Filthy Rich: Sneak Preview of the Series Premiere!

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The wait is almost over.

If you've been craving a dishy, dramatic, and fun family soap opera, then FOX is serving a full-course meal with Filthy Rich.

Based on a New Zealand series of the same name, Filthy Rich gives us a star-studded cast produced and led by Sex and the City icon, Kim Cattrall, and one of the hardest working men on TV, Gerald McRaney.

Beautiful Matriarch - Tall  - Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 1

The downright satirical drama is about an incredibly wealthy Southern Christian family, the Monreauxs, who runs a Christian empire.

Ahead of a new launch of their family's digital branch of their Christian television network, their fearless leader, the patriarch of the Monreaux family, Eugene, "dies" in a tragic plane crash.

At least, that's what we're led to believe, but what's a soap opera without some shocking revelations, right?

Happily Married or Not?  - Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 1

In his sudden absence, Margaret Monreaux (Kim Cattrall), who is comparable to an Oprah of the Southern Christian elite, intends to take over the reins of her family's empire.

Margaret isn't the only person who is reeling from Eugene's apparent death. Her eldest child, Eric, is overly ambitious and has every intention of finally taking what he feels to be his rightful place at the head of the family's company.

Meanwhile, his conceited wife, Becky, hopes to enjoy everything Eric's climb up the ladder can allow him.

Eric and his Wife - tall - Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 1

The Monreaux's daughter, Rose, is a wannabe fashion designer struggling in the shadow of her larger than life mother.

But nothing will prepare the family for when they discover that Eugene has fathered three other children out of wedlock, whom they knew nothing about.

The no-nonsense Ginger is the daughter of a Vegas cocktail waitress and makes her money in a method that makes the other Monreauxs blush.

Nonplussed - Tall - Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 1

Antonio is a boxer from Queens, and according to Eric, a "drug dealer," and he's also a single father to an adorable little boy.

And the mysterious Jason is a troublemaker, whom the family will have a tough time keeping in control.

The illegitimate strangers are now heirs to the Monreaux fortune, and Margaret will do anything to keep these newbies within her control.

What Did You Say?  - Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 1

Margaret relies on her close confidant and the family lawyer, Franklin Lee, to do her bidding and handle all of the family's problems, including Margaret's newest rival.

In the wake of her husband's death, Reverend Thomas, a powerful pillar of the community, doesn't feel that Margaret can handle running the television network, a retail venture, and her TV show, and he's deadset on proving it.

In the clip below, we get our first glimpse of Margaret and her children meeting her husband's illegitimate love children.

Listening to Reason  - Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 1

It opens with Antonio, Jason, and Ginger getting on an elevator together, all headed to the same place.

Antonio is instantly annoyed with Jason carelessly vaping in front of Antonio's baby.

Jason doesn't catch on that it's a big deal.

Southern Belle - Tall  - Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 1

Meanwhile, Ginger realizes that the two bickering men beside her are her brothers, and she introduces herself as their sister.

Franklin greets them in a boardroom, and Margaret warmly introduces herself to the trio and delights in Antonio's son, little Jesus.

Eric wastes no time asserting his authority as both a "real" Monreaux and the head of the company. He professes that he doesn't intend to give any part of his family company to "a hooker, a hoodlum, and a drug dealer."

A New World Awaits - Tall - Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 1

Understandably, it doesn't go over well with the trio, but a spunky, clever Ginger holds her on and flusters Eric.

Meanwhile, Margaret tries to smooth everything over by offering everyone a slice of her Humming Bird cake, like a true Southern mom.

It never hurts to lay on the charm, right?

Aspiring Fashion Designer - Tall - Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 1

Check out the sneak peek below.

Filthy Rich premieres Monday, September 21 at 9/8c on FOX.

Tune in, and don't forget to check back with us for full reviews!

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Filthy Rich Quotes

Eugene: Look how far we've come.
Margaret: Twenty-five years. All things are possible in Him.
Eugene: In you.
Margaret: In us. 
Rose: Oh, Lord.

Rot in hell.