Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 9-14-20: Short But Not At All Sweet

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Bad news, Days of Our Lives fans. We're facing a three-episode week.

However, Days of Our Lives during the week of 9-14-20 promises a double dose of drama to make up for being so much shorter than usual.

And even better: for the most part, we're dealing with realistic storylines and not over-the-top nonsense.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Week of 9-14-20

From the spoiler video, it looks like an epic showdown between Sami and John is one of the week's focal points.

John: You said I was nobody.
Sami: You hate me, don't you? You have always hated me. I hope you get another blood clot.

The pair exchange heated words in the clip before John throws something at Sami.  

Of course, this isn't John's usual personality, and another spoiler suggests he will also lash out at best buddy Steve. So this is probably part of a bigger story about John struggling with personality changes as a result of his aneurysm.

Days of Our Lives very rarely does realistic medical stories, but even if they botch this, it's at least something that's within the realm of possibility. And if we have to have yet another doppelganger story, brain damage causing a personality transplant is far better than magical microchips and other way-out-there nonsense.

The spoiler video also suggests a war brewing between Jan and the Bradys.

Belle walks in on Jan forming what looks like a strategic alliance with Claire, which she's not happy about -- in fact, she responds the same way that Jennifer once did when she found Theresa hanging out with then-troubled teen JJ in the Horton living room.

And Philip goes as far as threatening Jan's life. He certainly has more of Victor in him than I've ever noticed before, but the question is whether he's confronting Jan for its own sake or because he doesn't like what she's trying to do to Belle and Claire.

The writers have thus far ignored that long before Parker was born, Philip was on the losing end of another who's-the-daddy storyline involving Claire. So he might be protective of his almost-daughter as well as of the old friend that he swears he no longer has non-platonic feelings for.

Not into the Sami or Jan storylines? There's plenty more drama going on too. Check out the full gallery of Days of Our Lives spoiler photos below and let us know what you think!

Dreaming of the Future - Days of Our Lives

Ben dreams about a future with Ciara.

This sounds like filler meant to sadden viewers about what might have been, just like when Ciara dreamed about Ben during her kidnapping.

I'd rather have proof that Ciara is alive, even if we don't see her again for a while. And Cin shippers might feel doubly cheated when Ben wakes up to the reality that he is alone in his bed with nothing but Ciara's rings to remind him of her.

John Wakes Up - Days of Our Lives

John wakes up, but there are complications.

Hooray for John being awake!

Obviously, the swelling on his brain hasn't gone down enough and is going to cause personality problems. 

The interesting question here is how Marlena, who is supposed to be a world-renowned psychiatrist, will handle this.

She should understand the underlying cause of John's issues, though that may not make it any easier to deal with, and she'll likely end up stuck in the middle between him and Sami.

Stunned By The News - Days of Our Lives

Brady is stunned to learn of Kristen's arrest.

I don't know why Brady's at all shocked. Did he already forget that he warned Kristen this would happen?

It would be a compelling twist for Brady to have to rely on Victor to help get Kristen out of this mess. Surely Victor could use his multiple connections to get Kristen out, especially since he's the victim.

That idiotic stunt where he tried to claim someone else stabbed him didn't do the trick. But Victor should have the clout and the brains to pull this off now...and then Kristen would forever be in the debt of the man she tried to kill.

Hope's Suspicions - Days of Our Lives


Hope suspects the truth isn't as it appears.

I hope this vague spoiler is about Ciara's "death." Hope should know better than to believe her daughter is dead without any real evidence, especially given how similar the circumstances are to when Ben disappeared after the last explosion.

But since the spoiler photo features Rafe, I can't help wondering whether she figures out that his trip to Mexico had nothing to do with his mother's health.

I hope not! That awful relationship should have been snuffed out at long last by Rafe deciding to leave Salem.

But Hope has to leave Salem somehow soon, so she may go off in search of Rafe (or Ciara) and never be heard from again.

Lashing Out at Sami - Days of Our Lives

John lashes out at Sami.

Brain injury or not, can you blame him?

Sami regretted the harsh words she uttered before John's collapse...for five minutes. As soon as she realized she might lose custody of the baby to Nicole, it all went out the window.

Now she's back to being obnoxious. It's not clear who strikes the first blow, but it's about time someone put Sami in her place.

And her feud with John has gone on for too many years as it is, so it might as well be him.

Solving the Philip Problem - Days of Our Lives

Xander discovers a way to solve his Philip problem.

I have no idea what this means. I hope it doesn't involve Jan Spears.

Now that Xander and Philip are co-CEOs, I'd like more of them struggling to work together on business projects and less petty nonsense.

It's bad enough that there's constant CEO drama and backstabbing over at Dimera Enterprises. We don't need it at Titan too.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics!

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