed Jan Spears on our family. Thanks a lot! Nicely done, Sami.


From the clip, it looks like the man Belle attacks sneaks up behind her and touches her, causing her to assume he's Jan attacking her and react defensively.

Philip (or whoever) deserves what he gets if that's the case. This is the 21st century; people should know better than to put their hands on someone without permission, even if they intend to be loving.

I'm more interested in how Sami will react to her family's disapproval of her latest antics. 

Sami and Marlena's relationship has always been fragile, and Sami tends to double down on believing she was justified whenever she's confronted about her bad behavior. We may be headed toward Sami becoming the family pariah for a while; will it end up being her and Lucas against the world?

There's lots more drama coming, too. Take a sneak peek at the spoiler photos below.

A Shocking Reveal - Days of Our Lives

Abigail's return prompts a shocking reveal.

Are we ever going to find out who drugged Abigail?

Eve's behavior suggested it was her, but the seriously short-staffed Salem PD was too busy searching for Ben and then for Ciara to look into it.

So, hopefully this reveal has to do with that and not with Chad suddenly developing feelings for Gwen or something equally ridiculous.

Uncovering The Truth - Days of Our Lives

Jack and Shawn uncover the truth about Vincent.

Jack's inclusion into this story is intriguing. 

Assuming it's not a typo, I'll guess that Jack is putting his investigative skills to work to help find Jennifer's cousin.

And with Abigail returning with some shocking secret, maybe it'll turn out that Vincent was the one who drugged her. That would give Jack a strong motivation to be part of bringing Vincent down.

Catching Up With an Old Friend - Days of Our Lives

Tripp and Claire catch up.

Now that Tripp's back in town, he needs a story. So reuniting with Claire wouldn't be much of a surprise.

It'll be interesting to compare Tripp's chemistry with Isabel Durant's version of Claire, since Olivia Rose Keegan played the part last time Tripp was in town.

Tripp will probably also want to get involved with the search for Ciara. After all, he did love her once and probably still cares about her.

And if it turns out, as many fans speculate, that he is the father of Allie's baby, that would complete the trifecta, as he would then have been romantically involved with all three of the related 20-something women.

Jake Causes Trouble - Days of Our Lives

Jake suggests to Abigail that something is going on between Chad and Gwen.

Of course he does.

Jake could have been a compelling character. He was originally a determined-to-forge-his-own-path mechanic with a sarcastic streak that was fun to watch.

But sadly, the writers quickly turned him into Stefan 2.0 and stuck him in the middle of an inane triangle between two unlikeable women.

And now that Gabi's gone, he's going to interfere in Chad and Abigail's relationship. There's no reason for Abigail to listen to him, and no reason for viewers to care about any of this.

A Frantic Search - Days of Our Lives

Shawn, Ben and Hope's frantic search for Ciara continues.

There's not much to say about this.

The Salem PD is generally incompetent, and this case has been no exception.

Everyone who is looking for Ciara is related to her, nobody thought to search for the guy who was most likely to have taken her before Ben confirmed under hypnosis that Vincent was at the scene of her disappearance, and Shawn spent the better part of an afternoon yelling at Ben to "remember what he did" when Ben clearly had no idea what had happened.

Poor Ciara. If only the police were competent, she'd have a fighting chance. But as it is, she'll be lucky if her injuries are only minor by the time the cops get to her.

Struggling to Get to Her - Days of Our Lives

Ben struggles to rescue Ciara.

As the terrified husband who was recently accused of killing Ciara himself, Ben should not be anywhere near her rescue.

But where would be the drama in that?

Ben will probably head off to try to free Ciara while the cops fool around with leads that go nowhere.

Will he need rescue himself by the time the cops get to where they need to be?

Eli's Bad News - Days of Our Lives

Eli shares upsetting news with Lani.

From the spoiler video, Eli walks in on Lani telling Kristen she will "handle" him, so his bad news probably isn't that Kristen was arrested...yet.

Most likely, the botched rescue mission leads him to believe Ciara is dead, or at least that there was no sign of her after the latest explosion.

Eli will probably be grateful that Lani wasn't there, though, since she's carrying his twins.

But will Lani regret not being able to assist with the search? And how will this latest news impact their already-fragile relationship while Lani struggles to help Kristen?

Anxiously Waiting - Days of Our Lives

Eric and Nicole anxiously await the judge's ruling regarding custody of Allie's baby.

There's no reason for them to be anxious. Sami has interrupted three times just as the judge was about to rule in their favor, so they should expect that to keep happening.

This whole custody battle has been farcical, to say the least, and now it's dragging on.

The judge will likely make the wrong decision, considering her bias toward Sami and the fact that she ruled against Nicole during the last fight over a baby.

Whatever it is, I hope she gets on with it already. 

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics.

How do you expect the Ciara rescue story to end? Do you think Sami will get custody of Allie's still-unnamed baby? What do you think is next for Abigail and Chad?

Hit the blg, blue SHOW COMMENTS button to share your thoughts and theories.

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